Someone to Trust Part 1 Chapter 6 – A Story

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Legolas’s grey elven cloak was thrown over one shoulder as his arm rested around Aragorn’s shoulders. Even though taller than the other man, Legolas leaned against Aragorn for support. The arrow thrust in his thigh was causing him unusual intensified pain.

Aragorn stared down at Ellysia. “What do you mean, poison?” he said quietly.

Still bending down towards Legolas’s thigh, Ellysia’s fingers gently prodded the wound.

Legolas winced in pain.

Ellysia’s eyes opened wide and she stood upright. “Legolas, sit down, right over here,” she said quickly, pointing to stone railing across the walk from them.

Almost hopping, Legolas made his way over to it with the help of Aragorn and Ellysia.

She bent down beside him and stared into his face. “I am not going to lie to you-this is going to hurt. Very bad,” she said.

He nodded. “You ready?” she asked. But before he could nod yes, she gripped the arrow shaft with amazing strength and yanked it out, quick and precise.

Legolas quickly shut his eyes in pain, but took a deep breath and let it pass. Ellysia told him to press on the wound to stop it from bleeding heavily.

Ellysia held the bloody arrow out and stood up. She stood beside Aragorn to show it to him.

“See this?” she said, pointing to the blade tip of the arrow. There were slight grooves at the top ridges. “Right in here…” she said, pointing inside the grooves. There was a little line of powder, lightly lining the inside. “It’s poison. I’ve seen it before,” she said. “What was all on the tip of this arrow is now in Legolas’s body and blood stream.”

She handed the arrow to Aragorn and wiped her dirty hands on the sides of her dress. “We must act quickly, before it strikes the main organs of his body. There is not much time,” she said quickly. “We must get him inside.”

“Put your arm around my shoulders,” Ellysia said to Legolas, wrapping her arm around his other side. “I can help you up.”

“No, no, I’m fine,” he protested, pushing himself up with his hands.

Ellysia gripped his side and heaved him up. “I have no time for you to be stubborn!” she exclaimed and the trio began it’s quick shuffle inside the Helm.

As they entered the fortress, they took a straight corridor down to the caverns. Ellysia pointed them to a small outlet and they set Legolas down on the floor.

Whipping off her cloak, Ellysia laid it on the floor beneath him. Legolas leaned against the wall and let out a deep breath. His vision was getting fuzzy and he felt very faint.

Ellysia set her bag on the floor and proceeded to dump all the contents out. Amoung the mixture of needles, thread, numerous vials, leaves and bandages, she pulled out a small vial. It contained a mushy substance, the color of dirt brown and green mixed together.

“Leaf of Lorien…” Aragorn said in awe, as she opened the vial and tapped out a small amount upon her finger, her hazel eyes level with the vial, deep in concentration.

“Need just the right amount…” she said quietly to herself. “Ah, perfect!”

Turning to Legolas, she stared him in the eye. “I need you to stay very still,” she said quickly, as she ripped away the cloth around the wound in his thigh.

Gently placing her finger upon the open wound, she spread the mixture over the entire wound.

“Ah!” Legolas said, grimacing, for the touch of the liquid stung him.

“Go, Aragorn, find a fire, stick this blade in it,” Ellysia said, turning back to him, handing him a small surgical knife. “Hurry! I need it to cauterize the wound.”

Aragorn took off, the blade in hand, out of the outlet and down the hallway.

Ellysia looked at Legolas, who’s eyes began to droop, a show of oncoming unconsciousness. She scooted over to him as he began to slide from his upright position. She let him rest his head on her shoulder.

“Don’t fall asleep…” she whispered.

“I’m…not…” he replied, in feeble tone.

Aragorn’s feet could be heard hitting the stone ground as he ran down the corridor and handed Ellysia the blade.

Resting Legolas back against the wall, she slide over to where his wound was showing. Ripping away the cloth near it, she turned to Aragorn. “I need you to make sure he doesn’t struggle, because I might cut him if I’m not careful with this.”

Aragorn nodded and moved over to brace Legolas back against the wall.

Ellysia bent the heated blade down to press against the wound, cauterizing it. It took only a moment, but it was very painful.

The effects of the poison were grabbing at Legolas already, and the added stress of the heated blade burning him did not help- he soon fell unconsious.

“What do we do now?” Aragorn asked Ellysia, his eyes troubled.

“We wait.”


Legolas was having strange dreams. The poison was taking its due course, but these were different. Almost visions.

