Silvren’s Journey – Legolas’ Visit-Chap.8

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It was a nice summer day, not too warm with a slight breeze in the sweet air. Silvren was playing outside in front of her father’s house when she spotted Legolas coming down the stairs. He was here with his father on another one of their visits. Silvren smiled and darted down the path in the opposite direction

A small smile spread across Legolas’ face as he watched Silvren run down the dirt path ahead of him. She stopped and turned to face him, her small face shining brightly with happiness as she called out to him.
“Come chase me, Legolas! Come chase me!” her high-pitched voice rang out.
Legolas laughed quietly to himself as he watched her dance impatiently upon the path. Her brown playdress dancing about her small feet.
“Come on!” she shouted.
Silvren squealed in delight as Legolas ran towards her. Silvren ran down the path and into one of her father’s gardens, where Legolas came up and grabbed her from behind. Silvren screamed in surprise as the older elf lifted her up off the ground.
“Put me down, Legolas!” Silvren shouted as she squirmed about within his grasp.
Silvren darted to the other side of the garden as soon as he put her down.
“Come here, Sil.” Legolas said, motioning for her to come to him.
“Promise not to pick me up?” she asked folding her arms across her chest.
“I promise.”
“Okay.” chirped Silvren as she skipped back over to where Legolas was standing beneath the tree.
“You see these pieces of vine?” asked Legolas, holding up two long pieces of thick vine.
“Watch.” Legolas said and leaped up into the tree above them and climbed out of Silvren’s sight. All she could see was the long pieces of vine hanging from the tree with a small board tied to the two ends, like a small seat. A few minutes later, Legolas leaped from out of the tree and landed on his feet in front of her.
“What is it?” she asked looking up at him.
“A swing. Here, sit down.” Legolas told her while he walked around behind it, motioning for her to sit on the board.
Silvren gave him a questioning look before giving in and seating herself on the board.
“Hold on to the vine.” he ordered.
Legolas pulled the swing backwards a little bit and let go. Letting her swing forward then backwards again, gently pushing her a little higher every time she swung forward.
“Higher!” Silvren laughed. She loved the feeling of the wind blowing against her face, her hair whipping about her face as she suddenly swung backwards again.
* * *
“Look at them, they’re so happy together. They make a wonderful couple, and a cute one at that.” Celebrian said to Elrond.
The two stood on their balcony that overlooked Elrond’s gardens, watching Silvren and Legolas from a distance.
Elrond made a low moaning sound in his throat and turned away from the balcony, walking back between a wide, arched doorway, into their bedroom.
“Elrond.” Celebrian moaned as she turned to look at him.
“What?” he asked as if he hadn’t heard anything she had just said.
“Oh, don’t play games with me. Wouldn’t you agree that they make a remarkable couple?”
“No. It would make an ill match. Legolas is too immature and childish. I prefer Glorfindel.” stated Elrond.
“Glorfindel?! him? That would make an ill match.” Celebrian laughed. “Legolas makes her laugh and she is always happy when he is around and he is a noble. What more could you ask for?”
“Let’s drop the matter. We don’t have to worry about it for a few centuries.” Elrond said and left the room.
* * *
A few days later, Silvren was walking alone in the woods not far from the Homely House. She was picking flowers for a bouquet she was making for her mother, when something caught her attention. Curious, she watched as it darted through the woods, leading away from Rivendell. Silvren ran after it, hoping to catch a better glimpse of it. She continued following it for several minutes before stopping to turn around.
When she did stop, she realized she was no longer in the woods that she recognized and stood several feet from the Rivendell border. Before her lay a darker, eerie looking forest and whatever she had been chasing was no where to be seen.
Silvren was just about to turn around when she heard a noise coming from the woods behind her. She jerked her head around to see Legolas atop a light Ranel and trotting towards her.
“You shouldn’t be out here. Especially by yourself.” Legolas said as he rode up to her. “Come on, I’ll take you home.”
As soon as he finished speaking, four big, burley orcs emerged from a small of clumps of trees. Silvren went pale with fear as the orcs came towards them. She had never seen anything like them before and thought them to be the most hideous creatures ever. Their blackish-greenish skin was covered in scabs and open sores. Their eyes were yellow with thin, black slits that were full of rage.

