Silvren’s Journey – Gandalf and Legolas’ Visit-Chap. 10

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“Gandalf!” Silvren shouted, jumping up and down, clapping her hands together.
Gandalf dismounted from his brown, chestnut colored horse and walked towards Silvren, his great big staff in his left hand. The old wizard knelt down in front of the small girl and she threw her arms around his neck, hugging him as tightly as she could. Silvren could see Legolas and two of his brothers climbing down from their horses behind from behind Gandalf.
“Has your sister, Arwen, returned home yet?” Gandalf asked her.
“Aye, she arrived a few days ago. Have you any new stories?” she asked excitedly with big round eyes.
“Yes I do, but you’ll have to wait until later to hear them.” he said with a smile and gently pinched the tip of her nose as he stood up.
* * *
“Come on, mommy!” Silvren begged. “I want to hear Gandalf’s stories.”
“All right, all right. You can be so impatient sometimes.” Celebrian sighed. “Haven’t you heard all of his stories before?”
“No.” Silvren said stomping her foot on the stone floor of her mother’s room.
“All right, let’s go.”
* * *
After a nice dinner of smoked ham, freshly picked fruit and vegetables, everyone made their way to the Hall of Fire , where Gandalf would tell his stories.

Gandalf sat on a wooden chair next to the stone fireplace with little Silvren sitting on his lap. His staff was leaning up against the wall next to him and a bright orange fire blazed in the fireplace. Legolas and Arwen sat in chairs across from Gandalf and Silvren, while Glorfindel stood in the far corner of the room, gazing into the fire as if his mind were elsewhere.
The others elves stood around the room talking about various things while Gandalf told Silvren different stories.
Silvren sat quietly on his lap, listening intently to his stories as she twisted parts of his grey beard around her tiny finger. After a couple of stories, Gandalf set her down on the floor and walked over towards Elrond to discuss other issues.
Silvren quietly walked over to Legolas, who was now gazing into the fire. Snatching him from his gaze, she climbed up into his lap and leaned her head against his chest. His tunic felt soft and warm against her cool skin and the soft sound of his heart beating comforted her.
“Legolas?” she asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.
“Yes?” he asked, stroking her long, brown hair.
“Have you ever met any Ents? And if so, what were they like?” she asked, snuggling closer to his chest.
“No. I haven’t, but I imagine it would be neat to meet one.” he answered.
After a minute he glanced down and saw that Silvren had fallen asleep. A small smile upon her face and her tiny fists laid upon his chest. He smiled as he looked at her and
moved a stray lock of her hair from her face. `Angel. Such an angel. Elrond and Celebrian should be proud’ he thought to himself. Slowly, he scooted out of the chair and walked out of the room and up the flight of stairs that was down the hall. He continued walking down the corridor towards her room. Carefully, he opened her door and walked over to her bed. Legolas cradled her in one arm as he pulled back the blankets to her bed with his other hand. He gently laid her down in the bed and tucked her in. Legolas smiled down at her then turned and walked towards the door. quietly, he closed the door behind him and walked back downstairs to where all the others were gathered.
* * *
“Silvren! What did you do this time?” inquired Arwen, looking at her younger sister. “Look at you, you’re a mess!”
Silvren looked down at her playdress which was now torn in several places from jumping out of trees. Mud was splattered on her dress from splashing in mud puddles that the previous night’s rain had left.
“Um, I-“
“Good gracious!” exclaimed Legolas as he came out of the house and saw Silvren standing in front of Arwen. “What have you been doing?”
“I was climbing trees.” she said proudly, wiping a strand of her out of her face and smearing mud across her cheek in the process.
“And…?” Arwen asked, knowing better than to assume that was all you had been doing.
“And…I landed in a puddle of mud when I jumped out of the tree.” she said and started to walk away.
“Oh, no you don’t.” Arwen said reaching out and grabbing Silvren by the collar. “I want you to go upstairs to your room and wash up. I’ll be there soon to help you mend your dress. Mom won’t be happy if she finds out.”
“Oh, Ar-“
“Now!” she said sternly and pointed towards the house.
“Yes, ma’am.” Silvren muttered as she dropped her head and slowly walked away.

Arwen sighed as she watched her sister drag her feet into the house. “Well, I had better go help her before she destroys her room.”
“Is she really that much of a handful.” Legolas laughed.
“No, but sometimes it seems like it.” she said and walked away towards the house.
* * *
“Silvren! Where are you?” Arwen asked as she entered Silvren’s room.
“Right here!” Silvren called out as she ran from the bathing room into her room, water dripping from her hair. Her fluffy, white towel wrapped tightly around her small body.
“Now you’re getting the floor wet!” Arwen said watching her sister skid to a stop with a trail of water behind her.
“Oops.” Silvren muttered looking behind her at the water on the stone floor.
“Hurry and dry off, Sil.” Arwen sighed as she sat down on the edge of Silvren’s bed.
Silvren walked over to her and Arwen helped her dry off and put a fresh pair of underwear and a dry, clean dress on. Then, Arwen watched as Silvren mended her torn dress, twitching in her seat every once in awhile.
“Ar?” Silvren asked.
“Yes?” she replied, looking up from the book she had been reading.
“Do you think daddy can have a bow made for me like Legolas'” Silvren asked, not looking up from her sewing.
“He already is having one made for you and intends on having Elladan teach you how to use it.”
“Really?” Silvren asked, looking up at Arwen with wide eyes.
“Yes, now finish your sewing.”


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