Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 49

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This is the last chapter for the fellowship. I am still typing the Two Towers one but I will the submit the first one soon. It will be titled Silvren’s Journey and the Union of the Two Towers. (duh!)

Silvren sat quietly behind a large boulder on the west bank of the Auduin River as the moonlight beamed overhead the still land. She sat by the dying fire Aragorn had built, Merry and Pippin slept soundlessly by a dried up log that lay nearby. Gimli slept not far from them, his customary snores disturbing the quiet air around them.
A warm hand came to rest on Silvren’s shoulder and she tilted her head to see Legolas kneel beside her. “Where have you been?’ she whispered as he sat down and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
“Scouting out the are.” he said softly. “Gollum has followed us.” he whispered in her ear so Sam and Frodo wouldn’t hear.
“He has?” she asked in surprise.
Silvren grew silent with thought and heard the sound of Aragorn and Boromir discussing the same thing as the two humans gazed out at the river from behind one of the large boulders.
“Do you think he will alert the enemy?” Silvren asked as she inched closer to Legolas.
“I don’t know. He may, but since he’s after the Ring, he may not.” Legolas shrugged.
Silvren thought about what could happen if Gollum alerted the enemy and watched as Sam lay down on his bedroll after failing to persuade Frodo to eat. Silvren closed her eyes but she could still hear the hushed voices of Aragorn and Boromir arguing over the route they should take. Boromir wanted to take the Ring to Minas Tirith, but Aragorn didn’t want to take the Ring anywhere near the city. Silvren shuddered at the voices for she was scared of Boromir yet she also pitied him. Back in Rivendell he seemed like an honorable man but he had changed during the quest and was not acting like himself. It was almost as if a battle was raging within him and the evil was slowly winning. Silvren shivered at the night’s cool air and snuggled closer to the warmth of Legolas’ body, longing for sleep to come over her.
* * *
The next night was silent and still. No wind chilled their bones or shook the gentle branches of the trees. The crescent moon rose high above them and small clouds shone faintly in the south.
“We shall travel under the cover of darkness tonight.” Aragorn said as he finished loading up the boats. “We must keep a sharp watch out and try not to paddle swiftly.”
They filed into their boats and began to drift down the river, barely needing to use their paddles.

It was around midnight when Silvren heard Sam cry out from in front of them. Glancing up, she saw that dark shapes with a strong current that swirled around loomed directly ahead of them.
“Back, back!” Aragorn cried out to them. “Turn! Turn if you can!” he yelled as he used his paddle to try and turn their boat around before it was too late.
Silvren tried to help Legolas turn theirs away by using her hands and slowly they were able to bring the boats around, but were carried by the water towards the eastern shore.
Without any warning, they heard a twang of bowstrings and ducked as several arrows flew over their heads. One hit Frodo between the shoulders and he fell forward with a cry but the arrow had been deflected by the mithril shirt.
“Yrch!” Silvren hissed, switching back to her native language. She could see many dark figures running around the long bank of the eastern shore.
Everyone leaned forward in their boats, paddling with their hands while straining to get as far away from the orcs as they could.
Finally they reached the middle of the stream and with all their strength; they pushed their boats towards the western shore. Everyone halted and drew in a deep breath as Legolas laid down his paddle and took up his bow. Silvren also took up her bow and sprang onto the shore beside Legolas. Together they strung their bows with their arrows and released them into the darkness across the water. The sound of shrill cries of pain could be heard on the eastern bank, but no one could see anything.
“Elbereth Gilthoniel!” Legolas sighed looking up at the sky as a dark shape in the sky sped towards the company. Covering all light from the stars and moon above.
Silvren gasped upon recognizing it as a great winged-beast that was darker than the night sky. She heard an eruption of fierce cheers and cries that rose up from the other shore to greet the beats. A sudden chill ran throughout her body and her heart skipped a beat as she watched the beast fly over them in terror. The sudden twang of a bow brought Silvren back from her gaze and she shuddered as the winged-beast screamed and fell into the gloom of the eastern shore. The fierce voices broke out into curses of anger and fear as they drifted off into the darkness. Total silence followed.

