Someone to Trust – Part One – Chapter 5 – A Story

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…slowly darkness crept into the edges of Ellysia’s eyes as the Urak-Hai’s hands held fast around her neck.

Her entire body tingled at the lack of oxygen, and she felt the icy hand of death reaching nearer. As she began to accept the fact that she was going to die at the merciless hands of this creature, but one thing was on her mind…and it surprised her…

…but suddenly, she was tumbling, tumbling to the ground. A massive pain arose from her left hip as she began to cough violently. Her head throbbed…but she could breath.

Still lying on the ground, she opened her eyes to the sight of the Urak-Hai, lying motionless a foot away- with an arrow through his head, it’s dark eyes frozen in death.

Ellysia felt herself being picked up and set right by strong arms, one still resting around her waist as she clutched her chest, regaining her breath.

Turning to see her savior, she found none other than Legolas.

“Are you alright?” he asked urgently, his blue eyes troubled, scanning her face.

“I am…alright,” she said, taking a deep breath. “Thank y-” She was about to thank him for saving her, when Amrod approached, a worried look on his face.

Grasping Ellysia’s hands, her searched her face. “Are you alright? Did something happen?” he said, looking back and forth between Legolas and Ellysia.

“Amrod…I am alright. Thanks to Legolas,” she said to Amrod, flashing a smile to Legolas.

Legolas blushed a little. “Well, I…” he began, but stopped himself. Clearing his throat, he adressed both. “We must get inside!” he said, smiling once at Ellysia and taking off towards the stairs. “Follow me!” he shouted back.

Amrod still faithfully by her side, Ellysia set off after him. They scaled the stairs at quick pace, meeting up with Aragorn, and were at once in the main hall. Men rushed in from all sides behind them to bar the door.

The main gate was under seige, as things were getting grim. Handfulls of men thrust their weight against the vibrations the Orc’s bettering ram was sending through the door. Amrod quickly squeezed Ellysia’s hand before rushing off to help them.

Theoden stood with Aragorn and his second general discussing the matters at hand. “I fret in this prison,” said Theoden. “If I could have ridden out with my men upon the feild, and felt the joy of battle, and so ended, I could accept that. But all is lost.”

Aragorn turned to the general and discussed ways to get the women and childen back deeper into the caves, farther away from the immediate harm.

As they conversed, Theoden turned his weary eyes to look upon all the last brave few men, that he feared would all perish, even though their bold hearts drove them on.

Ellysia brushed past him, and in surprise, turned up her hazel eyes to gaze at him. “Theoden!” she gasped. A puzzled look sprung to his face, and she relized with dismay he did not recognize her. But she had no time to dwell on this.

She rushed past him to the wall, where a warrior of Rohan lay wounded, his comrade beside him. The friend looked up to Ellysia with pleading eyes and said “Please, ma’am, will you help him?”

Ellysia nodded and knelt down beside the old man. A large arrow was protruding from his shoulder, and was bleeding heavily.

Leaning close to the man, Ellysia gripped the arrow as close to where it met the flesh as she could. Without saying a word, she yanked the arrow hard and fast, pulling it fully out of the old man’s skin, even though the he let out quite a loud howl of pain.

Reaching into a pocket of her bag, she pulled out a long strip of blue cloth she had ripped from her dress. Sitting the old man up, quickly she wrapped it around his wound and under his arm many times before tucking it underneath another loop of cloth to keep it in place.

Turning to the younger man, she said “This should do for now. Give him this for the pain.” She handed him a large leaf. “It’s night willow,” she said. “It will help. Now go!”

After making sure they had both moved safely out of the way, she turned back and all she could hear of the speech between Theoden and Aragorn was “And we shall ride out together!”

As she saw they and some fellow comrades mounting their horses, and the broken front gate slowly being demolished from the outside, she knew. This was it. Aragorn and Theoden would ride out, on this last moment, for glory and valor. Defeat was upon them, but they would not let themselves go down with no protest. The final hour had come.

Stepping back, Ellysia saw Legolas mounting one of the large white steeds of Rohan. She waved to him. Catching his attention, she whispered,”Tenna’ ento lye omenta, Legolas!”

“Tenna’ san’, Ellysia!” he said, nodding his head to her. She smiled to him, and then braced herself by a nearby wall for a sure onslaught of Orcs that would come rampaging through the doors.

At last, with a great splintering sound, the font gate broke down, and Orcs poured through by the handfulls. But waiting for them were a host of riders, trampling all in their wake.

Surging down the causeway, sending scores of the enemy over the railings to their death, or trampling them in their wake, the glory of Rohan was proclaiming itself, as the great horn of the Helm rang out.

But all grew silent, as along with the dawn that had come peaking over the hilltop, was a white rider…


The battle cry of “Helm for Theoden!” rung out as the remaining forces of Saruman were squashed between the oncoming White Rider, Eomer, and his host of riders and the remaining men of Rohan.

The final battle was glorious and triumphant, leaving none of the Orc or Urak-Hai kind alive.


Rushing out from the deep caverns of Helm’s Deep, Ellysia spread her arms wide as the rising sun sent down warm rays. Even amoung all the slain and ruin, little bits of happiness spread through the clouds.

The sun beat down upon Ellysia’s face, and she smiled wide. Turning, she shaded her eyes to see Aragorn coming near, helping a limping person towards her.

Thinking it was but a minor injury, she rushed to him, only to see who it was- Legolas!

“I am surprised in you, sir,” she laughed, kneeling to look at the protruding arrow in Legolas’s thigh. Touching it, the smile on her face vanished. She looked up to Aragorn.

“It is poison.”



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