Silvren’s Journey – Revision of Chapter 2

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“Oh, no, here they come! Tickle, tickle, tickle!” Celebrian laughed as she tickled her youngest daughter. Celebrian could remember how excited their entire family and all their friends had been when they found out she was carrying her fifth child. But most of all she remembered the birth and celebration several weeks afterwards.

It had been a warm spring night in May when thunderclouds came rolling in. Bolts of lightning were streaking across the black sky, outlining the dark clouds. Rain came pouring down on the roof tops, sending elves running for cover.
Celebrian was lying in her bed with Rana by her side, helping her as the contractions began again.
Her back and lower body ached with pain and tiny beads of sweat gathered on her forehead. Arwen had sat by her mother’s side, throughout the entire birth, listening to her mother cry out in pain over the pounding of the rain and clapping of the thunder outside. Arwen held Celebrian’s hand tightly and dabbed her forehead with a damp cloth. She watched as Elven-maidens ran about the room filling a basin with warm water and gathering small blankets, preparing for when the baby arrived.
Celebrian screamed out in pain, startling Arwen, as she started to push again.
“Come on, my lady. You’re almost there! One more push!” Rána had encouraged her.
Celebrian clenched her jaws together and with all her remaining strength pushed one last time. Seconds later, Rána handed a small baby over to one of the elf-maidens, who washed the baby off.
“All done, my lady. I shall go find Lord Elrond for you.” Rána said to Celebrian as she wiped off Celebrian’s forehead.
Celebrian nodded in reply and Rána left. She then turned to Arwen who was sitting next to her. “Have you seen the baby yet?” she asked weakly.
“No I haven’t.” Arwen replied and turned to watch the maiden drying off the baby.
The maiden turned around and walked towards Celebrian with a small bundle in her arms. “It’s a girl, my lady.” the maiden said as she handed the small bundle over to Celebrian.
Celebrian peered down at the little rosy face and tiny fists clenched together. The tiny, little mouth let out a little yawn, stretching her small arms out above her head, then snuggled back among Celebrian’s arms. Celebrian smiled and looked over at Arwen who was watching the baby.
Without warning, the bedroom doors flew open, causing both Celebrian and Arwen to look up. Elrond came strolling in with a bright smile on his face.
Arwen stood up as he walked over towards her and then took her spot. Celebrian handed him the tiny bundle, looking down at it with loving eyes. “It’s a girl. What shall we name her?” Celebrian asked as she leaned back against the headboard.
“Hmm.” he said thoughtfully. “I was thinking about Silvren.”
“Oh, that’s a wonderful name!” Arwen squealed clapping her hands together. Her eyes dancing in the candle light.
Celebrian smiled at her oldest daughter. “It’s beautiful.” she said quietly.
“Then Silvren shall be her name.” said Elrond.
“Silvren. Silvren Ithilien.” Celebrian whispered to herself.
“Oh, I like that very much.” Arwen said happily.
“Yes, so do I.” Elrond said stroking Silvren’s soft cheek. “Silvren Ithilien.”
The next day the sun was shining and the sound of hundreds of birds and the laughter of Elflings filled the air. Arwen sat in a chair next to Celebrian’s bed, mending some clothes. A small smile upon her face.
Celebrian sighed as she finished feeding Silvren and stroked her small cheek as Silvren looked up at her with big blue eyes. Silvren cooed as her tiny feet kicked within the pale blue blanket she was wrapped in.
She giggled as she looked up at Celebrian, then turned her small head towards the noises from outside.
Celebrian gently picked her up and laid her across her shoulder, lightly patting her on the back as Celebrian listened to Arwen hum different tunes. Her fingers gliding across the fabric with the needle and thread. Celebrian sighed, her mind full of different thoughts when Silvren hiccuped then burped loudly
making Arwen giggle. Celebrian groaned as she took the cloth that Arwen had handed her and wiped up the mess.
“Yes, you are my daughter and a princess,” Celebrian murmured, “but you’re still a baby and a mischievous and messy one at that.” she said playfully.
“I have a feeling she won’t be mischievous only as a baby.” Arwen said with a grin.
“Me too.” Sighed Celebrian.