After they had rested for a bit, Aragorn led the boats back upstream, feeling their way along the water’s edge until they found a small shallow bay. The company moored the boats close together and they all lay huddled in their own boats.
* * *
The company started out bright and early as the sun was rising, a light fog clung to the air as they paddled down the river. In the distance they could see two great statues that were tall and majestic as they stood on either side of the river like huge gates.
“Frodo.” Aragorn whispered, gently tapping him on the shoulder. “The Argonath.”
Silvren watched as they drifted towards the mighty statues, their left hands extended outwards as if a warning to stay away.
“Long have I desired to look upon the kings of old. My kin.” Aragorn said softly.
Everyone stared at the stone statues in wonder and amazement as they passed between them. The sound of roaring winds and rushing water filled their ears once they had passed through the Argonath. The company entered a long, oval-shaped lake, the Nen Hithoel. It was bordered by steep, grey hills that were covered with trees. The Nen Hithoel flowed into the roaring falls of the Rauros which was split in the middle by the jutting peak of Tol Brandir. And on either side of the falls were Anon Lhaw and Amon Hen. There were high seats upon both sides that had been used in the days of the great kings, but were used no longer.
The company paddled their boats towards the western shore of the lake and slowly the boats drifted up onto the pebble-lined shore. Silvren hopped out of the boat that had carried her, Legolas, and Gimli and at that moment a sudden chill of coldness crept up her spine as she walked across the shore. Everyone else clambered out of their boats and set to work setting up a camp.
Silvren said nothing of the coldness that had crept over her as she helped Legolas bring the boats further up from the waterline while Aragorn unloaded their supplies.
Gimli built a fire and sat beside it poking at it with a stick while Pippin sat next to him. Sam sat half-asleep beneath a moss-covered rock.
“We cross the lake at nightfall. Hide the boats and continue on foot.” Aragorn said as he brought up the last load of supplies.
Silvren sat down beside Gimli with a heavy sigh and watched as Legolas peered into the woods as if determining whether or not it was safe there. She could tell by his facial expression and the concern in his eyes that he had felt something too.
“We approach Mordor from the north.”
“Oh, yes?” Gimli asked in a sarcastic tone. “Just a simple matter of finding our way through Emyn Muil, an impassible labyrinth of razor-sharp rock. And after that it gets even better. Festering, stinking marshlands as far as the eye can see.”
“That is our road.” Aragorn answered in a calm tone that infuriated Gimli. “I suggest you take some rest and recover your strength, master dwarf.”
“Recover my-” Gimli huffed angrily. “Pghrr.”
Silvren glanced up as Legolas spun around and walked towards Aragorn. “We should leave now.” she heard him say softly so that the others couldn’t hear him.
“No.” Aragorn answered as he shook his head lightly. “Orcs patrol the eastern shore. We must wait for the cover of darkness.”
“It is not the eastern shore that worries me.” Legolas said as he glanced back at the woods, his eyes searching the woods for anything unusual. “A shadow and threat has been growing in my mind. Something draws near, I can feel it and so does Silvren.” Legolas turned back to Aragorn and then both men glanced over at Silvren, who was still watching them.

