Silvren’s Journey – Visitors in the Night-Chapter 21

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The next morning, Silvren woke up bright and early, which was quite unusual for her to do. She felt refreshed and full of energy as a cool breeze blew through the open windows, blowing the white curtains about the window.
Silvren sat up and pushed back the white, silky sheets and climbed out of bed. She walked over onto the balcony and took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet smells of autumn. Silvren looked around at all the trees and then the Elves that were walking on the ground below. Silvren turned around and walked back into her room and over to her wardrobe, throwing open the heavy doors. Slowly, she went through the different dresses and finally chose a light purple dress with small straps, perfect for a fairly warm day.
Silvren quickly slipped into the dress and brushed out her slightly tangled hair with her silver-handled brush.
Silvren ran lightly down the hall, then the twisting stairs and down another hall where breakfast was being served. She grabbed a bright, shiny, red apple from off the table and ran outside.
Silvren wandered around the gardens as she munched on her apple. There, sitting on one of the stone benches, she spotted Glorfindel. He sat there, staring off into the distance as if he were in a trance or deep thought
Quietly, she walked over and sat down next to him. “Good morning, Glorfindel.” she said after swallowing a bite of her apple.
“Good morning, Silvren.” he smiled at her.
“Do you have any plans for today? ” she asked, turning her apple over as she inspected it “None as of right now. There is going to be a feast later tonight in the wood.”
“Really?!” she piped up.

“Yes.” Glorfindel answered as he nodded his head.
“Oh, well then I’ll see you there. Bye!” Silvren said as she stood up and walked away. Glorfindel eyes followed her as she left and until she disappeared around a comer.
Silvren spent the rest of the day reading and wandering around Thranduil’s beautifully blossomed gardens. Every now and then an Elf would pass by, but nobody seemed to notice her.

An orange glow filled the sky above as the sun sank into the West. Silvren looked up and realized how late it was and quickly jumped to her feet. Silvren ran into the palace and down the torch-lit passages and up a set of twisting stairs to her room.
Once she was in her room, she tossed her book upon her bed and threw open the doors to her wardrobe. Frantically, she searched for a dress to wear to the feast. Her eyes fell upon a dark green velvet dress with long sleeves and a gold belt that had shiny emeralds embedded around it. She pulled the dress out of the wardrobe and slipped out of the one she was in and into the green one. She fastened the belt around her waist and quickly redid her hair.
When she was done, she ran out the door and bumped into Legolas. “Oh, hi.” Silvren muttered under her breath, her head bent forward.
“First, I came to apologize for last night and ask for your forgiveness.” Legolas said shyly.
“Apology accepted.” she whispered.
“Second, l am to escort you to the feast.” he added.
“Oh.” Silvren muttered as quietly as possible.
“Shall we go?” he asked, extending his arm to her.
Silvren nodded and slowly accepted his extended arm. Together they walked down the hall towards the winding staircase and down some more passages towards the palace gate. They walked all the way to the clearing in the woods in utter silence. As they approached, they saw many Elves dancing about the small clearing and the smell of herbs and roasted meats was strong and mouth-watering. In the middle of the clearing, a huge fire was burning within a ring of rocks. Torches were fastened to tree trunks and there were felled trees to sit upon.
More Elves began dancing around the fire, laughing merrily as they did. The green and white jewels on their traditional green and brown clothing sparkled in the firelight as they twirled about the fire. The Elves wore their hair twisted back with small white flowers.

Silvren smiled at the joyous sight, her eyes scanning the Elves and finding her brothers and Glorfindel talking to some other Elves. No sooner had she spotted them, Arwen ran up to her and pulled her away from Legolas’ side and disappeared into the crowd.
Legolas walked over and joined Glorfindel and the others, talking merrily about different weaponry and
battles. * * *
Arwen introduced Silvren to several Elven-maidens, including Míriel, Legolas’ little sister, that were standing next a table full of food. Míriel had long dark hair that was twisted in a braid that hung way below her waist. Together, Arwen and Silvren joined the others in eating the delicious fruits and meats, lifting their spirits and causing extreme happiness and constant giggling.
Arwen and Silvren happily danced around with other Elves, switching partners here and there.
“Come dance with me!” Silvren giggled excitedly to Glorfindel as she ran up to him. She took his hand and tried to pull him out into the ring with her, but he stood his ground.
“No! Here, Legolas will dance with you!” he laughed, handing Silvren over to him.
“Me?!” Legolas said with a puzzled expression, pointing to his chest
“Yes.” Glorfindel responded.
Silvren took Legolas’ hand and pulled him away from the guys and towards the dancing. They danced around the fire with the other Elves, totally forgetting about the previous night as they danced back and forth
“What on earth did you eat or drink?” Legolas laughed, noticing her constant giggling.
“Only some fruit and meat!” she laughed in return.
“Only?” he asked, his brow furrowed.
“Well I did taste some of your father’s wine and that made Arwen and I very giggly. “
“You don’t say!” he laughed and shook his head.
Silvren’s dress twirled and sparkled in the firelight, her eyes dancing with laughter as they danced together.
“Put out the lights!” someone called out in Elvish. Within seconds the bright lights flashed and went out, leaving everything pitch black.
Silvren felt Legolas pull on her hand as they began running through the dark forest. They jumped over fallen branches, jutting roots and rocks that lay on the ground. Silvren almost tripped over a fallen branch once or twice but Legolas helped keep her feet, telling her when to jump or duck.
Finally, they reached another, larger, clearing and stood in the darkness, waiting as more Elves came into the clearing. Suddenly, several fires and more torches than before sprang up, lighting the clearing.
The musicians began playing at once and the Elves began singing and dancing once again.
Legolas pulled Silvren by the hand towards the others that were dancing. Together they danced around the fire, laughing as they went, not paying any attention to the Elves that were smiling and snickering at them. It was as if the Elves knew there was some hidden chemistry between the two Elves, even Telden could sense it, which made him jealous and angry.
Silvren smiled as Arwen and Ornendil came dancing up beside them. Out of the comer of her eye, Silvren saw Ornendil wink at Legolas, who only rolled his eyes at his younger brother. They hadn’t been there long when a small creature, no bigger than a small boy, stumbled into the clearing. The bright lights flashed and went out again, leaving them running in the darkness. “What’s going on ?” Silvren asked Legolas, who ran ahead of her with her hand in his. “I don’t know, but we’re going back to the palace to talk to my father about it.” he called back to her.

