Slow Comes the Morning – Chapter 3

by Aug 24, 2004Stories

You’ve been gone so long
All that you know
Has been shuffled aside as you bask in the glow
Of the beautiful strangers who whisper your name
Do they fill up the emptiness

Larger than life is your fiction in a universe made up of one

Cause you have been drifting for so long
I know you don’t want to come down
But somewhere below you there’s people who love you
And they’re ready for you to come home, please come home….
“Drifting” by: Sarah McLachlan cd: Afterglow

“My lady Aarynne,” a familiar voice called, “the Lady Galadriel summons you to her chambers.” Aarynne looked up from her favorite place to sit, under the same, large tree by the stream, to see one of the few people she truly counted as a friend.
“Thank you Haldir,” she said smiling, “tell her I’ll be up promptly.” The tall, graceful march warden of Lothlorien bowed and smiled.
“Of course Lady.” Haldir straightened out and began making his way back up to deliver Aarynne’s message.
Aarynne had to force herself to stand and leave her one place of peace. There, under that tree, with her feet ever dangling in the stream, she could think. She could sort out whatever it was that was bothering her, or sit there in the quiet and just be.
As she stood, her faithful friend and companion, Lomion, a tall, white wolf, rose from a deep sleep and began to follow his beloved master. Lomion had been her loyal guardian since she had first left for Lorien, and would follow her to the ends of the earth.
“No Lomion, you must stay. You cannot follow me here.” Aarynne spoke gently, scratching behind his ears. The graceful white animal whined, and lay back down discontentedly, watching her walk away up the long stairwell to her grandmother.
As soon as she reached the entrance to Galadriel’s chambers, she wanted to leave. Arwen sat, silent, but visibly saddened, while Galadriel stood, looking wary but determined.
“Aarynne, meleth nin, please come–sit.” She spoke with shaky resolve. Aarynne did as she was told, though guarded.
“Your grandfather and I have been discussing matters and have come to a decision.”
“What would that be?” Aarynne queried, not really wanting to hear what the answer was.
“You are to leave Caras Galdhon, and the general realm of Lothlorien, two days hence, and are to return to Rivendell.” Galadriel stated cautiously, but without hesitation.
“What? No, no…I won’t! Please don`t do this My Lady.” Aarynne implored.
“Dear, you’ve already resided with us for five years, with the promise that you would return home soon, to face your father. How many more years will it take if I don’t make you?”
“I promised I would, and I will…you have my word, but….” Aarynne was at a loss for words. She knew it was inevitable, but, it was too soon. Galadriel looked at her granddaughter with compassion in her eyes.
“My dear one, you may judge your father wrongly. He doesn’t despise you as you seem to believe. You made a mistake…as everyone does–you don’t think your father is above forgiving you for that?”
“It’s not that he wouldn’t forgive, Grandmother, it’s that he won’t forget. As soon as he can, he’ll find something else to blame me for, and he’ll justify his actions by my wrongdoings.” Aarynne said quietly, knowing it was a battle she’d lost before it began.
“Aarynne nin, you simply must give him a chance. You will never fully heal unless you resolve this with your father. Arwen will accompany you, as will Haldir and other escorts, for your protection.” Galadriel declared, ending the conversation. Soon after, she left the room, leaving the sisters to talk.
“I had no part in this, Aarynne. I just want you to know that.” Arwen spoke softly.
“I know that, Arwen, and I know you tried to change her mind. I thank you for that.” Aarynne sighed, taking a seat beside her elder sister.
Arwen smiled at how alike, and how different they were. They both had rich, dark hair, though Aarynne’s was shorter, and not as thick. Their eye’s were both blue, but Aarynne’s were fiercer, more secretive, and of a deeper hue. Though Arwen was quite slender, Aarynne’s form was thinner, but strong, and fast.
“Try and see it this way, Ryn,” Arwen said gently, using her coinage for her younger sister since childhood, “I’ll be coming with you, and–I’m here for you.”
“Thank you,” Aarynne whispered, rubbing her throbbing temples, “I still know that this will do nothing for me, however. Except for maybe make everything worse.”


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