Someone to Trust – Part 1 – Chapter 3

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(cont. from previous chapter )

A loud bugle sound rung out from outside the stone fortress of Helm’s Deep, the sound ringing through the cavern walls.

“That is no orc horn!” Aragorn said as he began to run out to the front gates, Legolas and Ellysia at his heals.

Turning the corner, Ellysia faced a site that made her heart swell.

Rows upon rows upon neat rows of Elven archers proceeded to walk through the large gates of Helm’s Deep, and striding proudly at the front was Haldir.

Ellysia could see how happy Aragorn and Legolas were to see him, as they hugged him very quickly. She was too far away to hear the words exchanged between Aragorn and Haldir, but that was not on her mind.

A flood of emotions over-took her as she scanned the massive Elven army. Although joyous at the fact that Helm’s Deep maybe stood a chance now, against the Urak-Hui, she was overwhelmed by a great feeling of apprehension.

Walking down closer to where the group of comrades were standing, just a couple of steps behind Aragorn and Legolas she stood.

Legolas said something to Haldir, that Ellysia could not understand, and motioned for her to step down. She gracefully strode to where they stood, and lifting her face, smiled at Haldir.

“And this,” Legolas nodded to Ellysia, “is a new friend to the last alliance. Her name is Ellysia- she is being taught healing by Lord Elrond in Rivendell. She was sent to us by Lady Galadriel- it seems many know the coming problem.”

Haldir smiled at her and shook her hand. “Vedui’, friend. I am Haldir.”

Smiling, Ellysia shook his hand back and bowed her head a little to this great man. “Vedui’!”

She surveyed Haldir’s face. She had heard of him before- the moment she saw him she knew who it was, even though she had never actually met him. His high cheekbones put a look of confidence on his face, with the long, straight customary blonde hair most elves had laying down across his back.

Self-consciously, Ellysia’s hand raised to twist a lock of her light brown hair in her fingers.

“Come!” Aragorn said loudly with pride in his voice. “Now it is time to take up swords together!”


Elven archers were assembled in uniform order along the outer wall. Everything prepared, there was nothing to do but wait.

Legolas sat on a stone step as he examined each of his arrows, to make sure no blade was broken and no shaft splintered. He peered out around, joyous in his heart, for he was surrounded by the best elves could offer in the area of fighting.

Looking down the line, trying again to count the numerous amount, something interesting caught his eye.

Ellysia was walking down the rows of archers, making her way to an entrance into the fortress, when one archer turned around and grabbed her arm. Turning around, she caught this elf’s eye, and seemed to go into a daze. He let go of her arm, and she gently put her hands on each side of the helmet he wore and pulled it off, revealing a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed elf. Staring into his eyes, a look of surprise over took her as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Suddenly reality must have kicked in for she grabbed him and hugged him feircely, kissing him on both sides of his face and hugging him again.

“Amrod…” she whispered, as if daring to say it would wake her from this dream.

“I am here!” he said joyously. “I am so happy to see you. I feared I would not see your face again.”

“As was I!” she exclaimed, as her broad smile suddenly dissapeared and her face darkened. “I feared that you would be here. I am so happy to see you, yet- I fear for your life.”

“There is nothing to be afraid of!” Amrod laughed, pulling her close. “I am here, and I will not leave you.”

Gazing into his eyes, she pleaded. “Do you promise me?”

He smiled gently and leaned close to her. “I promise you with all my heart.”

She held onto him and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath of his familiar woodsy smell. She was finally in the arms of the one person she felt safe with.


Later, Ellysia stood in silence between Legolas and Gimli, as the small fires of the Urak-Hai could be seen in the distance.
The quiet was stifling.

Holding onto his bow, still looking straight ahead, Legolas shifted his feet. “Ellysia…” he said. She looked towards him.

“Who was that man?” he asked her quietly.

She smiled as she thought of him. “His name is Amrod. He is like my brother.”

Legolas quirked his eyebrow and looked to her. “Do you love him?”

She blushed and nervously smoothed her dress.
“One does not ask such questions, Legolas…but yes, I do. Like my brother…if not more.” She smiled and cast her eyes down, embarassed.

Legolas smiled. Suddenly, it dawned on him. “You should not be here- it is not safe. Go back to the caverns- Eowyn will be there.”

Ellysia stood arrogantly with her hands resting on her hips. “I’m not leaving! What good use is a healer if she is away from the wounded? I will be needed right here!”

Legolas frowned at her. “But you could get hurt! And, you have nothing to protect yourself with,” he noted.

Flipping her short sword out infront of her, she smiled. “This will protect me, if need be,” she said. “If it makes you happy, I will stay back here.” She smirked and motioned to the stone steps backer into the fortress.

“Then you shall stay there,” Legolas said with a smile and a laugh as she began to walk away.

But turning around, she touched his shoulder lightly. “Vanya sulie, mellonamin!” she said softly with a smile as she turned on her foot and strode back to the stone steps.

Legolas turned back to gaze forward at the oncoming Urak-Hai. They were getting closer.


Minutes scratched by, as if eternitys. Silence ruled the air as none had the heart or will to say anything.

Suddenly, someone shouted out “Look! They are upon us!”

As the faces of the stomping Urak-Hai became clearer, the Elven archers raised their bows to level heights. “…And remember…” Legolas shouted above the roar of the unruly horde outside of their stone walls. “Show them no mercy…for you will recieve none!”

Suddenly, all was quiet. The Urak-Hai has crested the hill and were now within a few hundred yards of the stone fortress. Their deep breathing and harsh faces could be seen and heard they were so close. Both were at a stand still.

Suddenly, *vshwing!* an arrow was loosed from some compartment area on the outer walls. A Urak-Hai fell.

A dark, harsh roar shook out from the oncoming mass.

The battle for Helm’s Deep had begun!


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