“Hmm, that is odd. ” Thranduil said, stroking his smooth chin with his hand, the king’s back towards his son.
“What do you suggest we do?” Legolas asked his father.
“I will go with you to the other clearing.” he said as he turned around to face Legolas and Silvren. <<! could use a break from my work. Come, let&apos;s proceed.” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.
Up ahead, Silvren could see many fires burning within the clearing and hundreds of torches that glowed brightly in the darkness. Other Elves that were already there, were filling bowls with food and passing them around.
Thranduil walked over to a group of Elves from the palace and sat down beside them. Immediately, Legolas dragged Silvren out among the dancing Elves and began twirling her around like
the other Elves were doing.
* * *
Telden walked over to his father’s side and sat down next him, picking at the food in his bowl.
“Ah, Telden, have you been enjoying yourself?” Thranduil asked when he noticed his son sitting next to him.
“Yes, Father.” he answered quietly, not looking up from his bowl.
“Have you seen Legolas? I haven’t seen him this happy in years.>f Thranduil said merrily as he watched Legolas and Silvren dance past him. “You never know, maybe one day they’ll-f>
“They ‘II what?” Telden questioned, jerking his head up to look at his farther.
“Maybe one day they’ll be married.” Thranduil said wishfully. “It would be wonderful.”
“I think not.” Telden grumbled.
” Well I don’t know why you would say that. “
“Because I want to marry her. I want her for my wife. Legolas won’t care, there’s plenty of young maidens that swoon after him.” Telden scoffed, his voice full of jealousy.
“Well, if you really want to marry her, I can talk to Lord Elrond about it.” Thranduil said as if he was sad about giving her to Telden.
“Yes, I promise.”
“Thank you. Father. ” Telden smiled. With that, he gave Thranduil a slight bow and left.
“What have I done? God, please forgive me.” he whispered with closed eyes, regretting what he had
just said.
* * *
“Legolas?” Silvren asked as they spun around the fire.
“I think, I need to sit down.” she laughed, exasperated.
“Aye, me too.” Legolas laughed as they stopped spinning around.
They walked over to the edge of the clearing and sat down on a felled tree, exhausted from all the dancing and running.
“Ohh, that was so much fun.” sighed Silvren.
“Aye, it was. I thought, for sure, you were going to fall a couple of times due to all the spinning.” he laughed, leaning forward and placing his elbows on his knees.
“I probably would have if you hadn’t of kept me on my feet.” she said as she gazed into the fire.
* * *
Telden stood across the clearing from Legolas and Silvren, leaning against a tree as evil thoughts filled his mind. He had fallen in love with Silvren, more like her physical appearance than her, years ago and wouldn’t let anyone else have her. He envied Legolas and he was determined to make Legolas’ life as miserable as he could as he took Silvren for himself. ‘Look at them sitting there, laughing and smiling.’ he thought. `They make me sick. As the heir to the throne he shouldn’t treat her so kindly and lovingly. He should be sterner and stricter. I would make a better heir and set this kingdom straight. And Silvren would be my queen, always at my side like a good wife. That would be the day. That will be the day.’ he thought as an evil smile spread across his face.
Out of nowhere, a Dwarf stepped into their midst. A dead silence fell over the clearing and the fires leaped up into black smoke, leaving everything pitch black.
Silvren and Legolas both jumped up from the fallen tree and grabbed each others’ hand.
“Let’s make for the palace.” Legolas whispered. Silvren nodded in agreement, not that he could see her nod or anything else, but she did.

