Silvren’s Journey-UTTT-Chap 11

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Aragorn jumped to his feet as an orc came towards him and he ran over to the closest ladder. He punched the orc that was climbing up the ladder in the face. Then Aragorn held onto the wooden ladder and pushed it off the wall. As it fell, Aragorn let go and with a yell, he fell onto the orcs waiting below. Aragorn scrambled to his feet and ran towards the stairs that led to another door; he kicked an orc in the chest that came towards him. He hurried into the doorway and quickly shut it behind him.
Aragorn ran towards the front gates and past the now injured king, stabbing at the orcs that were trying to break through the doors.
“Hold them!” Théoden ordered Aragorn.
“How long do you need?” he asked as Gimli came up beside him.
“As long as you can give me.” Théoden answered.
“Gimli.” Aragorn said and pushed him into a small, hidden doorway.
“Brace the gates!” they herd Théoden shout as they snuck out a side door and stepped out onto the rocky ledge.
Aragorn and Gimli stood with their backs to the wall, neither of them saying anything or making any sudden movement. Aragorn eased closer to the corner of the wall as quietly as he could so not to make any noises. He peered around the edge at the orcs that were pounding heavily in the front gates.
“On, come on. We can take them.” Gimli said looking up at the man.
“It’s a long way.” Aragorn said, recalling the bridge in Moria as his eyes looked down at the dwarf, a hint on humor on Aragorn’s rugged face.
Gimli glanced around Aragorn with an uncertain look, then stood back against the wall and looked up at Aragorn. “Toss me.” he muttered, glancing back down at the ground.
“What?” Aragorn asked cocking his head to the side as he tried not to smile.
“I cannot jump that distance! You’ll have to toss me!” Gimli muttered rapidly for he hated to admit to his need of assistance.
Aragorn nodded his head ever so slightly and out his arm behind Gimli, preparing to throw him, but the dwarf quickly stopped him.
“Oh, don’t tell the elves.” he said looking up at Aragorn.
“Not a word.” Aragorn agreed and then tossed Gimli across the gap and onto the causeway. Aragorn jumped over the gap himself and landed on the causeway next to Gimli. Together, they fought off as many orcs as possible, knocking them over the edge of the causeway. Aragorn and Gimli stood back to back as the orcs kept coming and they kept swinging and stabbing.

Legolas looked over towards the gates and watched as bigger ladders were being raised as he snatched an arrow from his quiver and set it to his bow. Drawing his string back to his cheek, he sighted down the shaft of the arrow at the cable that was raising the huge ladder. He released the arrow and within seconds it cut through the cable and the cable fell slack, tumbling to the ground below. The ladder teetered where it stood for a moment and then slowly tipped backwards before gaining speed and plunging on top of the orcs below.
“Gimli! Aragorn! Get out of there!” Théoden cried out.
A great big orc ran up behind them and grabbed them around their necks then turned them around to let the oncoming orcs kill them.
“Aragorn!” Legolas shouted s he stepped onto the balustrade and threw a thick rope down to them.
Aragorn elbowed the orc in the side and it crumpled to the stone causeway, giving Aragorn and Gimli a chance to escape. The two scrambled towards the rope and Aragorn held onto Gimli with one arm and the rope with the other, tightly grasping it in his hand.
Then, with all his might, Legolas began to slowly pull the rope up towards the top. Even with the help of others the rope burned his hands and the weight of the man and dwarf strained the muscles in his back and shoulders.
Finally, Aragorn’s hand appeared over the edge of the stone barrier and Legolas reached out and grasped it. Legolas grabbed Aragorn’s shoulder and pulled him and Gimli over the balustrade.
* * *
“Fall back!” Silvren heard Gamling shout as she shot what orcs she could with several arrows she had found on the ground.
“Fall back!”
“They have broken through!” Théoden cried as the orcs broke through the splintering doors. “The castle is breached! Retreat!”
Silvren ran towards the hall and turned around, firing arrows at the snarling orcs as she ran carefully backwards.
“Fall back!”
“Retreat!” the men cried out as they retreated to the hall.
Silvren ran across the ledge and stopped to fire upon the orcs below her.
“Hurry!” Inside. Get them inside!” she heard Aragorn yell and looked up to see him and the others running along the parapet across from her. Legolas was firing arrows at the orcs below just as she had been doing.
“Into the keep!”
Silvren turned and ran as she released two last arrows then joined the men rushing towards the keep. Silvren looked down beside her and saw Gimli running next to her as they ran into the keep. The heavy wooden doors scraped across the stone floor and closed with a loud bang.