Two weeks later, a banquet was held in honor of Silvren’s birth. Many friends and family came including; Thranduil’s men from Mirkwood, Celeborn, Galadriel and some other Elves from Lórien, and Gandalf.
Thranduil had each of his sons present the newly born princess a gift. Legolas walked up to Celebrian, who was holding the little baby, and showed her an elegantly carved, wooden box. Legolas opened it up to show her the inside that was lined with velvet the shade of an emerald. Inside the box was a beautiful
mithril pendant and necklace with seven crystals embedded in it, forming the shape of a star. Legolas closed the box and handed it to Elrond, who stood next to Celebrian. For the first time, Legolas peered down at the tiny baby in Celebrian’s arms and looked unknowingly upon his future bride. As he walked away, Telden walked up next, presenting Celebrian with a silver bracelet with dark green emeralds embedded in it.
Other gifts were presented as well, but the most important of all was the ring Elrond and Celebrian gave Silvren. The ring was made of mithril with two entwining bands. A single marquise shaped emerald was placed in the center with two teeny, tiny diamonds on the sides of it.
For the rest of the night there was feasting, singing, and dancing. Young Elflings would take turns dancing with Gandalf or hide under his long robes. Most of them pulled his long, grey beard which was always amusing to them.
“There you are, Legolas.” Arwen called out. Arwen came bustling towards him with a small bundle in her arms. “Would you like to hold her?” Arwen asked, showing him the small baby in her arms.
“Me?!” he asked surprisingly, pointing to himself.
“Of course, silly. She won’t bite you.” Arwen laughed and placed the small bundle in his arms.
Legolas looked down at the tiny baby as she looked up at him with bright blue eyes. Silvren smiled and wiggled within her blanket and with her tiny hand, she reached up and grabbed some of his golden hair
that laid upon his chest. She grasped the hair in her fist, liking its soft, silky feeling against her skin.
Legolas smiled down at her, his eyes dancing with happiness.

Celebrian smiled at those fond memories and glanced down at her young daughter, “Got you.” she laughed as she tickled the sides of Silvren’s ribs.
Silvren lay in her small bed, underneath the cream colored, silk sheets. A stuffed leopard about half her size, cradled under her arm. Celebrian sat in a velvet covered chair next to her bed.
“Mommy, will you tell me a story?” Silvren asked sleepily.
“Of course.” Replied Celebrian, as she stroked her daughters long, brown hair. “What story would you like to hear about?”
“What about Ber-Beren and the Sil-Silmaril.”
“All right.”
Silvren closed her eyes as she listened to her mother’s soft, angel-like voice tell the tale of Beren and the Silmaril.
* * *
“Silvren, are you awake yet, darling?”
Silvren’s eyes fluttered open at the sound of her mother’s voice. Birds were chirping in the background and Silvren could hear the roaring of the waterfall from below her balcony.
“Up, you silly Elfling.” Celebrian said as she pulled the sheets back from the bed. “We must get you dressed for breakfast.”
Silvren sat up and watched her mother pull dresses out of her wardrobe and put them back in after examining them.
“Why do I have to wear something nice?” Silvren sighed, a bit confused as she swung her legs back and forth over the side of her bed.
Celebrian glanced over her shoulder at Silvren and shook her head. “You’re just like your brothers. Because King Thranduil and his sons are coming to visit for a few weeks.”
“Do I know them?” Silvren asked looking up at Celebrian.
“No, you don’t, but they know you.”
“They do?” Silvren asked, her legs stopping in mid-swing. Celebrian nodded as she pulled out another dress.
“They came to the celebration of your birth, silly.”
“Ah, here we go.” Celebrian said at last. Celebrian took the dress off the hanger and walked over towards Silvren’s bed. The dress was a deep purple with short sleeves trimmed in a brilliant gold.
Celebrian helped Silvren change into the dress and then brushed her back in an Elvish fashion, tying it with a gold ribbon.
Then Celebrian walked down to breakfast, holding Silvren’ hand as she skipped next to Celebrian’ side.
As they entered the Dining Hall, they saw Glorfindel, Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir already seated at the table.
Celebrian took her seat by the head of the table and Silvren seated herself on the other side of Celebrian.
Together, they prayed and began to eat the delicious food that had been set out before them. Silvren picked at some plump, purple grapes that were sweet and juicy. After she ate the grapes, she began to nibble on a bright, green apple that was sweet with a bit sour, but extremely delicious as it?s moisture tickled her taste buds.
Not long after they had began eating, Elrond came walking into the hall wearing a deep blue, velvet robe.
He took his seat at the head of the table next to Celebrian and Glorfindel.
“Good morning, Daddy.” Silvren said cheerfully as she took another bite of her apple.
“Good morning, my little angel.” Elrond smiled to Silvren.
“I’m not an angel.” Silvren said in her small babyish voice.
“Aye that you’re not!” Elrohir teased with a smirk.
Silvren glared at him from across the table and stuck her tongue out at him, annoyed by his remark.
“Silvren.” Elrond said sternly looking at his youngest daughter.
“Sorry, Father.” Silvren muttered, casting her eyes down upon her plate.
Celebrian pursed her lips together trying to hide her faint smile.
“Good morning, Glorfindel. Excuse my children of their childish behavior.” Elrond said glancing back and forth between Silvren and Elrohir.
“Excused as always.” Glorfindel said and smiled as he looked over at Silvren as she munched on her shiny, green apple.