Legolas whipped out his bow and shot the first orc through the throat as the third one approached Silvren.
“Come here, my pretty little She-elf.” the orc growled as he reached out and grabbed Silvren’s wrist.
The orc yanked Silvren towards him until only inches separated them and a sudden wave of anger overtook her fear.
The orc saw this sudden change burn in her eyes and without thinking, his grip loosened a bit.
“Get off me, you monster!” she yelled and snatched her wrist out of his tight grip.
The orc growled a low, blood gurgling growl at her and began to step towards her when he froze.
Silvren scurried backwards as the orc fell dead on his face. An arrow stabbed through his back. Black, oily blood bubbled from his wound.
As quickly as it had come, the anger diminished, leaving only fear to run through her mind and body.
Silvren looked up to see the Legolas shoot down the second orc, the fourth orc gone.
“Scouts, most likely.” Legolas said as he watched the fourth orc disappear down the hill and through the woods, injured and not worth killing for it would soon bleed to death. “Come on.”
Before she could move or say anything, Legolas bent over her and picked her up off the ground by the back of her dress’s neckline. Placing her in front of him, he turned around and they rode off towards the woods.
* * *
“Silvren! Oh, darling, what’s wrong?” Celebrian exclaimed when she saw Legolas approaching with Silvren sitting in front of him, leaning against his chest.
Elrond ran down the stairs, with Celebrian behind him, and hurried over towards Legolas.
Legolas gathered Silvren up into his arms and swung down off the horse. “I found her on the other side of the woods. We were then attacked by four orcs. Scouts, I believe.” he said as he handed her over to Elrond.
“Was she hurt?” Celebrian asked as Silvren buried her face in Elrond’s chest.
“No, my lady. Only scared.” Legolas replied.
“Thank you for bringing her back safely.” Elrond said in a grim tone.
“It was my honor, my lord.” Legolas said with a bow then turned around and left, leading Ranel to the stables.
* * *
“Why don’t you like him?” Celebrian asked as she followed Elrond down the hall towards their chamber.
“I don’t trust his intentions.” Elrond stated plainly, clearly not wanting to talk about Legolas.
“Why don’t you trust his intentions?” Celebrian asked mockingly.
“Because he is young.”
“He’s older than Elladan and Elrohir!” Celebrian shouted.
“They are young as well.” he said as they walked through the arched doorway to their room and Celebrian closed the door behind her.
“He did save our daughter’s life whether or not you like him.”
“Anybody could save her life.”
“But no one else was around.”
“Ah, so now he’s stalking my daughter.” Elrond said exasperated.
“No, he’s not.” sighed Celebrian. “They have a friendship like no other. He cares for her out of love whether or not he knows it; he loves her. Elrond why won’t you listen?” Celebrian said in a quiet, pleading tone.
Elrond walked out onto their balcony and tightly grasped the cool railing with his hands, watching the setting sun with a hard gaze. Anger boiling up within him as he stood there.
“I think that one day, their love will conquer anything you throw at them. Their love for each other will strengthen them and you will be unable to do anything about it.” Celebrian said as she walked over next to him.
“How would you know? Did you have a vision or something?” he asked angrily.
“Stop! I will hear nothing of it.” Elrond demanded as he pushed himself away from the railing.
“You cannot change the course of nature, Elrond. What happens, happens. You of all the Elves should know this.” she said softly.
Elrond turned and gazed at his wife, his eyes piercing deep onto hers, trying to find the meaning behind her words. Celebrian glanced away and turned back into their room, wanting some quiet time alone.

I know the attack by four orcs sounds kinda silly but my brother complained there was no action so I threw that in to make him happy. Besides, Silvren is a young Elven-maiden so she doesn’t really see that much action so I hope you liked it.


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