Aragorn and the other men scampered around the hall, gathering wooden benches and other large items to brace the doors shut. The joints of the doors creaked from the pounding of the heavily armoured orcs.
“The fortress is taken. It is over.” Théoden said in a heavy voice.
Silvren turned her head and gazed upon the king at the sound of his voice. He sounded hopeless, like he had given up and had nothing left to fight for. She leaned her back against one of the many wooden pillars, sad and ill with the news of Haldir’s death. She felt something burning and wet on her cheek and with her fingertips, she touched her face. She pulled her fingers away from her face and saw two streaks of blood on the tips of her two fingers. At some point in the battle something had scratched her face. She had also torn her dress on a sword of one of them many fallen men.
“You said the fortress would never fall while your men defend it.” Aragorn shouted as he strode towards the king. Legolas walked behind Aragorn and the two of them picked up another bench to be propped up against the doors. “They still defend it. They have died defending it.” Aragorn said, walking over towards the king as Legolas and Eanil carried another bench over to the door while a group of men anxiously waited for anything to prop against the door.
Théoden turned away, silent as he gazed into the distance, contemplating his dilemma.
“Is there no other way for the women and children to get out of the caves?” Aragorn asked as Legolas ran up to a wooden table and grasped the edge of it, dumping the plates and other items onto the floor. “Is there no other way?” Aragorn demanded.
“There is one passage.” Gamling answered since the king would not. “It leads into the mountains.”
Another bang on the door from the orcs echoed through the room.
“But they will not get far. The Uruk-hai are too many.” he said quickly.
“Send word for the women and children to make for the mountains.” Aragorn ordered as he clapped hand upon Gamling’s shoulder. “And barricade the entrance.”

“I want you to go with the women and children.” Legolas said to Silvren as he walked up and stood in front of her.
“You are mad if you believe I will abandon you after all this.” she replied as she shook her head and looked up at him, her eyes shining with unshed tears,
“Please, Silvren. Do this for me, Aragorn and your father.” he pleaded one last time.
“No. I won’t leave you.” she said firmly.

“Ride out with me.” Aragorn muttered to Théoden, capturing the attention of everyone in the room.
Théoden turned and gazed at Aragorn as several men continued to support the splintering doors.
“Ride out and meet them.”
“For death or glory.” Théoden said.
“For Rohan.” Aragorn said as the two walked towards each other in a trance-like state.
Silvren watched the two men as the orcs continued to pound at the door, slowly weakening their last defense. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed one of the few remaining elves. Whether it was male or female, she did not know but the elf did look familiar.
“For your people.”
“The sun is rising.” Gimli muttered as Silvren and Legolas walked over towards Aragorn and Théoden.
Aragorn lifted his head and gazed at the high window. A pale yellow ray of light poured through the window and into the hall, growing brighter s the sun rose higher.
“Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day.” The words of Gandalf echoed in Aragorn’s head. “At dawn, look to the east.”
“Yes.” Théoden whispered. “Yes.” he repeated louder as he walked away. “The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the Deep one last time.” he said turning to face Aragorn.
“Yes.” Gimli growled then raced towards the winding stone stairs to sound the horn.
“Let this hour be the hour when we draw swords together.” Théoden said to Aragorn as he clapped a hand upon Aragorn’s shoulder.
Silvren turned and saw a few men leading many horses into the room. Everyone that was left mounted a horse and prepared to ride out. Both Legolas and Silvren found a sword which had belonged to a brave warrior who fell during the battle. The sword would be much easier to fight with upon a horse than their knives.
“Fell deeds awake. Now for the wrath!” Théoden said as the door creaked with another pounding from the orcs. “Now for ruin and a red dawn.” he said as Aragorn drew his sword and Silvren held up hers.
Théoden pulled on his hem as Gimli sounded the loud horn from the tower. The doors shattered inward and the orcs began to pour into the hall like hundreds of beetles.
“Forth Erolings!” Théoden cried as he held up his sword in the air. At once the horsemen sprang forward towards the shattered doors. Silvren rode upon a chestnut colored horse between Hasufel and Arod which bore Legolas and Aragorn. Eanil rode behind her with the remaining elves. They trampled over the waiting orcs as they took up their swords and hacked and slashed at the orcs. The hooves of the horses clattered upon the stone as the rode out onto the pillared porch and down the causeway.
Silvren cut her way through the orcs as her horse galloped behind the king. Orcs fell or were pushed over the edge of the causeway as the group galloped down the ramp but yet, so many still remained. A black sea of swarming orcs waited for them at the bottom of the causeway.
Once in the midst of the orcs, Silvren stabbed and hacked at the orcs on either side of her, killing them just as quickly as the other men, thought she knew her stamina would not last as long as Legolas’.
Legolas and Arod stood not too far away from Silvren as Legolas swung his sword, decapitating several orcs. He stabbed the sword at any orc that came near him.
Aragorn glanced up after stabbing an orc in the face and breathed in a small breath of relief, “Gandalf.”
Silvren looked up at the sound of a horses’ whinny. Up at the top of the ravine in front of the rising sun, a white figure on top of a white stallion appeared. Gandalf held his staff in hand as the stallion reared up on its hind legs and pawed at the air with its front hooves.
Everyone else, including the orcs, turned to gaze upon the white rider with the morning light shining upon him and the young rider who rode up beside him.
“Rohirrim!” the young rider shouted as he unsheathed his sword.
The orcs roared and grunted as a host of riders rode up behind Gandalf and Éomer.
“Éomer.” Théoden muttered.
“To the king!” Éomer shouted as the mass of riders galloped down the steep ridge behind Éomer and Gandalf.
The orcs turned and ran towards the bottom of the ravine then lowered their jagged spears, meaning to impale the first line of horses. But before Gandalf and the others could reach them, the bright sun rose above the ridge, temporarily blinding the orcs.
The orcs threw up their hands and raised their spears as they shielded their eyes from the sun as Gandalf and Éomer plunged into the sea of orcs. The sound of metal clashing against metal could be heard above the screaming and shrieking of the orcs as the Rohirrim cut their way towards Théoden.

