Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 5

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It was mid December when Silvren packed up her belongings and said her good-byes to Míriel and the twins then left the palace with Legolas. Together they rode upon Ranel and Asfalas on the Elven path through the dark forest of Mirkwood towards the Misty Mountains. They rode on through the Redhorn Pass and on towards Rivendell.
As they drew closer to Rivendell, the wind picked up and began to nip at Silvren’s skin, forcing her to pull her hoods over her heads.
Soon, they reached the woods of Rivendell and continued riding down the dirt path towards the valley.
The sun had already fallen behind the mountains, darkness spreading over the sky, when they reached the Homely House.

Glorfindel was walking down the front stairs when Legolas and Silvren rode up to the front of the house.
“Hail, Legolas son of-” he started, but stopped suddenly. “Silvren, is that you?” the shocked elf asked.
“Yes, Glorfindel. It’s me.” she whispered looking down at the ground.
Legolas climbed down from Ranel’s back then helped Silvren down from Asfalas’ back, sensing the nervousness Silvren was feeling inside.
“Silvren?” they heard a voice call out and looked up to see Lord Elrond come running out of the house and stopped in his tracks when he saw Silvren standing beside Legolas. “Silvren!” he cried out with joy as he ran down the stone steps with open arms. He hugged her tightly within his arms, small tears of joy sliding down his face. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.” Elrond said as he pulled back, his hands still resting on her shoulders. “We were so worried about you. We feared the worst.”

A voice so cold that it froze her to the very bone, came from inside the house. “Hello, Silvren.” it said. “I’ve been extremely worried about you.” a tall, dark figure started forward from the house.
Silvren shuddered at the voice as her father’s hands fell away from her arms, she knew she recognized the eerie voice, but she could not remember from where. Legolas stepped closer to Silvren, the back of his hand lightly brushing the back of hers. He was ready to protect her if needed for he too recognized the voice, he knew it all too well.
Out of the shadows stepped Telden, an evil smile pulling his thin, pale lips across his pale face. He had long black hair, the shade of a crow’s wing that hung limply down his back as it was pulled back in the Elven fashion. His eyes were pale blue, an icy color and seemed hollow as if there was no life in them.
“I’m glad to see my brother cares enough to bring my future bride back to me.” he said looking over at Legolas as he approached the two elves.
“I didn’t bring her back to you. I brought her back to her father, whose mind you’ve corrupted.” Legolas said angrily through clenched teeth.
“Come, let us talk.” Telden said in his cold, yet smooth voice, extending the crook of his arm to Silvren.
Silvren glanced over at Elrond for help but she received none, only his approval for her to accept the extended arm. Reluctantly, she took his arm and glanced helplessly over at Legolas, his eyes full of pain and anger.

Together, they walked into the Homely House and the down the corridor to Celebrian’s old study.
The room, barely lit and unused for many years, smelt of dust and dried leaves that had blown in
through the windows. Legolas quietly followed behind them, hoping Telden wouldn’t notice.
Once inside the room, Silvren let go of his arm and walked a few feet away from him an the other side of Celebrian’s old desk. She crossed her arms over her chest and watched as he closed the wooden door and locked it, with Legolas on the other side of it.
“What do you want?” Silvren asked angrily. Her limbs beginning to tremble as Telden turned and began to walk towards her. Slowly, she began to walk backwards, trying to increase the distance between them but also trying not to trip over anything.
But Telden kept walking towards her until he had her backed against a bare wall and he was within inches of her. “I’ve come to see you.” he said with an eerie glow in his eyes.
* * *
Legolas ran down the corridor as Telden closed the door, a small click sounded as the corrupted Elf locked the door. Legolas tried to open the door but couldn’t, he leaned his head against the door, desperately thinking of a way to get into the room. He couldn’t leave Telden locked in there with Silvren, he knew that Telden would hurt her if he had to. Turning, he began pacing back and forth in front of the door, waiting for an idea to come to mind. After a few seconds an idea popped into his head and he darted out an arched doorway in hopes of finding an open window.
* * *
“I don’t want to see you and I never want to see you and your hideous face again.” Silvren hissed.
Telden smiled an evil smiled that seemed glued to his wretched face. “Aw, well that’s too bad, because soon you’ll have to get use to seeing me every day and night.” he scowled.
“You’ll have to put a chain around my neck and chain me to a wall in order to marry me.” she said in a cold tone.
“If that’s what it takes.” Telden hissed, staring into her anger filled eyes.
“I hate you.” Silvren whispered through tears, her voice shaking with fear.
“What?!” he hissed, his pale eyes flashing like bright lightning against a dark sky.
“I hate you, I hate everything about you. I want you to leave and never come back! You…you beast!” she screamed.
Telden reached out with a long, pale hand and grabbed her by the throat, his hand wrapped tightly around her slender neck as she gasped for air. Just as suddenly as he had grabbed her, he let go of her throat then slapped her across the face.
Silvren grabbed her face with her hands and sank to the ground, tears flooding her eyes.
“Never talk to me like that again.” he seethed, his voice colder that his hands had felt. Telden turned on his heels and stalked out of the room, flinging open the doors as Legolas climbed up onto the balcony.

“Silvren?! Are you all right?” Legolas asked as he hopped over the railing and into the old study, running over to her side.
Silvren sat back against the wall, her breath shaky and short as she moved her hands from her face. A red mark was left on her beige, tear-streaked complexion and a small purple bruise on her neck.
“Did he hit you?” Legolas asked sternly as a flicker of fire burned in his clear-blue eyes.
Silvren nodded unable to form the words that she wanted to say in her mouth.
Legolas began to stand up, but Silvren caught his arm and shook her head. “Let him go.” she whispered.
“But he hurt you.” Legolas seethed. “I won’t let him get away with that.”
“Don’t leave me.” she said, gazing up at him with eyes full of fear and pain.
“I’m sorry, Sil.” Legolas said as he knelt down beside her and hugged her. “It’s all my fault.”
“No it’s not.” Silvren muttered.
“Yes it is. I was the one who made you come back. Maybe if we had waited he would have been gone by the time we arrived.” Legolas said as he pulled back and looked at her.
“No. No, he would have come sooner or later.” she said sadly as she gazed down at the ground.

Telden had fled Rivendell not getting what he had come for and was now even more determined to have Silvren as his wife.

Later that evening, a small banquet was held in honor of Silvren’s return home. Throughout the entire meal, neither Silvren or Legolas spoke. Silvren, worried about what Telden would do to her next and Legolas, worried about her safety and upset at what Telden had done to her.

Silvren’s handmaiden, Arien, had done her best to cover up the mark and bruise with make-up, but her cheek was still a bit pink. After the meal, Silvren skipped the dancing and slowly walked down the corridors and up the stairs to her room. She shuddered as a cool breeze blew through the arched window. Oddly, the temperature had dropped and the wind picked up.


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