Someone to Trust Part 1 Chapter 9 – Meeting Hobbits

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The ground shook and all who had been sleeping awoke, yet sitting silent in the darkness. Fear gripped many, for the noise was strange. The silence of the camp perceived, though the strange rumbles and jittering continued, ever softer.

Ellysia placed her hands upon the ground to stedy herself, but not because of the vibrations of the earth beneath her. She realized what she had said, what she had told them…and she was wraught with embarassment and anger. She had let herself slip, this one time…and told everything she wanted no one to hear. It shamed her, this tale of her life. She was ashamed- of her father. Of the fact she ran away from everything, everything that seemed too good to be true. Out of fear she ran, convinced it would turn on her at some point. She was ashamed…of herself.

Hot tears filled her eyes as they threatened to spill out. Stop crying, you fool! she told herself, wiping the back of her hand across her eyes. Then she seethed. How dare they! It was none of their business to ask about me…what do they know anyway? she thought, her mad thoughts flying about her mind.

After the noise ceased, Legolas looked back to Ellysia. He suddenly felt very bad. I shouldn’t have made her say anything he thought to himself, as he looked at her pain filled eyes. He stood up and walked over to sit beside her.

“I’m…sorry. I shouldn’t have asked- it was none of my business,” he said quietly.

“No harm done,” she said softly, giving him a weak smile. This made him a bit more confident.

“I’m…sorry about your mother. If you…if you ever just want to talk…I’m here,” he said.

Ellysia nodded slowly, smiling lightly. “I’m tired. I’m going to rest now,” she said in a barely audible whisper.

He nodded in reply and went to lay out his blanket a little ways away. The bubbling noise of the stream returned, and a strange calm set about the land. But he did not sleep.


At dawn, the camp began to rise. Legolas stood up and stretched his long arms and rubbed his eyes. They could not see the rising sun, but a pale light drifted through the mist. He looked over to where the fire had been the night before. Ellysia’s blanket was gone, and so was she. He turned around at the sound of a slight nicker.

It was Saracen, Ellysia riding on top. Her hair was combed and pulled back in a fasion not unlike the way Legolas wore his hair. The rest of it lay down upon her shoulders. She smiled at him. “Good morning!” she said with a slight laugh. She was wearing a cream colored dress with long sleeves, letting out deep at the bottem to rest past her hand. It was very nice in fasion, not something anyone would wear for a long day of traveling.

“Special day?” Legolas asked her.

“Is it a crime to want to look nice?” she laughed. “But you might say so,” she said softly, her smile making her face glow. “Depends…on where we may reach this day.”

Legolas nodded.

“Legolas! Ellysia! Come! We leave now,” Aragorn said as he signaled them onward, where the rest of the bregade were filing towards.


Ellysia rode beside Legolas and Gimli, who were riding atop Arod. All were silent as they rode into the Wizard’s Vale. It was misty, and desolate. Saddness reined this place, in it’s gloom. Soon they passed a great pillar with the white hand of Saruman splashed upon it. Ellysia shuddered as she looked to it. So much pain and suffering was caused from the creations of this death factory in Isengard. The white hand was ment to bring fear into the hearts of many, striking them down before they could take a chance to live it through. Ellysia looked about her, these few brave men, and elf, who even though death was their certain future, would not let it rip apart their beloved home. She wondered if that courage was asleep inside her.

Soon they reached the gates of Isengard. The great stone circle wall wound around till she could see not where it led to. But the gates did not stand upright and menacing…but twisted and torn upon the earthen floor. Stone and metal lay in heaps and shards upon the ground, piles of it placed all over. The ring beyond was filled with steam and water. All were silent, for the sight they saw they could not percieve. Such great magnitude of destruction sat them in awe.

But an even peculiar sight was brought to their attention. Upon a great rubble pile beside the stone archway lounged two small figures, clad in grey elvish cloaks. One seemed to be sleeping, and the other was smoking something, letting the blue whisps of smoke escape from its mouth.