“Recover my strength; pay no attention to that, young hobbit.” Gimli huffed to Pippin.
Silvren turned her head at the sound of someone approaching and saw Merry dump an armful of wood near the fire. He then stood up and glanced around the camp with a questioning expression on his face. “Where’s Frodo?” he asked innocently.
At that moment, Sam woke from his half-sleeping-state and scrambled to his feet as the others glanced sharply about the camp area.
Aragorn’s gaze fell upon Boromir’s shield that was propped up against a nearby tree with the rest of his belongings, but there was no Boromir to be seen.
Sam dashed off into the woods in search of Frodo as Merry and Pippin took off in another direction; shouting in their high-pitched voices “Frodo! Frodo!”
“Silvren, follow Merry and Pippin.” ordered Aragorn.
Silvren nodded and darted off after the two young hobbits, knowing she would be able to catch up to them, but not knowing what doom awaited her.
“Legolas, Gimli-” but it was too late, the two of them had already took in search of Sam and Frodo. Aragorn groaned at the thought of the company being scattered in these woods and quickly took off in search of Sam and Frodo as well.
* * *
Silvren scrambled up the hill after the two hobbits just as Aragorn had ordered her to do. She snatched her bow and an arrow from her quiver as the threat of orcs raced through her brain. She could feel her necklace growing warm beneath her tunic as she followed after the two hobbits and then hid in a hollow log with them. Second’s later huge, frightful looking orcs began to flood down the side of the hill like a landslide.
“Oh, hi Lad-” Pippin started but was cut off short when Silvren clasped her hand over his mouth and hissed in his ear, “Quiet.”
Silvren watched from their hiding place as the large orcs with oily-looking skin, black hair and heavily armoured bodies hustled past them. The orcs had long swords that were hooked at the end and bore shields strapped to their thick, muscled arms.
“Frodo!” Merry called out quietly when he and Pippin noticed Frodo standing with his back against a tree near to them. Momentarily there were no orcs to be heard or seen.
“Hide here, quick!” Pippin insisted. “Come on! What’s he doing?” Pippin asked in confusion turning to face Merry.
Silvren gulped nervously when she realized what Frodo was doing. He was leaving the company. She watched as Frodo gently shook his head back and forth, knowing what he had to do.
“He’s leaving.” Merry muttered, finally realizing the truth.
“No!” Pippin said as he scrambled out of the log and out into the open without thinking.
“Pippin!” Merry gasped as he quickly followed after Pippin.
“What are you doing?” Silvren hissed still hiding within the log.
Pippin glanced over at her and offered her a small smile then glanced back over at Frodo. Merry glanced over at Frodo as more orcs came huffing snorting towards them. “Run, Frodo. Go on!” he hissed to Frodo.
“Hey! Hey you!” Merry pointed and shouted as he looked back at the orcs. “Over here!” he cried as he began jumping up and down and waving his arms about in the air.
“Have they gone mad?” Silvren asked herself as Pippin also began to shout at the orcs.
“This way.” Silvren heard Pippin shout as she scrambled out of the log and ran after them.
The three of them began running through the woods, dodging trees here and there as the foul orcs chased after them. The orcs poured down the hill after them, snorting and snarling as they ran towards the three companions. Gaining on them every minute.
* * *
“Aragorn, go!” Legolas shouted as he and Gimli came running up the hill to help Aragorn.
Gimli swung his axe at the nearest orc and yanked his axe from the dead body, ready for his next orc. Legolas pulled his bowstring back to his cheek and released the arrow just as an orc closed in on him. The arrow pierced the orc through the chest and also pierced an orc that had been behind the first one. Legolas pulled out another arrow, turned to his left and stabbed a nearby orc in the face with it and quickly set it to his bowstring and then released it, killing yet another orc. Legolas ran after Aragorn and Gimli as they ran off into the woods, slashing and stabbing orcs as they went along. The orcs growled and snarled in a blood-thirsty manner as they attacked the man, elf and dwarf.
Legolas ducked out of the way of an orc’s swinging blade and sliced the orc’s throat with both of his knives and quickly ducked out of the way of another orc’s sword. Legolas turned around backwards and stabbed the orc behind him with both of his knives.
Aragorn swung his sword at the oncoming orcs while Gimli stood nearby swinging his axe into their bodies. At the moment he and the dwarf were using some old, ruined stones to their advantage by smashing the heads of orcs into the ruined architecture. They would duck so the orc’s swords would become momentarily stuck in the stone and sometimes they would hide between two of the ruins.
Legolas stood in a clearing with his bow in hand and shot an oncoming orc and quickly drew out another arrow, shooting another orc within a second. He reached back into his quiver and grabbed two more arrows and set one to his bow. Turning his upper body he shot another approaching orc and then another. Reaching into his quiver again, he grabbed several more arrows and shot three more orcs.

