Sister to the Prince – Part 2 of Chapter 1:

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Disclaimer- I’m not claiming anything belonging to J.R.R. Tolkien. Anything you see that is unfamiliar is mine. The characters Thoron, Aiduial, Haloisi, Ailosacath, Mithaelin and Kano are all mine.

Part 2 of Chapter 1:
The Ball

As they entered the main Hall, Aiduial contemplated ways to get back at her brother for embarrassing her in that way before the rest of the High Table, even if Arwen, the twins, and Hylama, daughter of Cirdan, were the only ones to hear. Hylama had a serious thing for Legolas, and when he was mentioned she got all starry-eyed, making Aiduial sick. Maybe she would be able to convince her to help them, by telling her it would make Legolas pay some attention to her, instead of ignoring her. `That’s it! We’ll slip some herbs into his wine which will make him fall in love with the first person to talk to him! I’ll bet we could get Hylama to give him the wine during the dancing. I need to talk to Arwen!’

The dinner was long and boring, as most of these state dinners were, but Aiduial seemed to be on fire from excitement to anyone who looked at her. Arwen matched gazes with her friend across the table. She could tell Aidi had something to tell her, but wasn’t sure what. After they had finished the meal and the speeches, the girls were dismissed while the adults went into the drawing room, and the elflings were sent out into the park. They were not allowed in the courtyard, as that was where the dancing would be, put there were many place to sit and talk or run around. She met Aidi in a Gazebo which was sheltered by an ancient oak tree.

“Arwen! I know what we’ll do! You have you herbs with you, right? Do you have any melathond*? I want to slip some into a goblet of wine and have Hylama give it to Legolas! Then he would fall in love with her for a few days, and we can have a good laugh when he makes a fool of himself! What do you think?”

“Quel noa**, Aiduial! That would be hilarious! And I do have some. It’s right here, in my pouch! Only a pinch, mind. You do want him back to normal after a few days. I’ll drug the wine, and you can give it to Hylama. What time shall we do this? I think the end of the dance would be good, but maybe the middle would be best…” Suddenly, the bell signaling the beginning of the dance pealed out. “Come on, let’s go! I want to catch a dance with that adorable Ailosacath. He’s so cute!”

Laughing at Arwen’s comment, the two girls dashed to the courtyard. When they entered, to young, male elves came up to them asking for the privilege of the dance. Giggling they granted the requests. As she had said, Ailosacath had come to dance Arwen, and Haloisi had come to dance with Aiduial. Haloisi was a son Cirdan, and much more agreeable than Hylama, his twin. After a few dances with Haloisi, Elladan came up to the couple and tapped him on the shoulder. “May I cut in? You really shouldn’t hog the princess like this, Haloisi. It’s bad manners.” As the elfling stepped aside, Elladan, took Aiduial by the elbow and guided her over to a small table which was half-hidden a column which was holding up one of the dwarf-wrought silver lanterns. “Aidi, we need to talk.”

At his solemn face and serious voice, Aiduial started. Elladan was never serious. He was the one who had first helped her prank her brother! As the younger of the twins, he fully understood why she got so upset when Legolas teased her or treated her like one of the babies or those under 100. “What is it Dan? Is anything wrong?”

“I know Legolas shouldn’t have called you squirt, but please don’t punish him too much. No. I’m not saying he won’t deserve it, but nothing too severe. I think the limit should be put at say, nothing more serious than making him fall asleep, or something. He probably didn’t mean it. On the other hand, I can’t wait to see what you do. Is it public, or private?”

“I won’t tell you! You’d spoil it and warn him!” Laughing, Aidi went in search of Arwen.

Arwen was sitting half in the shadows, waiting for her. “Here’s the wine. Hylama’s over there. I told her to meet you there. This won’t come into affect until much later. Not in time for tonight, but it will give him a deep sleep, with dreams of Hylama. Tomorrow should be interesting! I’ll go distract Legolas.” And they went their separate ways, flushed with excitement.

Hylama stood watching Arwen talking and laughing with Legolas jealously. It just wasn’t fair that Imladris and Mirkwood were so close, unlike Grey Havens. Arwen had many more chances to see Legolas! But then, Arwen had told her that Aiduial had an opportunity for her to get noticed by him lined up. She was wondering what it was when the girl appeared in front of her with a steaming goblet of spiced wine.

“Here. Give this to my brother. It’s his favorite.” Aiduial’s eyes sparkled, and Hylama sensing her excitement, hurried away with the drink.

Watching, Aiduial heard Arwen come up beside, and the two girls anxiously waited. Hylama went up to Legolas and the spoke fore a minute or two, and then she offered him the drink. He took it happily and began sipping it as they talked. As he finished it, he began to look slightly annoyed. He saw Elrohir across the floor, and excusing himself, went to speak with his friend.
That night as Aidi and Arwen readied for bed, they could hardly contain their excitement. In the morning they would get to see the crown prince o f Mirkwood make a complete and total idiot of himself in front of the entire court and all of the guests. Slipping into bed, Aiduial said, “Quel dome, Arwen. Aut a’rath ikotane ta nawill amrun***.”

*love root
** Good idea!
*** Good night, Arwen. Go to sleep so it will be morning.


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