Sister to the Prince – Chapter 4

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Disclaimer- I’m not claiming anything belonging to J.R.R. Tolkien. Anything you see that is unfamiliar is mine. The characters Thoron, Celebtari, Taruku, Aiduial, Hylama, Shae, Laide, Haloisi, Ailosacath, Malloske, Mithaelin and Kano are all mine.

Chapter 4:
“Oh no!”

The girls just sat there, stunned. He was supposed to have gotten upset, yelled at them or something. Instead he had decided that he wanted to go on with this marriage. `Shae leaned over to Aidi and whispered to her.

“Do I have to agree with this? I really don’t want to…” Just then her step mother came up, and grabbed her shoulders.

“You will go through with this young lady! You should be grateful that the prince is willing to continue and not just drop you like a stone. You will be queen of Mirkwood someday, and that is when you will control an Elvish Kingdom, and why try for a different one? Mirkwood is best by far! Also, your sash is in a horrible knot!” As she tightened(and I mean tightened!) `Shae’s sash, Aidi looked at the woman, appalled.

“You should be Loki, the snake, instead of Malloske! What do you mean control the elvish kingdom?” At that moment, Legolas and the king rose, and the Hall fell silent. The girls looked, up varying expressions of apprehension on their faces, and Aidi squeezed `Shae’s hand under the table. The queen came towards them, beckoning for `Shae to follow her. She rose, taking small shallow breaths(her sash), and followed the Queen, giving her friends one last look before she ascended the High Dais, where the Prince and his father were waiting. When she reached the top stair, she stood beside Legolas, and their backs were toward the assemblage.

“Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood, and Hithshae Carnim, daughter of Mirkwood’s Chief Steward, I hereby proclaim thee betrothed by the light of the Valar, to wed in peace and happiness, six centuries hence. You are to wear these necklaces as a pledge to each other, and on the day of your marriage, you will switch, so that each will have the other with them always.” He handed each of them an emerald leaf on a mithril chain, with a diamond star at the top of the leaf. Legolas one around `Shae’s neck, and she placed his around his neck.

They walked down the steps and `Shae had to lean onto Legolas in order to keep walking.

“I- I can’t breath!”

“Yes, I know, I can hardly breathe my-” He never finished the word, because at that moment, `Shae fell, unconscious. They had been walking towards the door, and passing through two lines of elves wanting to wish their Prince and his bride-to-be good luck, and so Taru, who was right there, caught her.

Everyone stopped, and Aidi and Arwen ran to their friend, calling for a Healer as they had forgotten that Taru was trained in that field. Taru, picked up the fallen girl, and carrying her limp body like a child, headed towards the Halls of Healing. The two princesses followed, and Legolas fell in behind them.

When they got there, Taru laid `Shae down on an empty bed and began to set out what he would need, for when she woke, and to wake her. He then kicked everyone out of the room, saying, “I need everyone out. I’m sorry your highnesses, but I do. My Prince, I know you will want to see her when she wakes up, but I’m afraid that can’t be so. She may be ill for awhile. You may wait out here if you like.”

He closed the door in their faces, while another healer motioned them over to chairs on the side. When he had closed the doors, Taru turned towards the limp figure on the bed. Here she was, the girl he loved. She could never be his now, though. She was betrothed to Legolas, and elvish betrothals were rarely, if ever broken. This really was not fair. He shook his head, and went back to the business at hand, even though he knew what was wrong with her. It was the sash. Malloske should have known better than to tie it so tight. He leaned over her and gently untied it, tossing it to the ground.

Once the sash was taken care of, he unbuttoned her gown to make sure nothing had been damaged. (Don’t take this wrong. He’s a HEALER) `Shae stirred, and he quickly reached for the smelling salts which were on the table nearby. He held them under her nose, and the acrid smell brought her to semi-conciousness.

“Aidi, what are you burning? It smells disgusting…” She began to mumble half conscious, and not really grasping her situation. Taru kept the salts under her nose until she opened her eyes.

Her vision was fuzzy, and all she could see was a blonde figure leaning over her. “Wh-What?!? Get away from me, Blondie, I-I mean Your Highness! Please! Just go!”

He looked down at her, a worried expression on his face. If this was her reaction when she thought he was the Prince, what were her feelings for the Prince. “Shhhh… It’s alright `Shae. It’s only me, Taru.” He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as hse smiled weakly up at him, her vision clearer.

“Taru? Wh-Where am I?” He laid a finger on her lips to quiet her. She looked hat him and then gasped, feeling the weight of the pendant on her chest.

“It happened, didn’t it?” He looked at her and nodded. She turned her head, tears forming on her lashes, and this made him overjoyed, but broke his heart at the same time. She didn’t want to marry the Prince, so her heart could still belong to him, Taru, but she was now unhappily betrothed. This hurt more than anything. His heart’s desire was for her to be happy. Preferably with him, but if not, at least happy with whomever she chose.

Turning has back, as he was satisfied that she was alright, he left her there, going to have a few words with Malloske. When he had gone, Aidi rushed in to her friend. Arwen came right behind her, and Legolas tried to follow, but his path was barred by another Healer, who was coming in with a steaming goblet. She curtsied to the Princesses and then gave the drink to `Shae. She drank, and then fell asleep, under the power of the draught. Arwen and Aidi were sent from the room, and escorted to their own sleeping chambers where the fell asleep immediately.


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