It had grown frightfully dark as Legolas led the way through he woods and Silvren quietly followed behind him. Tightly holding onto his hand so not to become lost. Instantly, a wave of dread came over Silvren and an icy chill ran up her spine. She shuddered just at the thought of the giant spiders that lurked within certain parts of the woods.
“What?” Legolas asked quietly, sensing her sudden fear.
“Are we lost?” she asked in a hushed voice.
“Of course not. We ‘refine, it’s just a little detour.” he implied as he stopped to look around.
“We ‘re lost.” Silvren stated as she stepped beside him.
“Um, yes, Silvren, we ‘re lost.” Legolas admitted and sighed as he looked down at Silvren, who whimpered with fright.
Silvren leaned her head against his arm and clutched his hand even tighter as her heart began to beat faster. “What are we-” she stopped abruptly.
Off in the distance, they both could hear the ominous clicking sound that meant only one thing, Silvren’s worst fear; spiders.
“I hate spiders. I really, really hate spiders. ” she whispered to Legolas. Legolas pulled her closer to him and squeezed her hand, looking down at her, or at least trying to.
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” he said reassuringly.
“How are we going to get out of here alive if we can’t see anything?” she asked hoarsely.
“I have my knives and you have yours. Don’t worry.” he said, giving her hand another small squeeze. ‘If it weren’t for the spiders and the fact that we ‘re were lost, I would love being alone with her. But what am I thinking? She’s just my friend, or is she?’ he thought and quickly shook it from his head.

Silvren stared off into the distance, waiting for anything to happen. Straight ahead, she saw a pair of fiery red eyes moving towards them and she froze in place. Her heart was pounding within her ribcage and her muscles were taut with fear. Before she could move, Legolas sprang forward and with his knife, stabbed the spider in the eyes. The spider ran off into the darkness with a horrible screech as Silvren snatched her knife from its sheath that was strapped around her leg.
Another spider came scampering across the dried, fallen leaves towards Silvren and she quickly stabbed it in the head and kicked it away from her.
Legolas’ knives flashed influent strokes across the spider’s head, killing it within seconds. Unfortunately, Legolas lost Silvren in the darkness and he heard her shriek in the distance. Silvren shrieked as a smaller spider dropped down onto her from a tree above. She fumed and tried to throw it off of her back but was unable to. The spider scurried across her back as her knees buckled beneath her and she fell to her knees. Two tiny pricks punctured the soft flesh of her upper arm and she let out another scream of surprise. She grabbed the beast with both hands and flung it to the ground, stabbing it in the head with her knife. Silvren struggled with her breath and gazed about her, looking for any more spiders. Off in the distance, she could hear the slashing of Legolas” knives tearing through the spider’s black bodies. Silvren heard the soft crunching of dried leaves upon the ground behind her. Before she could move, it pounced onto her back and knocked her to the ground. She dropped her knife as she hit the ground and coughed as dust from the dirt filled her mouth. Without thinking, Silvren rolled over onto her back as the spider jumped off her back. Before she realized what she had done, she felt a sharp pain above her right kidney followed by the warm trickle of blood. Silvren grimaced, realizing that she had rolled over onto her knife. Quickly, she fumbled for the hilt and pulled it out from under her. It’s silver tip bright red with her blood.
The spider came skittering back towards her and crawled ontop of her, preparing to sink its fangs deep into her warm flesh.
Silvren impaled the creature in the eyes and it fell off of her in a dead heap. Slowly, she crawled over to the nearest tree and leaned against it for support. Her breathing was heavy and she was not feeling quite right. “Legolas?” she cried out breathlessly.
“I’m here.” she could hear his faint reply.
“Are you all right?” he asked as he made his way towards her in the dark.
“Yes. Yes, I’m fine.” she answered, knowing she really wasn’t. Silvren hugged her knees to her chest waiting patiently for Legolas to find her.

“Come, Silvren. The palace shouldn’t be to far off. ” she heard him say after a few minutes. Legolas helped her to her feet and together they walked through the woods as the sun began to filter through the trees. The muscles in Silvren’s body started to become stiff as the palace finally came into view.
“Are you all right.” Legolas asked when he looked over at her and noticed how pale her complexion was. When she didn’t answer, he grabbed her by the shoulders and stared hard into her eyes.
“I’m fine.” she said and walked through his grasp. Every muscle in her body ached with every step she took and she found it harder and harder to walk.
“Your back is bleeding!” Legolas called out angrily, noticing the blood stains on her back. Silvren stumbled forward as her legs began to feel weaker. She felt Legolas grab her by her arm and everything began to spin about, moving faster and faster. Legolas turned her towards him, trying to read her facial expression. Silvren tightly clutched Legolas’ shirt within her, now white, hands, feeling extremely dizzy.
“Were you bitten?” he grumbled as he grabbed her by the shoulders. Silvren nodded slowly as her head swam with blurred images.
“Why didn’t you say anything? You know how poisonous their venom is.” he said angrily. Silvren only stared at him, not hearing anything he had said, her head was spinning faster than ever. Slowly, she lifted her head towards his face and looked up at him. Legolas felt her grip loosen and saw her eyes roll back into her head as she fell into a dead faint.


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