Smeagol’s Story – (part 5)

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As Smeagol was unable to see where he was taken to, he knew it would be almost impossible to escape. And still he did not know who his attackers where.
`Why are they doing this? What have I done? In fact, what has Lily done?’ Smeagol asked himself, determined to stop these evil people from hurting Lily.
After what seemed like forever, the captors stopped dragging Smeagol and let him drop. They presumably did so to Lily too, as Smeagol heard a small squeal of pain. What energy he had left in him, after the painful journey to their place now, Smeagol leapt up and tried to hit his captors.
The hobbit’s vision was coming back into focus and he ran straight for the nearest dark object. *BANG* Smeagol collided with a tree and sunk to the floor again, to laughter from his captors.
`Don’t even try to escape, Smeagol, for two reasons. The first is that you would fail, and the second reason is you wouldn’t want your precious Lily to be hurt, would you?’ The tantalising voice was playing with Smeagol’s mind, he heard every word stretched out and each `s’ was hissed like a snake.
`Leave her alone, what has she done wrong?’ shouted Smeagol.
`She hass done sso much wrong, Ssmeagol. For a sstart, she iss with you. Your preciouss Lily. Preciouss.’
`Then it is not her fault; it is mine. Let her go,’ Smeagol shouted again.
`We want to have ssome fun firsst, Ssmeagol.’ Still Smeagol’s vision was not clear, so all he could see were dark shapes. The person talking was very close to Smeagol but, just as Smeagol was about to spit in his face, he stepped away and conferred with one other- one person was holding Smeagol.
The poor, captured hobbit was trying to think whose voice the captors’ were- he recognised the voices, but could not picture them, as they sounded quite drunk.
`OK!’ shouted the leader of the three, presumably talking to someone other than Smeagol. `We’re moving; someone is coming. And Lo- I mean, “number two” says to be more careful with Lily. Understand, “number three?”‘
`I understand,’ mumbled the person holding Smeagol. He let go suddenly so that Smeagol fell over, but before he even had time to sit up, another of the captors was holding onto him.
`You won’t get away with this,’ shouted Smeagol.
`Oh, won’t we?’ taunted “number one,” `we’ll see about that.’
Smeagol, once again, found himself being dragged along the ground by one of the strong men. He could hear the water of the Anduin coming closer, so he hoped they would be out in the open and he could shout for help.
However, just as the water sounded really close, Smeagol was knocked unconscious and thrown into a boat alongside Lily, already unconscious. When Smeagol awoke, his vision had cleared a lot and he could see almost completely perfectly.
Suddenly, Smeagol wished he couldn’t see, as he realised who his captors were. They were not, as he thought, big, burly men, but they were, in fact, Smeagol’s three best friends- Deagol, Theanol and Loarnel; all smirking at Smeagol, pleased that they had him in their command. ~*~


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