Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 9

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*Year 2008*

Over the next two years, life continued as usual. Once a year Thranduil and his company came to visit for a few weeks. Silvren, who admired her brother, Elladan, and Legolas, followed them around like a little shadow. They were her favorite playmates. Always giving her piggyback rides or playing childish games with her even though a lot of elves their age snickered and laughed at them. Usually, Elladan and Legolas would go off hunting for a few days, leaving Silvren to entertain herself, which she did very well.

It was early in the morning and Silvren and her family had just finished eating a healthy breakfast. The young elf ran up the stone steps and down the hall to her room and grabbed her jump rope. Silvren then ran back out into the hall and down the stairs and out the front door. Silvren grasped the wooden handles in her small hands and began jump roping up and down the dirt path, waiting for Arwen’s much anticipated arrival.
Glorfindel sat out front on the stone steps, watching Silvren jump rope, since he normally watched her when her parents or siblings were busy. His gaze followed the small elfling even when Arwen and her escort rode through the gate.
“Arwen!” Silvren called out when she spotted her older sister riding towards her. Silvren ran over to Arwen with a great big smile on her face. “I’ve missed you so much!” Silvren said as she jumped up into Arwen’s arms and hugged her tightly.
“I’ve missed you also.” Arwen smiled. “Come, let’s go find mother and father.” Arwen said as she stood up and took a hold of Silvren’s hand.
* * *
“What are you doing?” Silvren asked as she walked into Arwen’s sun-lit room.
“Unpacking. Then I’m going to do some sewing with some of the other maidens. Would you like to join us?” Arwen asked while hanging up her elegant dresses in her oak wardrobe.
“Uh, no thank you. I think I’ll go find Elladan and Elrohir instead.” Silvren muttered, slightly disappointed that Arwen didn’t want to spend one on one time with her.
“Suit yourself.” Arwen replied.
Silvren sighed as she walked out of Arwen’s room and down the open corridor, wondering where she could find her brothers. As she walked down the stone steps to the front courtyard, Silvren noticed her two older brothers walking towards the woods. She picked up the hem of her playdress and ran after the, wondering what trouble they could possibly be up to this time.
“Elladan! Elrohir! Wait for me!” she called out as she ran along the dirt path that led into the woods.

One of things they liked to do was explore the woods and that’s exacting what they were going to do, only this time Silvren decided to follow them. She ran quietly along the leaf-covered path, stepping over fallen twigs and other obstacles that lay before her. Up ahead she saw her brothers run across a fallen log that lay across a small but strong, rippling river. Silvren kept running until she reached the log then called out to her brothers.
“Guys! Wait for me!”
Silvren held her arms up and out to the side as she carefully began to walk across the log. Placing one foot in front of the other, she slowly made it halfway across. As she lifted her foot off the log, her left ankle began to wobble and she moved from side to side trying to regain her balance as her whole body trembled. Silvren stood up straight and still, regaining her balance as she let out a small sigh of relief.
`That was close.’ she thought and lifted her right foot again. This time her left foot slipped from beneath her and sent her falling into the flowing water below. The water came as a cold shock to her and quickly
began to fill her lungs since she had accidentally swallowed some when she fell in the water. Silvren quickly rose to the surface and gasped for air as the current carried her down stream. “Elladan!” she coughed. Silvren turned and saw a large boulder in the middle of the river and kept her eye on it so she could grab onto it as the water carried her closer to it.
* * *
“Did you hear something?” Elladan stopped and asked Elrohir who stood a couple feet ahead of him.
“No. You’re just hearing things.” Elrohir replied and turned to continue down the path.
“Elladan! Elrohir! Help me!” a small voice sounded from not to far away.
“Silvren’s in trouble.” Elladan exclaimed and turned around, sprinting back up the path towards the river.
* * *
Reaching out with her small hands, Silvren grabbed onto the boulder and pulled herself around so the water couldn’t carry her off but press her against the rock. “Elladan! Elrohir! Help me! Somebody!” she cried out as her voice trembled with fear and the cold temperature of the water.
“Silvren, where are you?” a voice from nearby called out.
“I-I fell into the wa-water.” she stammered.
“You what?” the voice said in shock.
Silvren turned her head to see her two brothers standing on the fallen log. Elladan raced towards her. She shivered as she turned back around and pulled herself up higher onto the rock for fear of slipping back into the current.
Elladan ran along the bank of the river towards the boulder that Silvren was clinging onto with fear. There was just enough distance for him to keep one foot on the bank and place his other foot ontop of the boulder while he reached down and pulled Silvren out of the water. She was soaking wet and shivering from the cold water and the slightly cool air did not help. Elladan gathered her up into his arms and held her close to him, trying to keep her as warm as possible as Elrohir ran to get Elrond. “It’s all right. I’ll have you back to the house in no time.” he whispered in her ear. Elladan ran as fast as he could back to the house, hoping that she wouldn’t fall ill. If it weren’t for that fact that she was Half-Elven he wouldn’t have to worry about that, but unfortunately he did.
“Atar! Atar!” he called out as he ran up the stone steps to the house.
“What is it, Elladan?” Elrond asked as stepped out of the library and walked towards his son.
“Silvren. She fell into the river. She’s shivering and may have swallowed some water.” Elladan breathed as Elrohir ran up beside him.
“Give her to me.” Elrond said as he reached out and took his youngest daughter from Elladan. Turning around, he walked down the hall, up the wide stairs and down the corridor to Silvren’s room. There, he had Arien, Silvren’s handmaiden, changed her into dry clothes, then ordered Arien to keep warm blankets ontop of her.
“Will she be all right?” Elladan asked Elrond when he emerged from Silvren’s room and closed the door behind him.
“Yes, she’ll be fine. Just a little shaken and cold.” Elrond reassured his worried son.
“I feel like it was my fault.” Elladan muttered.
“It wasn’t your fault. Do not dwell upon it, go and get some rest.” Elrond said, gently patting Elladan on the shoulder.


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