Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 9

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The next evening when the sun had begun to set, Aragorn decided to take a walk in the surrounding woods, feeling a desire for some fresh air. He was walking alone, still somewhat troubled by the news Elrond had given him the day before. Aragorn began singing a song that Silvren had sung to him as a child, but he stopped short when he noticed someone walking ahead of him, unaware of his presence. At first he thought it was Silvren strolling along in the woods some distance before him, but after a second glance he knew it wasn’t.
An Elven-maiden walked gracefully in the grassy glade ahead of him, wearing a silver and blue mantle that trailed across the grass and small flowers behind her. She had dark brown hair, almost black, that cascaded down her back, reaching to her small waist.
Aragorn gazed at her in silence, entranced by her unsurpassed beauty, convinced that she was Lúthien of whom he had been singing about. Fearing that she would pass out of sight and that he would never lay eyes on her again, he strode towards her, calling out, “Tinúviel, Tinúviel!”
The maiden turned to him and smiled softly as the young man approached her. “Who are you and why do you call me by that name?” she asked in her soft voice.
“Because I believed you to be Lúthien Tinúviel, of whom I was singing of. You walk in her likeness.” Aragorn said nervously.
“So many have said. But who are you?”
* * *
Silvren ran happily about Elrond’s gardens chasing and catching lightning bugs under the silver moonlight. She ran into the woods that lay near the gardens and caught another lightning bug within her small hands. Silvren peered happily into her cupped hands at the small insect that lit up every few seconds. She opened her hands up and watched as she allowed the small insect to fly off into the night sky.
Something else caught her eye as she gazed about the woods which were spotted with yellow lightning bugs. Two figures were standing alone in the woods, speaking to each other in hushed voices. Silvren quietly slipped forward and hid in the shadows of the surrounding trees, and noticed that the two figures were Aragorn and her sister Arwen. Her heart skipped a beat with happiness as she watched Aragorn take Arwen’s hand in his. Silvren smiled as she sighed and quietly slipped out of her hiding place and ran back down to the gardens in search of Anariel.
* * *
Arwen laughed merrily and said, “Then we are akin from afar, for I am Lord Elrond’s eldest daughter.”
“Oddly, I have heard nothing of you from either your siblings or your father. How is it that we have not met before now?” Aragorn asked her.
“I have been dwelling in the land of my mother’s kin, in Lothlórien. But I have returned to visit my family which I have not seen for a while.”
From that point on, Aragorn knew that he loved this beautiful maiden more than anything else.

A few days passed by and with the happiness that Arwen brought by returning home, sorrow was brought by Aragorn’s decision to go out into the wild. Silvren, heart-broken by the news her brother delivered, desired to go with him, but neither him or her father would allow her to go.


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