Silvren’s Journey – The Trials Leading To The Fellowship-Chap 1

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“Why you! You’re going to pay for that!” Silvren yelled, blocking Estel’s quick swing of the sword.
“Make me!” he laughed, sweat running down his forehead with the heat of the sun on his back. His back beneath his tunic was sticky and sweaty from the heat and practicing with Silvren.
It was mid-afternoon in the year 2948 and Silvren and Estel were at it again. They acted as if they were blood related. Always reading each other’s mind and always playing together and getting into trouble together. Elladan was usually with them but this time he was away hunting with the princes of Mirkwood.
“I can and I will!” Silvren shouted and quickly thrust her sword at Estel, who easily blocked it. Estel jumped back and swung his sword at her legs. Silvren quickly jumped backwards and swept his sword away with hers. Silvren spun around and using her sword, blocked Estel’s oncoming hit to her head.
“I say we take a break have some lemonade, what do you think? ” she asked heavily, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the sleeve of her tunic.
“I agree. ” he replied, out of breath as well. Together they walked back to the house with the sun’s heat beating down upon their backs.

“Ah, freshly squeezed lemonade. ” Estel sighed, taking a sip of the lemonade.
“The best kind there is. ” Silvren smiled.
They sat on the front steps of the Homely House, a long dirt path stretched out before them and into the woods beyond the stone gate. Hardly any Elves were to be seen since most of them stayed indoors to escape the heat.
“So, who is this Legolas guy? ” Estel asked.
“Oh, ” Silvren muttered, feeling warmth rise to her cheeks, “a long time friend. Why? “
“Everybody talks about him and he comes and visits every once in awhile. ” Estel replied. “I met him before, but haven’t really gotten to know him. I’ve also heard rumors. ” he said as a gentle, yet sly smile crept over his face.
“Rumors about what? ” she cried, finding the courage to look over at him, her eyes wide with fear.
“That he doesn’t always come on errands from his father. They’re more like trips to come see and play with a certain someone. That he likes her more than a friend and blushes every time he hears her name. ” Estel smiled.
“Oh. ” Silvren mumbled, casting her eyes to the ground, blushing at what Estel had just told her. “I never knew that. Where did you hear it? ” she asked as her hair fell over her shoulders and hid her face from his sight.
“From all over. Mainly from Glorfindel, who I think sounds pretty jealous. “
“Please, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. “
“As you wish. ” he smiled with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

That night, Elladan and Elrohir returned home from Mirkwood, both wounded but not seriously. A feast was held with singing, dancing and loads of fun.
Elflings ran about the room chasing each other, hiding under tables or playing games with each other.
“I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!” Silvren laughed as she and Estel danced around the dance floor.
” Well I ‘m glad you ‘re having fun. “he smiled at her. “I don’t think I could have this much fun with any of the other maidens present. “
“I’m flattered that you think that, but you’re still my foster-brother!” she teased him. “I remind myself of that everyday. ” he smiled.
“May I cut in? ” someone said tapping Estel on the shoulder.
“Of course.” Estel said turning to look at Elladan as he and Silvren stopped dancing. “Excuse me, my lady. ” Estel said with a bow and left, walking over to Elrohir who stood against the wall.
“How did you guys become wounded? ” Silvren asked Elladan as they twirled about the dance floor with the other dancing Elves.
“We came across a small band of orcs and ambushed them, but I got an arrow embedded in my arm and Elrohir, well, let’s just say he won’t be sitting down for awhile. ” he laughed.
“Are you serious? ” Silvren giggled.
“Very much so.”
“He deserves it. All the mean things he’s done to me. If the ore hadn’t of done it I probably would have.”
“Yes, and father would not be happy about that. ” Elladan laughed, amused by his sister’s antics like always.
“By the way, where is father? “
“Oh, he’s in his study. I wish I knew why he didn’t stay for the dancing. “
“My lady, your father wishes to speak to you. ” Glorfindel said as he tapped Silvren on the shoulder.
“Okay, thank you, Glorfindel. ” she said looking over at him. “I guess I had better go see what father wants.” she sighed.
“All right. I won’t dance with too many maidens while you’re gone. ” he teased and turned to find a new dance partner.
Silvren walked out of the dining hall and towards her father’s study. The walk there was long and quiet, only the light breeze and the hoots of a distance owl could be heard. She jerked her head to the side as the walked across one of the walkways, peering over the railing, she saw a small black snake slithering among the fallen leaves. Silvren continued walking along the corridor, the sound of her dress swaying in the breeze and her soft footsteps filled her ears.
Elrond stood had his back turned towards her as she entered the room, his hands clutched behind his back. The soft candlelight glowed about the room, shadows forming along the wall closest to her. Slowly, he turned around to face her. “I just received a letter from King Thranduil today. ” he paused, looking Silvren straight in the eye. “He would like to betrothe you and Telden. ” Silvren made no response as a hard lump formed in her throat, and only stared at Elrond.
“I think it would be a good match, therefore I’ll be sending a letter of approval. “
“But Telden? Of everybody you choose Telden?” she asked with a confused expression.
“Silvren, it’s for the best. ” Elrond stated firmly.
“No! I don’t love him!” tears of rage burned in her clouded eyes.
“You will grow to love him with time!” he urged.
“No. I won’t marry him!” Silvren screamed and turned, running down the corridor towards her room. Hot tears streaming down her face.


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