Someone to Trust – Chapter 1

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I’ve noticed that alot of story’s here seem to be about Legolas and his love interests. I have nothing against that, because I love a good love story, especially one with Legolas! But I was thinking…amid all of these crisis’s, loves, deaths, and battles…has he ever had a really good friend? Besides Gimli? That is what my story is about…

Ellysia rolled up more bandages and set them in the small, hand-crafted cabinet nearest to the window. Elrond cleared his throat and folded his hands, studing her quickly moving hands.

“You seem to be catching on quickly, Ellysia. You are well on your way to becoming a nicely gifted healer. Today’s lesson is done- you may go now. I think dinner is already over- but you may go to the kitchen and try and retrieve something,” he said calmly, guesturing toward the door.

“Thank you, Lord Elrond. It is my pleasure to learn under your studious eye,” Ellysia smiled, stepping out through the door.

Ellysia calmly walked down the passage way, letting her entire body flow as one movement, all the while knowing that Elrond was watching her for perfect Elvish grace she assured him that she had.

As soon as she stepped out of the back door, she sprinted as far as her legs could take her, letting out all the pent up energy she had from a whole day of being taught how to sew stitchs and collect precise herbs to cure the ache of a stomach.

Sighing, she let herself tumble to the ground and feel the cool grass brush against her cheek.

No matter how much she loved the sweet silence and beauty of Rivendell, she could not wait to go.

Elrond will be done teaching me soon, and then I can leave she thought to herself. Rolling over to her side, she picked a daisy growing out of the ground. But where will I go? she thought. I know. I’ll go see Galadriel. She’ll tell me!


Ellysia crunched the leaves underfoot as she softly stepped up to the shimmering well, and concentrated hard as her piercing gaze penetrated the glittering waters. Tucking a lock of her long brown hair behind her delicately pointed ear, she tilted her head and squinted her eyes.

What makes this work? she thought to herself.

Galadriel suddenly appeared across the well from her, softly whispering Only I can show anything to you, dear!

Ellysia, surprised, jumped back away from the well, stumbling and muttering. She quickly curtsied and turned her face towards Galadriel.

“I…I’m sorry!” she stumbled over her words. Stepping back up to the well, she placed her hands on the cool stone to steady her.

“I just know…well, I’ve heard…that you can see things of the future…if you look into this well.” She stated, calmly looking at Galadriel.

“Well…only I can show them to you,” Galadriel calmly replied. “Do you think your worthy?”

“Only you would know yourself, my lady,” Ellysia smiled.

“Well…”Galadriel pondered.”What do you wish to see?”

“I want to see what will happen to me, when I’m done at Rivendell. Will I ever be needed?” she greedily peered into the well, searching with her eyes but seeing nothing. Suddenly she realized her rudeness. “I…I mean, if that is alright, with you,” she calmly continued.

Galadriel smiled, and ran her fingers lightly over the shimmering waters of the well. Smiling, she gazed into the well. But all of a sudden, her steady expression turned quickly to a frown.

“What? What is is?” Ellysia said frantically, looking into the waters, but seeing nothing but her own reflection.

Galadriel looked grimly at Ellysia. “You must go, now, to Helm’s Deep. Dark clouds form over their wake in the next 3 days time. You will be needed.”

Ellysia, confused, stumbled over her words. “But, but…Elrond, he has to teach me…and I, what about my future? Wait, why must I go without no explanation?” she babbled as Galadriel turned away from her to descend the steps.

Galadriel just turned and stared straight into Ellysia’s eyes, as if penetrating her soul. “Trust me,” she said cooly. “You are needed. You will understand why. I will tell Elrond what happened. Go now!”

As if a gust of wind blasted against her back, Ellysia felt like she was being pushed away from the well, and as she struggled to turn around to thank Galadriel, she saw nothing. Galadriel had dissapeared.

Ellysia saddled her horse, Saracen, as she prepared to leave. Still confused, she packed her most important belongings and medical supplies.

I’m sure it’s nothing she thought to herself. I’ll be back in no time.

After riding for what seemed like forever, Ellysia came upon the great stone gates of Helm’s Deep. She pushed her horse forward, closer to the doors, looking for some sort of way she could announce her presence to those behind the gates, so she could come in.

Running her fingers through her hair, she sat in thought. Suddenly, a voice from abover startled her.

“Who goes there?”

“Ummm…it’s, me!” she tried to shout up, tilting her neck all the way back, looking for a face above the great heights of the walls.

She pulled her horse farther away from the gates so she could take a look at who she was talking with.

A tall young man with long blonde hair stood at the top of the gate, an arrow pulled tight, ready to fire.

“Who are you?” he asked again.

“Ellysia!” she shouted.

“Why are you here?” he asked her calmly.

“Because I…I just am! Now am I going to have to build myself a ladder or are you going to let me in?” she shouted, her throat growing hoarse.

The man laughed and waited for a real answer.

“I’m here because Galadriel sent me!” she shouted one last time.

The gates slowly creaked open, the man appearing from behind them.

“Hello,”he said calmly, in a soft, warm voice. “Galadriel sent you? Why?”

All Ellysia could mumble, embarassed of her shouting, was “healer.”

“Your a healer, then?” he smiled, grabbing Saracen’s leads and walking him into the Helm’s Deep fortress.

Regaining her composure, Ellysia hopped down. She extended her hand to him, saying outright and boldly “Yes. yes I am. Well, I am Ellysia, it’s very nice to meet you. And you are?”

The man smiled and shook her hand. “I am Legolas Greenleaf, and it is a pleasure to meet you.”

Ellysia grabbed the reins from his hand. “I can do that.”

Legolas started to say “But I was ju-” but Ellysia interrupted
him. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I can do it myself.”

With a smile, she turned and led Saracen into Helm’s Deep.

Shrugging, Legolas followed her in.

After settling Saracen into a stall, Ellysia searched for Legolas, for she was still confused why she was here. She thought maybe he would know.

Turning a sharp corner, she was caught unawares by something small. She tripped, trying to avoid colliding with it. Landing on her bottem, she looked to see what it was- a dwarf!

“Pardon me, lass, but you must watch where you are going!” he chuckled as he helped her up.

“I’m really, really sorry!” she replied, grabbing his hand.

Legolas appeared there, leaning against the stone pillar. “I see you two have met! This is Master Gimli,” he said, nodding toward the dwarf.

“Hello! I am Ellysia, a healer. It’s my pleasure to meet you,” she said, shaking his hand.

“And a pleasure to meet you, Miss,” Gimli replied. “Now I must be going.”

Legolas waved goodbye to him and turned back to Ellysia, folding his arms. “Now, what did you want?”

“Why am I here? Why did Galadriel send me here, did you know?” she questioned him.

“I’ll explain tomorrow. It is getting late, and you will need all the rest you can get. I may be able to find better sleeping accomodations for y-” but Ellysia interrupted him again.

“No, that’s ok. I’m fine here,” she said as she laid out her blanket.

“Your a very stubborn person, arn’t you?” Legolas asked her as he eyed her laying out her things.

“No, not stubborn,” she smiled. “Just willfull. And Legolas-” she said to him as he started to walk away. “Sometimes, stubborn people are the best people to rely on.”

He nodded and smiled.


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