Smeagol’s Story – (part 2)

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*Recap- Smeagol and Lily drew away from each other slightly and Lily turned to leave, so Smeagol had to shout after her, `Let’s meet up again sometime?’
Lily’s only reply was to blow a kiss in return.*

With nothing but Lily in his mind, Smeagol walked home with a happy smile on his face. He was so happy and a screen of love was in front of his eyes, so he did not see Deagol and Theanol leaning against a fence near his house.
Smeagol’s two friends grabbed hold of Smeagol rather roughly and laughed, and Smeagol was forced to snap out of his love spell and look at his friends. Very quickly, the smell of ale on the two hobbits’ breath drifted to Smeagol’s nose. He scorned behaviour such as this, and did not drink too much ale for this reason, and he pushed his two friends backwards.
`I’ll see you two in the morning,’ he shouted to be heard, then added, `and make sure you are sober.’
`Yeah, whatever Smelly Smeagol,’ laughed Theanol as he and Deagol snorted with laughter. Smeagol just looked disgusted as he walked away. This was usual conduct among tweens, but these two had been of age for a year or two. However, Smeagol passed their childish acts as one-off times, as he treasured his friends, even if they were not so nice.
As Smeagol opened the gate to his house, Deagol threw a bottle of ale at the window of Smeagol’s room, but, as he was so drunk, he missed and the bottle struck Smeagol harshly on the back of his head.
Smeagol had no time to think what had just happened, as he was knocked unconscious straight away, with blood and ale pouring down his head and neck.
Theanol laughed hysterically, bent double and holding his sides as he shook with laughter, while Deagol picked up a stick and walked to Smeagol. There, he prodded his friend with the stick for a while.
When realisation kicked in, Deagol realised that he had really hurt Smeagol, possibly even killed him. Theanol slowly stopped laughing and Deagol dropped the stick in disgust. The two looked at each other, then ran as fast as they could away from Smeagol, not looking back once at their dear friend who lay, face down, on the floor.
Had Smeagol not been found a few minutes later, he could well have bled or frozen to death, but Lily, being the kind girl she was, was returning to Smeagol’s house to see if help was needed to clear away the remnants of the party.
Lily turned the corner and saw Smeagol sprawled out, and ran to him directly. She rolled him over and checked him thoroughly for any injuries other than his head. As she leant closer to his face to check for injuries there, Smeagol sensed her there, and his eyes flickered and opened. Lily sighed in relief.
`Smeagol, you had me worried there,’ she sighed. `Let me help you into the house. Careful now.’
Smeagol, with his arm around Lily’s shoulders, managed to drag himself into his house, where Lily made him sit down on a big, comfy sofa. She fussed around and would not let him do anything other than relax, especially when she worked on his head wound.
Very soon Smeagol was a lot better, due to Lily, and he sat up and watched her. `You are very good with your herbs and healing things,’ complimented Smeagol.
`Oh,’ replied Lily, very flustered, `thank you very much, I would very much like to be a healer, but I don’t think I’m good enough- I’m not very good at anything.’
`Well I think you are good at everything,’ retorted Smeagol with a faint smile on his face.
Lily’s crystal eyes shone with happiness from this simple comment, and a smile awoke on her cherry red lips. Just the look on Lily’s face filled Smeagol with delight and he too smiled happily. Slowly he leant forward to kiss Lily.
As Smeagol’s lips begun to touch Lily’s, she pulled away and looked at the clock on Smeagol’s mantelpiece. `Gosh, look at the time, I must fly,’ she garbled then grabbing her coat she flew through the door, leaving it open behind her.
Poor Smeagol sunk back into the sofa and raised his eyes to the ceiling. *Why was everything perfect earlier and now Lily had suddenly left?* Smeagol asked himself. *Is it me? Or is it her?*


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