Sister to the Prince – Part 1 of Chapter 1: The Princess’ Birthday

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Part 1 of Chapter 1:
The Princess’ Birthday

“Oh Father!” gasped the awestricken elfling, “she is so beautiful! Is she for me? Oh please say yes, please do!”

Thranduil gazed lovingly down at his youngest child. She had grown since that day when she had been brought by the scout, into a lovely maiden with reddish gold-brown hair and piercing blue-green eyes. Her normally fair face was flushed with excitement. `Had it really been five centuries since she first came to him?’ He chuckled to himself, “Yes darling.”
“Ooh, what’s her name?”

“We left that you, Aidi,” her brother laughed.

“Well… I shall call her Kano, leader.”

“That suits her, all right,” Legolas commented slapping the proud chestnut mare on the shoulder, “would you like me to show you to use a bow?”

“Wahoo!” she screamed as he swung her up onto his shoulder.

“Be careful and come back in time to get ready for dinner and the ball!” called their father.

“We will!” Came the joyous reply.

“Legolas loves her dearly,” a voice in the shadows startled the king and he turned to see Mithaelin, the girl’s nurse/caretaker.

“Mithaelin, she is growing up so fast.” he said.

“I know, and Legolas looks to helping to bring her up as best he can. She also loves him greatly even if the pranks she pulls on him aren’t the nicest.


“Why must I always spend hours getting ready Mithaelin?!? The Men only spend two and the male elves only half more, except maybe my brother, but he only takes three at most! Yet I am required to spend at least four in the dressing room! I can’t stand it!” Aiduial’s frustrated cries rang though her chamber.

“Because you are a maiden and the King’s daughter, which practically requires you to look your absolute best at functions of state or celebrations. This certain celebration also just so happens to be your birthday feast, so you must look good, as even more attention will be on you at this time.”

Sighing, Aiduial turned back towards the mirror with a scowl. She didn’t think it should take nearly this long to dress and do her hair. The gown her father had given her in honor of her 500th birthday was gorgeous. It was royal blue with silver threads, and had wispy thin sleeves that began at the off-the-shoulder neckline. There was a belt, her star pendant and her tiara which were all of silver intertwined with mithril and tiny white gems sprinkled through the elegant, yet simple hairstyle. The sight of the slender elfling would have been quite enchanting if it were not for the scowl which darkened her brow.

“Cheer up pouty-face!”

“Legolas! Please save me! I think I’m dressed well enough, don’t you?”

“Aidi, you certainly must have more patience with Mithaelin she only wants what is best for you, up I certainly think that it is time for you to make your entrance. Arwen has arrived, by the way. She just finished freshening up in her chamber and is waiting for you in the central hall. Come, I’ll escort you, as I’m afraid if I carry you, I’ll rumple that magnificent gown of yours.” Giving her his arm he threw her worn-out nurse a wink, assuring that he would take good care of his kid sister.


“Arwen!” Forgetting all pretenses of dignity, or being grown-up, Aiduial ran to greet her best friend. The two elflings were around the same age, at most a decade apart. They didn’t see each other often, as their fathers were busy governing their realms, making sure that things went right, and overseeing the educations of the elflings under their care. It was only when these two rulers would visit each others’ kingdoms that their daughters saw their best friend, even though the couriers going between the kingdoms always had something from one to the other. They hugged each other tightly, and then held each other at arms length to look at each other.

“Oh it’s sooo good to see you! I’ve miss you so much! I saw your horse when we went ours away in the stable. She’s beautiful. She seems almost a stallion, so free tempered and tall! How’ve you been?” The words tumbled from Arwen’s lips like a river tumbling over stones, faster and faster.

“Slow down! I’ll answer all of those later. We must act like `princesses’ now. I do wish they’d let you come earlier, though, and then we wouldn’t be in this mess, really. We would have had time to talk, at least.” Aiduial was so happy to see her best friend, but she could feel her bother’s gaze on her back and knew that is was almost time for them to make an entrance.

She was right, because at that moment, he began to speak. “Aidi, time to go in. Arwen, would you come in with me, please? Elrohir, please do me the favor of escorting the little squirt, I mean, my sister. No, don’t try to kill me with that glare of yours Aidi. You know I’m immune. Time to go!”

Aiduial fumed slightly at her brother in the few seconds before the curtain opened. His comments and silent chuckles were too much. She and Arwen shared a look which said, `They’ll pay for this later!’


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