Ellysia’s eyes sparkled and she pushed Saracen a little bit forward. What are they? she thought to herself. So small…they seemed like children. Tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear, she looked over to Legolas. A great smile brimmed upon his face, as if so overjoyed he would burst.

Suddenly, one of the two tiny creatures seemed to awake to them being there, and it sprung upon its feet.

“Welcome, my lords, to Isengard!” he said, his little voice full of cheer, which made Ellysia smile for no reason at all. “We are the doorwardens. I am Meriadoc, son of Saradoc, and my companion-” with this he kicked the other lightly with his foot- “is Peregrin, son of Paladin, of the house of Took. Saruman has taken up hold in his tower, otherwise we are sure he would have come and greeted such travelers. Our orders come from Treebeard, who wished that we wait here for the arrival of the great Lord of Rohan. I hope I have done well in doing so.”

Ellysia was startled to hear Gimli seemingly awake from behind Legolas. “And what about your companions? Legolas and me? You rascals, a fine hunt you have led us! Two hundred leagues, therough fen and forest have we searched, and here we find you idling and smoking? Where did you get the weed, you little villians? I am so torn between rage and joy, if I do not burst, it will be a marvel!”

Legolas laughed. “You speak for me Gimi, but I would more rather like to know where they came by the wine!”

Ellysia could not help but smile.

The the little creatures chatted with Theoden for a moment, where Ellysia found out they were something known as “halflings”, or “hobbits”, before Gandalf inquired where someone named “Treebeard” might have been off to. After the hobbit tolds him where they might find this Treebeard, Gandalf and the King’s men rode off. But Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Ellysia stayed behind. Leaving their horses to the grass, the four trooped over to where Meriadoc and Peregrin sat. She could tell on the other three’s faces these were people they had long missed, and were overjoyed to see again.

They began to chat as old friends, and Ellysia got a strange feeling, like she was interrupting on a kind reunion. She sat beside Legolas, upon her cloak, silent.

Legolas suddenly remembered she was there, and introduced her.

“I am sorry. Merry, Pippin, I’d like you to meet a new friend…Ellysia Telrúnya,” he said with a smile. “Ellysia, this is Merry-” he pointed to one-“…and this is Pippin,” he said, pointing to the other.

“Ellysia is a healer, from Rivendell,” Aragorn added.

Ellysia smiled brightly and bowed her head a little to both.

“Hello!” the one called Merry cheerily said, givng her a little wave. He got up to come sit down beside her.

He looked at her for a moment and then called to Pippin. “Hey, Pip! She’s an elf too!”

Ellysia gave a little laugh. “Yes, I am. And you are a…hobbit?” she said, tilting her head a little at the sound of the word.

“Yes’m, we are hobbits. From the Shire!” he replied nicely, in a little bit of an accent.

Ellysia giggled, and tucked her legs beneath her. “If I may ask…what, and where, is the Shire?” she said, her hazel eyes sparkling.

Before Merry could reply, Gimli cut in. “We’d like to know all about where you have been too, my friends, but all tales sound better after a good meal. Have you left any provisions?”

“Yes we do!”


The hobbits led the way under the arch, leading them to a doorway. Up several steps, they came to a chamber. There was a table, and the fire was lit on the hearth.

“The food is a little old, but it will do,” Pippin said, and quickly disappeared into yet another door, Merry at his heels.

Ellysia sat down to the long table, smoothing her dress beneath her as she stared up through the broekn ceiling, and all around. Legolas sat down across from her, Aragorn beside him.

“When you all were talking…I heard you “lost” these hobbits. I do not understand?…” Ellysia asked Legolas, a confused look upon her face.

“It is avery long story. I keep forgetting you have not heard!” he laughed in reply. “I will explain later. It will take a long time, but needs to be said for you to understand. Maybe…you will tell us more about yourself?” he ventured questioningly. But before Ellysia could open her mouth, out rushed the hobbits, laden with bowls of food.


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