Silvren’s Journey – Frogs-Chap.11

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“I did it, Elladan! I did it!” Elrohir shouted as he burst through Elladan’s open door.
It was a cool spring night and the stars were beginning to come out from hiding as Silvren and some other elves prepared for bed.
“You did what?” Elladan asked him as he set the book he had been reading down upon his desk.
“Do you remember those frogs from the river?” Elrohir asked eagerly.

“Well, I caught ten, maybe more, and put them in Silvren’s bed.”
“Elrohir!” Elladan shouted as he jumped out of his chair, knocking it over.
“Oh, come on. We did it to Ar, why not Sil?”
“We?! You, did it to Arwen. I had no part in it.” Elladan corrected his twin.
“Oh, whatever. Come on, I’ll show you.”
Silently, the two brothers walked down the dimly lit hall towards Silvren’s room.
* * *
Silvren slipped into her cool, silky nightdress and brushed out her hair that fell half way down her back. Once done brushing her hair, she set her brush down on her dresser and walked over to her bed. She pulled back the cream colored, satin sheets on her bed and gasped in surprise. Bright green frogs, the size of her hand, with big yellow eyes were under her sheets.
The look of shock on her face suddenly changed to a sly smile as she quickly grabbed her pillow and yanked the cream colored case off of it. She gathered up the frogs that were hopping about her bed and stuffed them into the pillowcase. Then, Silvren walked over to her door and poked her head out, looking up and down the hall to make sure that nobody was coming. Quietly, she tip-toed out into the hall then ran down the hall towards Elrohir’s room which was at the opposite end of Elladan’s.
Silvren glanced around to insure that no one was around to see her, then slipped into Elrohir’s room.
The room was dark and chilly, his bed empty with the sheets crumpled up in a heap at the end of the bed. The floor had clothes and other objects of his thrown on top of it, leaving very little space to walk. Trying not to step on anything, Silvren walked over to his bed and lifted the covers. She dumped the frogs onto his bed and quickly covered them with the covers and slipped back out of his room.She ran down the dimly lit hall towards her room, her bare feet not making a sound as they touched the cold, stone floor. Once inside her room, she put the pillowcase back on her pillow and hopped into bed, blowing the candle out beside her bed.
* * *
Silvren smiled to herself when she heard her door creaking open and the hushed voices of her brothers as they slowly walked into her room.
“Is she asleep?” Elrohir whispered.
“I don’t know, let’s get out of here.” Elladan hissed at Elrohir.
“Fine. She’ll find them in the morning.”
Silvren couldn’t help but giggle after she heard her door click closed then quickly drifted off to sleep.
* * *
Elrohir walked back down the hall towards his room and changed into his nightclothes, hoping to hear Silvren’s terrified scream soon. He slipped into bed under the wrinkled sheets and laid his head down upon his pillow. Elrohir closed his tired eyes and wiggled around, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.
He was just beginning to fall asleep when he felt something cold hop onto his chest. He raised his head and looked down at his chest as he pulled back the covers and saw a big green frog sitting on him.
“Ahhhh!” Elrohir screamed as he sat straight up and threw back the covers, revealing numerous frogs.
As quick as lightning, he jumped out of his bed and ran to his door, running into his parents who had been walking down the hall towards their own chamber.
“What’s all the screaming about?” Elrond asked angrily.
“Um….I-” Elrohir began, then explained what he had done to Silvren to the finding of frogs in his bed.
Elrond and Celebrian smiled as they made their way to their own chamber, walking hand in hand.


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