Silvren’s Journey – The Trip to Lothlorien-Chap. 6

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A few weeks later, Arwen was scurrying about her room, gathering her belongings and packing them in her bag that she would carry with her. When she finished folding her dress she placed them in her bag then sat down on her bed and sighed. Remembering Silvren, she jumped off her bed and ran lightly down the hall towards Silvren’s room.

“Silvren, are you done packing yet?” Arwen asked as she stood in the doorway to Silvren’s room. She watched as Silvren closed one of her books she had been reading, now that she was off restriction, and set it down beside her on the bed.
“Um-hmm.” Silvren nodded.
“Let me see.” Arwen said suspiciously as she walked towards the bag that was sitting on the end of Silvren’s bed. Arwen looked through her bag, pushing aside folded clothes, books, a hairbrush, and other objects Silvren had packed. “All right, you’re ready to go.” she sighed, then turned and walked out her room.
“Arwen!” a little voice stopped her. She turned around to face Silvren, who still sat upon her bed with her legs dangling over the side.
“How long will we be gone for?”
“You will be remain in Lothlorien for a year with mother. Then you will come back with her and some other Elves.” Arwen replied.
“But how long will you be gone for?” Silvren asked with a confused look on her face.
“I will remain there for three years.”
“Oh.” Silvren said casting her eyes down.
“Come, father is waiting for us.” Arwen said motioning for Silvren to follow her.

Together they walked, hand in hand with their bags, downstairs and outside to where Glorfindel and the others were waiting for them with their horses.

“Grandma! Grandpa!” Silvren shouted as her Glorfindel lifted her off of her mother’s horse and set her on the ground. She’s only seen them once or twice but she knew exactly who they were.
Galadriel caught her young granddaughter up in her arms and hugged her tightly. “Oh, it’s so good to see you.” Galadriel said then kissed Silvren on the cheek.
Celebrian and Arwen walked up behind Silvren, exchanging hugs and kisses with Celeborn and Galadriel as well.
* * *
“Look at this flower, Grandpa.” Silvren said holding up a
small, pale pink flower for him to see.
“Yes, I see, beautiful isn’t?”
“Silvren,” Celeborn said softly.
“Yes, Grandpa?” Silvren asked looking up at him.
“You know, my fingers are itching to tickle someone.” Celeborn said flexing his fingers, as a small grin spread across his face.
Silvren dropped the flower she held in her hand and took off across the hill. Celeborn stood up and ran after her as she ran in a zigzag line and changed directions, trying to throw him off as he chased her. Celebrian, Galadriel, and Arwen laughed as they looked on from where they sat in the middle of the hill. A few times they thought, for sure, Silvren would run into them. She let out a high-pitched squeal as Celeborn came up and grabbed her from behind. Silvren squirmed in his grasp and fell to her knees as he tickled her sides.
“St-stop!” she cried out among her laughing.
“Whew, all right.” Celeborn said. “It’s almost time for dinner anyways.”
Celeborn grabbed her hand and helped her to her feet, then together, they walked over to where the others sat waiting for them.


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