Someone to Trust Chapter 10 – Markings, of Pen and the Unknown

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Ellysia fell fast for the little hobbits, especially the one called Merry. Talking over plates of meat and bread, she could not help but love their little quirks and sweet faces.

“Will you have wine or beer?” Merry asked them, standing at the head of the table, his little hands placed upon the tabletop. Aragorn and Gimli asked politely both for a drink of wine, and Merry nodded and looked to Ellysia.

“And would the lady like anything?” he asked with a little grin. She let out a little laugh, and shook her head. “No, thank you Merry, but I do not drink wine,” she politely declined. “It makes me sick.”

Merry nodded and looked to Legolas, who in turn, kindly refused.

As she watched the little hobbit bustle out into the next room, she smiled and turned back to look at Legolas, who was deep into his bread and butter.

“Such sweet creatures…have you known them long?” she asked him, her hand cupping the side of her chin.

He swallowed and nodded. “Quite some time, but not alot spent with them- we’ve spent quite a while searching for them.”

Ellysia nodded and looked down the table to Aragorn and Gimli. “You men seem to have very hearty appetites!” she laughed, eyeing their plates full of meat and bread, with extra helpings.

Aragorn took a look down at her’s. “Are you not hungrey, Ellysia? We have been traveling for a good time, and yet you have barely eaten anything!”

“I’ve gotten used to it- I’m not a big eater,” she replied, tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear.

Soon Merry and Pippin came back with wine for Aragorn and Gimli, and they sat down across the table from them, beside Ellysia. They began to chat about past times for a while, and about Ent draughts and such. Ellysia sat contentedly, listening and not commenting.

Gimli set his drink down and cleared his throat. “Now, I think,” he said, “would be a good time to begin your tale, but start right on that strange day when the Fellowship was broken.”

“You shall have it, if there is time,” replied Merry, who was sitting beside Ellysia. “But if you have finished eating, maybe we can light our pipes and pretend we are back in Rivendell, back safe anywares but here.”

He pulled out a little bag of tobacco. “Pippin found two floating barrels when we were searching through the muck. We opened them up, and we found this fine pipe-weed, and it was unspoilt, too.”

Pippin handed Gimli a pipe and Aragorn, Merry, Pippin, and Gimli proceeded to light them up. A frown beset upon Ellysia’s lips.

“Something wrong, m’lady?” Gimli asked between the pipe upon his mouth.

“I thought you all had a bit more common sense than that,” she said, quirking her eyebrow at him. “What you smoke is absolutly terrible for your health, good sirs, and you should take my advice and give up the dreadful habit.”

“Ah, I knew there was something terribly wrong about inviting a woman, a healer, none the less, to travel with a group of men,” Gimli chuckled.

Ellysia smiled and shook her head. “I will break you of the habit if it’s the last thing I do, son of Gloin.”

“Well, I am going back out into the open air, to see what the sky and wind are doing!” said Legolas.

“We will come with you,” said Aragorn, standing up from the table.

They all traveled outside of the gatehouse and sat upon one of the massive piles of stones infront of the archway. Aragorn stretched and lay back, letting out a wisp of smoke from his mouth. Ellysia took off her cloak and spread it upon a large stone and sat down upon it, leaning her head back against a larger stone. She let out a sigh, almost of contentment.

The comrades lay stretched out, relaxing after a good meal. They were very quiet, and let the breeze flow over them.

Legolas rested his head back and stared up at the drifting clouds, feeling quite at ease. He began to hum a tune, and to his surprise, a voice beside him chimed in. It was sweet, and soft, and perfectly on key.

He looked over to Ellysia, to see her laying, eyes closed, but mouth moving. Legolas settled back and continued his song, a soft voice accompanying him.

“An Elven-maid there was of old,
A shining star by day:
Her mantle white was hemmed with gold,
Her shoes of silver-grey…”

Ellysia sang, and let Legolas take the next verse.

“…A star was bound upon her brows,
A loght was on her hair
As sun upon the golden boughs
In Lórien the fair…”

And the pair finished the song with grace, a murmur of approval let out from drowsy companions.

Ellysia let out a little laugh. “You sing wonderfully, Legolas… you live up to your reputation,” she said to him, gazing skyward.

“As do you, Ellysia…and what reputation?” he asked her, a quizzical look upon his face as he sat up to look at her.

She stretched her arms and rolled over, sitting up and tucking her legs beneath her, facing him. “Oh, you know, the usual tittering girls…’Oh, how sweet he is! How handsome! Such a strong elf!'” she said with a large grin upon her face, pretending to faint down upon the rock. She sat back up, laughing.

Legolas bowed his head, embarassed of the red blush that was rising to his face. Ellysia did nothing but laugh even more at this.