* After breakfast*

“Father, Thranduil’s company shall be arriving shortly.” Elladan said running into his father’s study.
“Very well. Go find your brother and sister. I’ll meet you out front in a few minutes.”
“Yes, Father.” Elladan said before leaving.
* * *
A few minutes later, everyone was outside waiting for Thranduil’s company to arrive. Silvren stood in between Elrond and Celebrian, walking in circles around Elrond’s legs. Twisting his long, blue robes around him, in a way that he wouldn’t be able to move. Arwen stood on the other side of Celebrian, smoothing out the front of her green satin dress as she waited patiently for their guests. Elladan and Elrohir stood a few feet away from Arwen watching their youngest sister walk in circles about their father’s legs. They also noted that Glorfindel
watched Silvren with a small smile upon his fair face, almost as if he was caught up in a dream but snapped back to reality as Thranduil and his company rode through the gate.
Silvren heard the sound of hooves pounding on top of the dirt path, coming towards the gate and she quickly ran and hid behind Elrond. Her small face peering out around his side as her small hands clutched his robes.
“Welcome, Thranduil. It’s good to see you again.” Elrond said extending his arm out to embrace his friend.
“It’s good to see you as well.” Thranduil said as he strode towards Elrond then embraced him in a friendly hug. As Thranduil pulled away, a small head caught his attention. “Well, look here. Is this little Silvren?” he asked playfully, kneeling down in front of her.
Legolas and his brothers dismounted from their horses and walked over and stood beside their father.
Silvren turned her gaze from Thranduil to Legolas, who was now kneeling beside his father, with a friendly smile upon his face. Legolas, or the tall Elf with long, blonde hair to her, held his hand to her and Silvren glanced down, seeing tiny pieces of candy in his hand. Silvren glanced up at his face, not sure whether or not to take a piece as Thranduil stood up.
“Go on.” he said in a soft voice as he extended his hand out a little further.
“Having you been raiding the kitchen again?” Thranduil sighed heavily. “They never learn.” he added glaring down at Legolas.
Silvren looked back down into Legolas? hand and slowly took a piece, her tiny fingers grasping the small, hard piece of white candy. She looked at it before slowly putting it in her mouth. Her bright grey eyes lit up as the candy touched her tongue. It was sweet like honey with the tiny hint of peppermint.
Legolas smiled and slowly stood up, putting the rest of the candy in his pocket and turned back to his brothers.
All the while, Telden had been watching Silvren while Ornindel had his gaze on Arwen.