At one point, he saw Merry and Pippin, the little hobbits he missed dearly. They were surrounded by great waves of water, but weren’t drowning. Something was holding them up…

…but before he could look, he was somewhere else. He was standing on the steps to the House of Theoden in Rohan. Before him, a woman with long wavy brown hair stood. He must have called out to her, for she turned around. It was…Ellysia.

She smiled at him, waving. She tried to walk towards him…but out of no where, great, dark figures pulled her back. She reached out to Legolas, and he for her, but he stood paralyzed, as if he could not move his body. With great dismay, he watched as she became engulfed in shadow. Why could he not reach her?


Sighing, Ellysia rubbed her hand across her eyes. It had been two and a half hours since she gave Legolas the poultice to try and stop the poison surging through his body. He was in a very deep sleep. She was beginning to get worried.

Amrod turned the corner carrying two mugs. Smiling, he handed one gently to Ellysia and sat down beside her. Nodding his head to the outlet close by, where Legolas lay, he asked her gently, “Any change?”

Sipping her drink and setting it down, she shook her head. “All we can do is wait. All I could do to help him, I have done,” she said quietly.

Amrod nodded. “Why do you stay so close by?” he asked her.

Ellysia sipped her drink again and replied “He saved my life. I intend to repay the favor, and I wait to make sure I do not fail him.”

Amrod nodded slowly, deep in thought. He set his drink down, and leveled his blue eyes with her hazel ones. He reached his hand out to grasp hers. “It has been a long time,”he said gently.

“Yes, it has been. Much of the world has changed. Have you changed with it, Amrod?” she said, smiling gently.

He let out a little warm laugh and squeezed her hand. “I beleive I am the same young, foolish Amrod you met that day in Lothlorien.” A smile sprung to his bright face. “Do you remember when we first met?” he asked her.

Ellysia’s smile went softer and yet made her face glow. “How could I forget? I was young and uneasy of the stillness of the woods. Of course, you springing up on me didn’t help!” she laughed.

Legolas, unbeknownst to them, was stirring. His eyes fluttered. He could hear them talking.

Amrod smiled and continued the tale. “I remember it like it was yesterday…I was so proud Haldir let me on patrol, and I wanted to prove to him I was good enough. When I saw you enter the Lorien woods, I thought this was my perfect oppertunity to prove myself to him.”

His eyes grew soft and the light of the torch on the wall danced in his eyes. “I remember jumping from the tree and landing infront of you. When I saw your face…I thought I had hit the forest floor and fell into the most beautfiul dream I had ever had.”

Ellysia blushed. “I was surprised to see such a handsome man land but a few inches from me, you know. But I was stubborn. I wouldn’t tell you what I was doing traveling through the woods. I remember you got so mad at me!” She laughed.

They laughed at reminscing past times. Amrod caught Ellysia’s eye. “Things between us were nice,” he said softly.
“I know,” Ellysia replied, looking down at her dress.

“Have you…have you thought on what I asked you?” Amrod said quietly, his blue eyes searching her face for any hint of what she was thinking.

“Amrod…” she replied, her voice soft and full of thought. “I…I do not know. Things happen, and I…I love you very much Amrod. I will not deny to you what we had when I lived in Lorien, and what…what we still have. But I… I cannot pledge to be yours. You deserve better, and I…I just can’t. I’m sorry, Amrod.”

She quickly stood up, smoothing her skirt and walking briskly away, for she would not let him see the tears that were filling her hazel eyes.


Later, Ellysia returned to where Legolas lay, to find him awake.

“Legolas!” she said warmly, sitting down beside him. “How are you feeling?”

“Much better,” he said, half smiling.

“That is good, ” she said, handing him a mug of ale and a piece of bread. “Eat, for we must leave soon.”

“Where are we…what?” he said, taking a sip of the ale.

“This, ah…Gandalf…a friend of yours?…He wishs to travel to Isengard. I do not know why, don’t ask me, but he insists of traveling at once. He says you may see strange things aborad there,” she replied.

“Ah, alright then. Where will you go, Ellysia?” he asked her, looking up at her with his light blue eyes. “Lorien?”

“Why would I go to Lorien?” she asked him quizzically, gathering her things in her bag.

“I heard you and Amrod talking. Apprently you are from there,” he said.

“I did not know eavesdropping was common amoung the Mirkwood elves,” Ellysia laughed, pulling the string around her bag tight. “But all you hear is not always the truth. And besides, your wrong. I’m going with you.”

“What?” he spluttered. “But where we travel is not safe, my lady.”

“I know!” she said, standing up and reaching an arm down to help him up. “Thats why I intend to go and make sure none of you mess things up!”



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