“You *are* very handsome, sir, and every bit of those things,” she said, a giggle still caught in her throat. “But to hear them carry on… I think you would be most embarassed, the way they would go after you. I would not be surprised if I found you hiding in your room from those ravenous women.”

Legolas played mock offense. “And you don’t find me attractive?” he said, an edge on his voice, borderlining hurt and laughter.

“You are a silly elf, Mr. Greenleaf, and I will not play this game with you,” she said, the smile still upon her lips. Smoothing her skirt, she sat up straight and tilted her chin up. “I, am a lady. I do not need such foolishness.”

Legolas quirked an eyebrow at her, and she broke under the strain, letting out a laugh.

A smile broke upon his face. “I think you will never cease to amaze me, Ellysia.”

She nodded toward him, grinning ear to ear. “I hope I do not.”

Legolas nodded and then stood up, stretching his legs. “Come now! Time wears on, and I do deeply wish to be told the tale of your recent journeys, hobbits.”

As the little hobbit Pippin began to grab everyones attention, so he could start, Ellysia scrambled up to go and fetch her bag. “Wait just a minute!” she said, rummaging through her pack. “Ah!”

She pulled out a thick pad of parchment, bound in a leather cover. A writing stencil and a little jar of ink were fastened securely to the outside of it. A large elvish “E” was scratched onto the surface.

Sitting herself back down on her rock, Ellysia opened up the book and leafed to the first clean page past a rummage of writing. She unscrewed the bottle top and dipped her pen into the ink, and proceeded to write in fine, big letters upon the page: “Merry & Pippin.”

She looked up to see them all staring at her, bewildered. “Oh!” she blushed. “May I write this down?”

Merry smiled. “Why sure! So, as I was saying…”

For the next good half hour, Merry and Pippin related their tale of bravery and escape. The rest were silent, except for one or two questions, and the ever constant light scratch of pen to paper.


After Merry and Pippin finished their story, the well-rested group met up with Gandalf, Theoden, and his men to travel into the depths of Orthanc.

Soon they came to the foot of Orthanc. At the foot of the stairs, Gandalf and the king dismounted.

“Theoden and I shall go up into the tower,” said Gandalf. “And Aragorn shall come with us.”

“Legolas and I shall accompany you,” said Gimli, as he stood beside them.

“And I, sir, should wish to walk alongside you, not to view the face of Saruman but to see this place I have so long heard of,” Ellysia said quietly.

“All right, all right, come then!” Gandalf proclaimed, and he started up the stairs, Theoden at his side.

Ellysia walked between Legolas and Gimli, holding the hem of her dress just above the steps. She did not want to be here; but she was compelled to.

Soon they found the traitor Saruman, and he started out his sticky speech. A shiver ran down Ellysia’s spine as she heard him utter but a few words. She soon broke out in a cold sweat when she realized what he was trying to do.

Legolas tried to listen to what the wizard was saying, but was distracted by Ellysia beside him, her head bowed. She was whispering…

Suddenly, the wizard’s voice ceased. His gaze penetrated the air to rest upon Ellysia’s head.

“Girl,” he said slowly. “What are you saying? Will you not speak louder for an old man’s ears?”

As she lifted her head, there was a noticable change in her face. Her eyes were seemingly a shade darker, and she had grown paler. Her whispers grew louder. Legolas could hear what she was saying.

“I shall not succumb to the false whispers of the night, the hand of Luthien shall wipe away the mist that fogs thy sight…” she chanted, and continued it over and over.

“Are you trying to silence me?” Saruman snickered. “Your silly prayers to a dead woman will help you not. But side with me, pretty one, and there you will find true reassurance in solid things you can see.”

“I will not lower myself to your stature, Saruman, for The Spirit still prevails. Long after you are gone, and your name is scrawled with vulgar doings and all who remember you laugh at such a fool, It will live on, and make all remember the shame of yourself,” she said, staring cold eyes upward. Silently, she raised her hand into the air, and put her palm facing forward, towards his face.

He sneered and turned to take on Gandalf, but a look of surprise rested upon his face for but a moment. He had seen her hand, even though no one else had. For a moment, fear and yet interest gripped his heart. A new weapon. It could destroy him…or help him immensly. That was, if he survived the wrath of Sauron.

Legolas turned to Ellysia. “What’s on your hand?” he asked her softly.

She shook her head, snapping out of her daze. A look of horror flashed across her face. “Oh no…” she whispered to herself, covering her right hand with her left, as if to hide it.Why did I do that?! she thought to herself, panicking.

But she had no time to dwell upon it. Ellysia heard a resounding crack, and saw a small, dark ball fall from the upper window, to come crashing down to the floor. Pippin ran after it, and came back, clutching the little prize. Gandalf took it from him with haste, and announced that they were to leave. This was a strange place…it was not safe to linger.



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