Sister to the Prince – Chapter 2

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Disclaimer- I’m not claiming anything belonging to J.R.R. Tolkien. Anything you see that is unfamiliar is mine. The characters Thoron, Aiduial, Hylama, Shae, Laide, Haloisi, Ailosacath, Mithaelin and Kano are all mine.

Chapter 2:
The Effects of Melathond

“Wake up sleepy-heads! Hurry and dress! Aiduial, your father has another surprise for you this morning!” At the sound of the voice, and light from torches being lit, Aiduial and Arwen groggily opened their eyes.

“Go away Laide!” Aiduial groaned at her maid, “We’re tired!” Laide was about a century older the Princesses, but was in on all of their pranks. She had helped in quite a few, helping them to acquire some of the more rare herbs, and had been the supplier of the melathond.

“Then I s’pose you sleeping beauties aren’t interested in the effects of that draught I brewed and you gave to your brother, are you Milady?” At this the two girls sat bolt upright.

“Laide, thank goodness you remembered! I forgot! Oh good, you laid out dresses for us. We can dress ourselves this morning, so would you please go wake Hithshae?” Hithshae was the daughter of Legolas’ tutor. She didn’t like her name, so she simply went by Shae.

Laide left, and the two hurried to dress. The maid had known exactly what to put out, and so both girl had the simple, yet elegant dresses they both preferred. Aidi had a forest green gown with a removable skirt which reached her ankles. When it was off, the dress reached her knees, so she could move. The sleeves were those of a peasant’s blouse and the neckline was boat necked. Arwen’s was a deep brown.

They ran to greet Shae as she came out of her room, and she wore a gown of the same style, but a deep grey. They all ran to the dining room sliding on the polished marble floors in their palace slippers. As they came through the doors, they noticed everyone else sitting at random table throughout, eating breakfast. Going over to the table reserved for them they sat, and began to devour the delicious foods which had been set out for them. Hylama came over and sat with them, when all of a sudden a male voice came from behind Shae’s chair.

“May I sit with you, wen en’am corm*?” Startled, the girls looked up. There was Legolas and he was looking at Shae with a funny expression on his face. “I have brought you a rare melarslokte**.” He sat down, and Shae stared at him, her jaw nearly hitting the floor. Arwen and Aidi looked at each other, each with no more appetite. They hadn’t told Shae about the prank yet. Legolas was supposed to falling love with Hylama, who was in tears. They watched as she fled, and then grabbing Shae, they ran to a side chamber.

“What just happened back there?!? Did your brother just call me that? Your stupid, idiotic blonde brother?#” Shae was panicking. Aidi and Arwen looked at each other and then Aidi took a deep breath.

“We were trying to play a prank on him. He embarrassed me last night, so we had Laide put some melathond in his wine and had Hylama give it to him, hoping he would fall in love with her for a few days. I think she over did it, or made it wrong. He loves you now. We’re really sorry, but it shouldn’t last much longer.”

Then, king Thranduil came into the room. “Aiduial, I know how much you have practiced with bows for a long time, and now rival your brother in shooting skills. Thus, I have decided to give you your own bow. Here.” It was a gorgeous affair, all silvery wood with silver inlay. The princess thanked her father, and then the three ran to her chamber.

Removing the skirts, they laid them on the floor of the wardrobe. They grabbed their boots, and pulling them on laced them up. The boots were supple leather which reached to midcalf. Then, grabbing the bow, they snuck through the palace to the stable. There, hanging by Kano’s stall, were a quiver, and tack which matched the bow, only they were all brown leather with silver inlays. taking the quiver with them, hey snuck off to the shooting range to try out the new bow.

Later that night-

After they had come back and gone to dinner, Arwen and Aidi went to her chamber, and Shae went to her family’s quarters. Her father, the Steward was waiting there for her with her stepmother in the sitting room.

“Shae, we have wonderful news for you! Today, the Prince asked for your hand!” Shae looked at them with shock. Laide must have put more melathond in that draught than she had thought. Marriage?

“Surely he didn’t mean it. I mean, aren’t I a little young? only about five centuries, you know.”

“Your father and I have decided you are old enough. You know you’re not an elfling anymore, and quite pretty. He will be good for you. No arguing. The king, for some reason wasn’t to happy, but he agreed. We have begun the arrangements all ready as he is very eager. you shall be married in a moon.

*Lady of my heart
**Lover’s blossom
# Shae and Aidi were some of the few dark haired elves in Mirkwood, and very proud of the fact


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