Someone to Trust Part 1 – Chapter 4

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Driving rain had begun to pour down hard apon both foe and friend as the massive Urak-Hai army pushed forward towards Helm’s Deep.

The plinking noise of droplets hitting metal, combined with the battle cries of the disfigured creatures rose to deafening heights.

With a commanding shout from Haldir, the first wave of arrows flew and hit their marks- practically the entire three fronts rows of the Urak-Hai were wiped out.

Soon the ladders began to lift and along with them came handfulls of the enemy.

Ellysia crept back behind a stone post, pushing a long, dripping lock of her hair out of her face. She could see a clear view of Gimli from where she stood.

Swinging his powerful axe towards an oncoming ladder, Gimli felled two Orcs and pushed the wooden structure down, taking with it four more.

Grinning under his bushy red beard, he shouted to Legolas, “Two!”

Legolas stabbed an arrow into an orc before he shot it off into the skull of another. “That’s wonderful friend: but this for me makes twelve!” he smiled.

More and more onslaughts of orcs pushed forward- things were getting a bit grim.

Ellysia kept trying to move closer and closer where big hordes of them came scaling the walls. Injurys would be massive in amounts over there, so it would be exactly where she would be needed.

The battery of the outer wall continued, more and more falling. Ellysia was stepping to stand behind a stone pillar when she saw an Orc scale the wall and fell an archer.

Scrambling over to him, she put her arms underneath the archer’s and dragged his body over to where she had been.

Glancing around, she saw no one approaching. Knealing down to him, she wiped a lock of her wet hair clinging to her face away.

She wiped the water out of his face with her sleeve, and patted his cheek lightly. As he came to, his eyes flickered open, only to shut suddenly tight with pain. “Ah, my side!” he moaned, his hands clutching the right side of his body.

“Let me take a look,” Ellysia said quietly to him, pulling his hands off his side.

She took in a sharp breath as she surveyed the wound. The Orc’s sword had left a large gash from his armpit to his hip, and it was bleeding heavily.

“What’s your name…” Ellysia quietly asked him while rummaging through her bag and pulling out a long thread and a small silver needle. She was trying to keep him active with talking to he wouldn’t slip back into unconciousness. She knew the pain gripping him was unbearable, but if he didn’t stay awake she could loose him.

“Veborion…” the young archer gasped, slowly slipping into darkness. His eyes were closing.

“No, no, Veborian, look at me, keep your eyes open!” she said frantically, trying to roll him over on his side. She heard him shudder a gasp, and saw his eyes flicker.

She pulled his head up onto her lap and shook him lightly. “Veborian?…Veborian?!” Ellysia pressed her head down to his chest.

She heard nothing.

Silently, Ellysia kissed the tips of her fingers and passed her hand over the top of his eyes, that had seen too little of the world, and yet so much, closing them from the world for the last time.


Long after she had witnessed the last moments of this elven archers life, Ellysia had sown quickly many bleeding gashs, pulled arrows out of limbs, and proceeded to rip off half the bottom of her dress, for she ran out of bandages within the first half hour of battle.

As she ripped off yet another strand of fabric for precautionary needs for another wound, Ellysia eyed something that seemed peculiar to her. A large group of Urak-Hai were running with some sort of ball, and then proceeded to place it at the base of the outer wall, where a small outlet was.

Rushing along the outer wall, careful not to be seen, Ellysia made her way over to where she could see a large wooden ladder being swung up high. Upon it, dozens of Urak-Hai were clinging.

Suddenly, an arrow whipped past her, sending a little gust of wind against the side of her hair. It snapped the rope holding the ladder in two and the ladder came spiraling down, squashing all where it landed.

Turning around, Ellysia saw none other than Legolas. “Nice shot!” she laughed.

He was about to smile at her when he heard shouting.

They could see Aragorn, who was pointing down towards the advancing Urak-Hai and shouting “Legolas! Kill him!”

Ellysia and Legolas both unanimously looked down towards an advancing Urak-Hai, carrying a blazing torch, running towards the little outlet as the bottom of the outer wall of Helm’s Deep.

Ellysia heard Legolas string his bow and send it deep in the foe’s arm. Suddenly, it dawned on her. They are trying to blow up the wall! she thought.

Before she could say anything, a great explosion shook the stone floor. Ellysia fell, the vibrations shaking the ground underneath her. Scrambling back up, she shuddered, for now an entire section of the outer wall was gone. Along with it, Aragorn went.

She could see him laying on the ground, helpless, as the Urak-Hai poured in through the open wound of the wall.

As she began to run towards the inner compartments of Helm’s Deep, closer to the door that led inward,and stairs that led down towards the courtyard, something grabbed her from behind.

Dark, bloody arms wrapped around her, as she struggled to kick away from them. Twisting her body around, she gasped at the site of a large, dark, Urak-Hai, pitch black blood dripping from numerous wounds. His head was splashed with a white handprint, and a mouth opened wide with yellow teeth, emitting a horrific low gurgling laugh.

Ellysia hit him hard across the face as she writhed away from him, grasping down towards her lower pocket on her dress, where her small blade stood concealed.

She almost was able to grasp the handle of her short sword, when the creature’s thick hands grabbed her around the neck.

Grabbing at them, trying to pull them away, she gasped for breath.

Was this scene, this dark, horid creature, to be the last thing Ellysia saw before she died?


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