Someone to Trust Chapter 15 – Edoras Part 1

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Legolas stared blankly at her.

“You what?”

A single tear rolled down her face. “I killed him.”

“But you’ve got to believe me, Legolas, please- I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t. They didn’t belive me, no one did- they thought I had finally lost it.”

“When I woke up, I was still in my bed, but Thailen was gone, and Evylen was crying, my father holding onto her. I sat up and asked them what happened, because I didn’t remember- all I knew was that I passed out after I hit him.”

“Evylen screamed at me and told me to get out of her house. Enevingion didn’t do anything. I pleaded with them to listen to me, I told them everything that happened. She didn’t believe me. He did, though. I know it.”

The silent tears were quickly rolling down her cheeks now, but her voice never stopped. “But he is a coward. He said nothing in my defense. She called me a murderer. When I tried to comfort her, and tell her, she hit me across the face so hard I fell. It was all I could do to scramble out the door as fast as I could, away from her fury. I grabbed my sword in the confusion and bolted out the door. I stumbled my way to Saracen’s stall, mounted him…and took off. I started running then, and I have never stopped. All my life.”

Her voice shuddered to a stop with a gasp, and her hand flew to her face, rubbing her eyes, wiping the tears away.

“Oh, Ellysia,” was all Legolas could say. He pained for her; the confrontation with her father must have been harder than he thought.

As she wiped the last of her tears away from her face, she smiled feebily at him. “I guess now you know all my secrets,” she said softly.

He smiled at her warmly. “Oh, I doubt that.”


That night, Ellysia had another dream. She was back in the cottage again. And he was before her, his strong hands wrapped around her throat. It was just as it left off.

But suddenly, his hands flew off from her throat, pushed away by a cloaked figure. He looked startled, and tried to lunge back at her, but Ellysia found herself pushing him away. Soon he dissapeared into darkness, and the fog of the room lifted. She could breath again.


Ellysia’s eyes fluttered as the breaking of daylight fell upon her eyelids. Yawning, she sat up and stretched her arms. A faint smell tickled her nose, and she could hear crunching beside her.

Blinking, Ellysia looked over to Legolas, who sat slicing an apple. One was placed beside her bed. “I know that’s what we had for dinner, but, beggars can’t be choosers,” he laughed. “We should be off soon.”

Ellysia nodded and replied and moved off her makeshift bed, to gather the bundle of sheets and shoved them in her pack.

“Arn’t you even going to change?” he asked her, watching her shove her things untidily into her bag.

“No,” grinned she, slinging her bag over Saracen’s back. “I am looking forward to a warm bath in Edoras. Goodness knows I need it.”

Legolas snickered, but she turned back to him. “I think it wouldn’t hurt you to have one either.” She laughed.


As they crested the hill, Legolas and Ellysia came into sight of Edoras. The picture of the great city stirred something in Ellysia, a mixture of fear, and yet peace. She loved it, and yet hated it.

With a click of her tounge, Saracen was off again in hot persuit of the gate wall, Arod close beside. As the two reached the great gate, a lookout called to them.

“Who goes there?” a cloaked figure bellowed.

“We are in favor and priviledged guests of the Lady Eowyn!” Legolas replied.

The figure nodded and signalled for the gates to be opened. As they crossed the threshold, Ellysia shuddered at the sight of the numerous houses. She knew exactly where the old one was, and still it stood.

Yet another cloaked man halted them as they passed the main gate.

“I ask of you to come with me, for we have places for you to bed your horses for the time being,” his gruffed voice stated. The two nodded and were led off by the man to the stables.

After Saracen and Arod were comfortable, Ellysia and Legolas strode out of the stables and onto the main road, leading to Theoden’s Hall. They walked silently up the long dirt path, till they mounted the stone steps and were at the great doors of the Hall.

“We are expected visitors to the Lady Eowyn,” said Ellysia to the doorwarden. He looked at her oddly for a moment, but then nodded and opened the great door.

The smell of the Hall swept back into the far reachs of Ellysia’s mind, as she remembered many fond memories of this place. The Hall was a bustle of commotion, for it was dinner time, and many places were set and filled. It quieted for a moment at the sight of the newcomers, but soon the noise rose again as they turned back to their supper.

Aragorn came striding up to them, a pleasent look upon his face. He seemed very content, Ellysia thought. Maybe there was room for simple pleasures amoung the bloodshed. Aragorn clapped his hand firmly around Legolas’s back in greeting, and to her surprise, pulled Ellysia in a firm embrace.

“Right on time,” Strider laughed, pulling away. “Everything went well, I hope?” he asked, looking between the two.

“Ah, yes,” Ellysia answered hesitantly.

“Well, good!” said Aragorn. “Come, eat with us!” he said, waving to them as he walked back to his seat. There were two empty spots beside him at the table which they took up. Eowyn greeted Ellysia warmly, for she had been told her friend would come soon after. She sat upon the other side of the Ranger, and soon the Sheildmaiden was in deep conversation with him.

Ellysia was full from the short meal she had shared earlier with Legolas, so she did not touch her plate, while the rest engorged in food and talk.

Legolas sat in silence for a few moments with her. It was awkward, for he was not hungrey either, and they were not talking. He cleared his throat.

Her head jerked in his direction. She had gotten used to this- the way he would swallow or something to initiate attention in his direction. She smiled warmly at him. “You’d like to talk?” she asked softly.

“How did you know?” he laughed in return.

“I’m beginning to understand you better, Sir,” she replied.

Legolas reached over to his goblet and took a taste of what it held. His face puckered up. “Wine,” he said hoarsly.

“You are not fond of men’s drink, either?” she asked curiously.

“No. Fresh water will do me fine.”

She smiled again lightly and nodded, slowly turning her head to see the rest of the room. She let out a sigh. Turning her head back to Legolas, she quirked her eyebrow. “Do you want to take a walk?” she asked him quietly.

He smiled and set down his drink. “I thought you’d never ask,” he replied, and stood from his chair, and gave her his arm. She laughed and looped her arm around his, and they strode out the hall, only ten minutes after they had entered.


Walking slowly around the grounds outside of Edoras, Ellysia let go of Legolas’s arm and spread her’s wide, as the breeze rushed past her. Turning back to the other elf, she saw him grinning. “Come here,” said she. “I want to show you this view.”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him after her. “Don’t drag your feet!” she called back. “Hurry!” He laughed and picked up the pace.

After they had moved all the way to the eastern border of the great wall that surrounded the city, Ellysia stopped. Pointing out before her, she whispered, “Look!”

From that view, endless rolling plains were in sight, no forest edge in it’s vastness. Just endless plains.

Ellysia sat herself upon the cool ground as Legolas took in the view beofre him. “Isn’t it beautiful?” she asked him quietly.

“Very,” he responded, placing himself beside her, never taking his eyes from the scenery. They sat in silence, enjoying merely the afternoon sun and one another’s company.

After a while, Legolas leaned back and put his hands behind his head. “Will you travel the Paths of the Dead with us?” he asked her softly.

He heard no response, and reckoned she had dozed off. But a quiet, calm voice rose in reply.

“Maybe,” said she. “I have no where else to go. Might as well travel where I may be needed.”

He nodded in quiet reply.


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