At the end of the battle, the riders chased the remaining orcs away then stopped and watched as the orcs ran towards a forest. A forest which had not been there before.
“Stay out of the forest!” Éomer shouted s he rode in front of the riders. “Keep away from the trees!”
Silvren and the others watched as the orc slowly disappeared into the dark forest. A loud grumbling and moaning sound came from the forest and the trees began to shake and move about as they demolished the orcs.

Legolas walked past a man who dropped another dead body of an orc onto a pile of dead bodies. He carried his bow in his hand and walked over to Gimli, who sat on the body of a dead orc, smoking his pipe.
“Final count.” Legolas said as he fingered his bow. “Forty-two.”
“Forty-two?” Gimli asked, taking his pipe out of his mouth as Silvren walked up next to Legolas. “Aww, that’s not bad for a pointy-eared Elvish princeling. I myself am sitting pretty on forty-three.” Gimli chuckled, relishing in Legolas’ shocked facial expression.
Legolas snatched an arrow from his quiver and set it to his bow, aimed and then shot the orc Gimli was sitting orc; right between Gimli’s legs.
Silvren giggled as she watched the dwarf jump in surprise and glance up at the elves.
“Forty-three.” Legolas smiled.
“He was already dead.” Gimli mumbled irritated.
“He was twitching.” Legolas stated.
“He was twitching because he’s got my axe embedded in his nervous system.” Gimli roared as he hit and pulled on his axe, causing the orc’s limbs to twitch.
“It does not matter who won. We all won in the end.” Silvren smiled.
“Well, did you keep score?” Gimli asked curiously.
“Possibly, but for me to tell you might cause you embarrassment since you do not wish to be outdone by a pointy-eared Elvish princess.” Silvren smirked and walked away before Gimli could say anything else. She smiled to herself, relishing in his shocked expression and dropped jaw.
“Silvren?” a familiar voice called out from several yards away. Turning to face the direction in which the voice came, Silvren saw Legolas’ little sister walking towards her.
“Míriel? What are you doing here?” Silvren asked as the two friends embraced each other.
“I couldn’t let the two of you have all the fun, now could I?” she smiled, her face dirty from the sweat and grime of fighting.
“You shouldn’t be here. Does father know about this?” Legolas asked as he walked over to his sister and Silvren.
“Neither should Silvren and no he does not.”
“I didn’t approve of her coming either. Father is going to be furious with you when he finds out you came here.” Legolas said sternly.
“I know.”
“Legolas, it’s all right. She’s with us now.” Silvren placed her hand on his chest. He sighed as he stared at his little sister. This was only going to make the quest more difficult for him.

Silvren rode at the front of the company of riders beside Legolas and Eanil as they climbed the top of the ridge and gazed out before them.
“Sauron’s wrath will be terrible, his retribution will be swift.” Gandalf said when they had stopped at the top of the ridge.
They gazed out t Mount Doom which glowed with fire. Far across the dark barren lands away from the mountains, lightning lit up the dark clouds above Mordor.
“The battle for Helm’s Deep is over. The battle for Middle-Earth is about to begin. All our hopes now lie with two little hobbits somewhere in the wilderness. I shall return to Isengard and those who will, may come with me.” Gandalf said.
“My men and I shall follow you for you came and saved us from doom.” Théoden said and then with one battle behind them, the company set out towards a large group of trees which sent fear crawling through their bones as they made the long trip to Isengard.

I can’t believe this is the last chpater! I have really got to start typing the next one. Hope you enjoyed it.


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