A few minutes later, as the sun shone high in the sky, the children started walking down the dirt path towards the river while the adults went into the house to talk about many different matters.
Celebdil and Telden were walking in the front with Elladan and Elrohir right behind them. Arwen walked a couple of feet behind them with Silvren skipping at her side. Legolas and Ornindel walked a few feet behind the maidens, Legolas laughing softly to himself as he watched Silvren skip happily by Arwen’s side. And every once in awhile, her small Legs would break into a run, trying to keep up with Arwen’s longer legs.
The sun felt warm upon their skin as they left behind the shade of the tall trees and reached the riverbank.
Right away, Elladan and Elrohir darted into the river with their handmade fishing rods that they had left upon the riverbank. Telden sat down under an apple tree and began munching on a shiny, red apple. Celebdil was wading in the river towards Elrohir as Arwen sat down on a nice patch of grass and watched the guys as they slipped and slid on the wet rocks.
Silvren ran over to a small patch of flowers and began picking the different colored flowers, happily humming to herself. Legolas and Ornindel walked over and sat down next to Arwen on the grass where they talked about many things.
The whole time they talked, Ornindel couldn’t take his eyes off of Arwen as he were in love.
Telden listened quietly to their conversation as he watched Silvren run about picking flowers. A slight breeze blew about her, playing with her brown hair and purple dress. Silvren turned and looked over at him, her smile bright and happy. Her blue-grey eyes danced with laughter in the sunlight as she turned back around to her flowers. Telden realized that he had lost his heart to her, not realizing it was only lust and that it would lead to his destruction.
Silvren picked up the hem of her dress and ran over to where Arwen was sitting. Silvren crawled into Arwen’s lap and examined her flowers, looking them over to make sure they were just right. Then she turned to face Legolas, who was emerged in a conversation with Ornindel. Leaning over, she tugged on his sleeve, trying to win his attention.
Legolas turned and looked down to see Silvren peering up at him with a shy smile.
“Can you make me a crown of flowers?” she asked quietly.
“Aye, of course I will. A crown of flowers fit for a princess.” he laughed and playfully pinched the tip of her nose, making her giggle. He smiled as he took the flowers she handed him and set to work on the crown.
For a few minutes all that could be heard was the sound of birds chirping and of the guys shouting and hollering in the river.
Arwen sighed as she stroked Silvren’s long hair which rested against Arwen’s chest.
“Here you go.” Legolas said as he finished Silvren’s crown.
Silvren sat up and looked at him as he turned and placed the crown upon her head. “Thank you.” she said quietly.
“You’re welcome.” he replied with a smile.
* * *
It was nice and sunny afternoon when Silvren was walking down one of the corridors of the Homely House. She wore her light blue tunic with a brown apron-like dress, that laced up the sides, on top of it. The soft sounds of summer filled her delicate ears and the bright light of the sun warmed her soft skin. A small, yet shy smile spread across her face when she spotted Legolas walking a few feet ahead of her, unaware of her presence. She skipped merrily up to his side and began walking next to him.
“Hello, Silvren.” he said glancing down at her with a warm smile.
“You know, you never told me your name.” she said as she glanced up at him.
“Oh, you would like to know my name?” he taunted.
“My name is Legolas. Are you happy now?” he smiled.
“Very much.” Silvren grinned then darted down the hall towards her father’s library.
Silvren loved spending time in her father’s library. It was a big open room with a tall, arching ceiling; stone doorways that came to an arch at the top; and a balcony even overlooked part of the library. Candelabras stood scattered about the room as well as chairs, tables, and desk to write on. Crystal inkwells, beautifully made quills and cream colored paper lay on top of the desks. Shelves of old and worn books were lined up on a wall, wooden bookcases were lined up in five rows, hundreds of books were stacked carefully onto the shelves. Many of the Elves would come here to study or just read the wonderful books.
Once, Silvren even caught Elrohir asleep in his chair, his head resting upon the book that he was supposed to be studding.
Silvren wandered up and the aisles looking for a book to read. She stopped in the third isle and gazed up at the top shelf. There lay an old, dust covered book that was dark blue, the binding had beautiful gold inlaid writing. Silvren glanced for a chair or something she could use to reach the book, but found nothing. Silvren shrugged her shoulders and placed both of her hands on the third shelf, placing her feet on the bottom shelf.
Slowly and carefully, she began to climb up to shelf, making her way to the top. Finally, she pulled herself up onto the top shelf and sat in an empty, dust-covered spot, then pulled the book out from it’s spot. Silvren glanced about the library, realizing that nobody was there to help her down and she was unable to do it by herself with a heavy book. So with nothing else to do, she opened up the book and began reading it and looking at all the wonderfully drawn pictures.
Hours went by before someone even entered the library.
Silvren glanced up at the soft sound of footsteps and smiled seeing Legolas walking around the library as if he were looking for something. She waited quietly as he
made his way up and down the other aisles, his hands clasped behind his back.
As he entered the third aisle, Silvren had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing, and watched as he slowly came to a stop in front of her then looked up.
“There you are. Your mother and father have been worried about you.” he said.
“Can you help me down?” she asked.
“Of course I can. Why wouldn’t I?” he asked as he raised his up and gently grasped her by her tiny waist.
” If you were Elrohir, he would probably leave me up there and let me get in even more trouble.” Silvren said as Legolas set her on the ground.
“How long have you been up there?” he asked as they began to walk out of the library.
“Um, for a while.”
“Were you scared?” Legolas asked glancing down at Silvren.
“A little, but I just keep reading books so I wouldn’t think about it.”
Legolas nodded his head as they continued walking down the corridor and ran into Glorfindel.
“Oh, thank goodness you found her. My lord and lady are so worried about her.” Glorfindel breathed as he stopped in front of them. “Come, I shall take you to your parents.” he said as he grabbed her small hand then led her towards her parents chamber.
* * *
Silvren did get in trouble by her parents and wasn’t allowed in the library or to read any books for a month.
So instead she followed Legolas and her brothers around for the two weeks that were left of Thranduil’s stay.
Legolas would always play with her, and Elladan too, braiding crowns of flowers for her head and giving her piggyback rides. But most of all he loved tossing her up in the air and catching her again as he listened to her sweet, childish laugh. Sometimes they would play hide and go seek or tag with her, but usually they would sit and talk by the river with the others while Silvren chased butterflies or picked flowers.
Finally, the visit came to an end and everyone stood out front to say their good-byes. Legolas placed a small bag of candy in Silvren’s tiny hand and patted her on the head goodbye then turned and walked towards his grey horse. Leaping up onto his horse, Legolas turned his horse around and rode off with the others, dust rising from the ground due the impact of the horse’s hooves.


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