Someone to Trust – Part 1 – Chapter 2

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Well, I got such positive commments on my last posting, so I decided to continue it!

Ellysia was just waking. She yawned and stretched her arms and slowly opened her eyes…to the sight of Legolas.

“Ah!” she yelped, tumbling backward onto her sheets, still squinting from the dawning light.

He laughed and grabbed her hand to help her up. “It’s about time you woke up! You have no idea how many things you have yet to do! You can start with the caverns- many are sick. There seems to be some sort of cold going around- you may want to treat them.”

Ellysia tripped out of her bed, totally disoriented. She grabbed Legolas’s shoulder. “Now, I daresay, sir, I have yet to even know why I am here! You can’t just shuttle me off somewheres without me even knowing what I am doing!”

He pulled her over with him to a wall as another crowd of refugees shuffled past them, leading deeper into the caverns.

Legolas was beginning to get impatient. “Galadriel sent you, yes?” Ellysia nodded. “Well,” he continued,”she must have known about the coming battle. Thousands of Uruk-Hai are traveling towards one point at this very moment: here. She most likely sent you here to address the wounds of any that will get hurt. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Yes,” Ellysia replied.”I understand now…but there was one *particular* reason she sent me, I know that, but I know not what that is. Do you?”

“I have naught an idea,” he replied and started on his way. “I must get going to the armery. You will find your charges in the caverns.” He pointed by way of another hall.

“Thank you!” Ellysia smiled and turned back to collect her things. She couldn’t treat bloody wounds and sew stitchs if she wasn’t properly dressed; it just wasn’t her way!


Ellysia walked down the corridor Legolas had shown her, now in her light green dress, her hair all pulled up, and her medical supplies in a bag on her shoulder.

Turning yet the another corner, she suddenly stepped out into a large open cavern, milling with people and wounded men, loud with commotion. Smoothing her dress, Ellysia walked slowly over to the first wounded man she saw, who was lying on the cold stone floor with a woman wiping his brow.

Knealing down to him, Ellysia lightly laid her fingers on his arm, which was tied up in a bloody sling. “Hello,” she said in her softest voice. “I am Ellysia. May I take a look at your arm?”

The man nodded slowly, extending out his arm with a painful expression gripping his weathered face. Ellysia prodded gently the wound, which was a large gash from the elbow to his wrist. It was badly healed, and she would have to open it up again.Infection may have set in… she thought to herself as she searched the many pockets of her light over coat for the weed night willow. She remembered Elrond telling her once that night willow was the best pain killer without rendering the patient unconscience.

As she extracted the night willow and began ripping its big leaves into smaller, chewable sizes, she heard soft footsteps approach her. “Can I help you with anything?” a delicate voice questioned her. “Yes, please. Can you go put this blade through a forgery fire, or something, to sterilize it?” Ellysia replied, without looking, flicking the blade of her surgical knife upwards.

As Ellysia looked up from her work, she saw the body belonging to the voice. It was a woman, a human woman, Ellysia could tell this, with long wavy blonde hair, with pale yet tiny strong arms. Suddenly a flicker crossed Ellysia’s eyes as she set her night willow down and told the man she’d be back.

Quickening her pace, she followed the golden haired woman and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Eowyn?…she said softly.

The golden haired woman turned around gently and smiled. “Yes, I am- …Ellysia?!” she whispered in surprise.

“Eowyn! It’s me!!” Ellysia laughed as she spoke loud with happiness. Laughing, she lunged at Eowyn to hug her, and Eowyn fully accepted, laughing with tears of joy filling her eyes.

Still holding her shoulders, Eowyn pulled back to fully survey Ellysia. “You have grown even more beautiful, my friend! How I have missed you,” she sighed, a smile still on her face, tears blurring her vision. “How I needed you…a shadow has passed over Rohan, and I needed you more than you know.”

“I am sorry,” Ellysia whispered. “I have missed you so much. Come, let me finish with my patient and we shall talk!”


After bandaging up the man’s arm and cleaning up, Ellysia and Eowyn stolled outside, reminiscing. The laughed and they cried, and yet still, Ellysia looked troubled. Eowyn noticed this and sat her down on the out walls edge. “Ellysia, do not let the past trouble you,” she said softly, her eyes crinkling with concern. “The past is the past. You must let go. No one is blaming you but you.”

“I’d rather not talk about this, Eowyn…Please tell no one…” Ellysia replied softly, trailing off. Seeing Legolas and a dark, dirty man, and found her escape.

“Legolas! There you are. You still have to explain me some things, remember?” she spiritidly said, looking for another topic to talk about.

“Ah, yes, but first, I would like you to meet my friend,” he said as he gestured to the man beside him. “This…is Aragorn.”

The dark man beside him gave a light bow and a smile.

Ellysia curtsied to him. “I am Ellysia. It is my pleasure to meet you, ” she said, smiling, extending her hand.
“And it is also my pleasure, mylady,” he said in his deep voice, shaking her hand. Ellysia smiled towards all of them.

But something was different. There was something about this man…she could sense it. Something strange. Not bad, but…different.

But she had no time to think on this, for she was being swept off to the armery along with all three, as Legolas breifed her of the situation.

Stepping into another hallway in the large caverns, Ellysia’s head was filled with noise as men and young boys alike saddled up for war.

She ruffled the hair of a young boy passing her with a large sword, much to big for his tiny hand to carry. “Why are these children here?” she asked Legolas, looking confused. “They are much too young!”

Legolas sighed and a look of sadness passed his face. “We are outnumbered by hundreds. We need all the help we can get.”

Ellysia was about to comment, when she heard a large commotion outside.

To be continued…sorry this was kinda boring, but I had to get it out. Trust me- the next chapter will be more interesting, and maybe you’ll get some clues on what Eowyn knows that Ellysia doesn’t want anyone to know.


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