* * *
Silvren set her arrow to her bow and turned around, walking quickly as she fired arrow after arrow at the oncoming orcs. Turning back around, she caught up with the fleeing hobbits and followed them over large rocks, fallen trees and dodged the trees that still stood reaching up at the sky.
Silvren turned around again and shot another arrow at a nearby orc which let out a small squeal and then fell to the leaf-covered ground.
“It’s working!” Pippin cried out as he glanced over his shoulder.
“I know its working!” Merry shouted. “Run!”
Silvren released another arrow and then turned around to see and old, stone footbridge that lay across what used to be a stream that was now filled with leaves, twigs and rocks. The three of them rushed across the bridge and skidded to a sudden stop. More orcs were running down the hill towards them at a rapid pace and now their escape route was cut off, they were quickly being surrounded. Silvren reached back into her quiver but found it empty. All her arrows had been spent. She quickly replaced her bow with her two knives and twirled them around in her hands, ready to take on any approaching orc. Ready to slice open their throats and stab them in their black unarmoured bodies…even if it meant sacrificing her own life…she was ready.

* * *
Boromir stumbled along the leaf covered ground, wondering what was happening to him. He couldn’t believe what he had tried to do to Silvren back in Lothlórien and he was still trying to figure out what he acted so against Frodo when he heard the frightful grunts and snarls of gruesome orcs. Boromir drew his sword from its sheath with a metallic hiss and began running towards the sound, not caring if he had no one else to fight beside him. His blood suddenly ran cold when he noticed how many orcs were rushing down the hill and that they were closing in on the two youngest hobbits and Silvren. This was his chance to set everything he had messed up, right. He would lay his life on it.
* * *
A small gleam of hope ran through Silvren’s mind when she saw Boromir come running up the hill towards them. He lunged in front of the two frightened hobbits and elf, blocking an orcs axe-like weapon with his sword. He grabbed the two orc’s weapons and turned behind the orc, smashing it in the back with its own weapon. Both Merry and Pippin had gathered their courage and began stabbing the orcs with their small daggers. Boromir took out his knife and threw it with all his might at an oncoming orc, stabbing it in the neck.
Silvren stabbed the orc that was in front of her in the neck and then spun around to stab the orc that had come up behind her. She stabbed it in the larynx and sliced his throat open at the same time, letting him fall to the ground at her feet as black blood sputtered forth from the wounds. She glanced up to see Boromir kill another orc and then place his silver-tipped horn to his mouth, calling for help.
Silvren turned her eyes to her glance at her right and quickly spun around, throwing her knife at an orc that was trying to sneak up on her. Her knife glittered in the sunlight as it tumbled through the air and embedded itself in the orc’s neck with a juicy thud as black blood splattered everywhere.
Silvren jogged over to the dead body and snatched her knife from its body, releasing more blood as she wiped her knife clean with a small piece of cloth she carried with her. Then she glanced around looking for her next victim.
* * *
“The Horn of Gondor.” Legolas said turning towards the loud sound that was rang in the distance.
“Boromir.” Aragorn said and raced past Legolas towards the sound, killing orcs on his way. As he ran he noticed that the orcs seemed to have heard the horn as well and knew what it meant for they seemed to follow the sound as well. He hoped that he would make it to Boromir’s side in time and at that point he wondered what had become of the two youngest hobbits and Silvren.
Aragorn leapt over a fallen log and with a mighty yell, killed several more orcs that swarmed towards him.
* * *
Boromir flipped an orc that had come up beside him and blew his horn again, then let it fall to his aside as another orc came up to him. He blocked the orc’s swing and sliced off its right arm.
Pippin ran and leapt on top of an orc, knocking it to the ground as Merry rushed over behind him and the two began stabbing the orc.
Boromir killed another orc but more and more kept pouring down the hill side but not once did he think of failure.
“Run! Run!” he shouted to the hobbits and Silvren.
The two hobbits ran down the hill as Silvren and Boromir ran backwards down the hill, fighting and killing orcs as they did. Merry and Pippin found some good throwing rocks by a tree and began throwing them at the orcs knocking them to the ground.
Silvren gulped as a bigger orc with no helmet on strutted over the ridge. He held a big black bow his hand and a horrible feeling cam over Silvren. She wished more than anything else that she still had some arrows left in her quiver.
“Boromir!” Silvren screamed when she saw the massive orc pull back on the arrow set to the bow and took aim at Boromir. Silvren and the hobbits stopped in horror as Boromir fell to his knees with an enormous arrow protruding from the area around his left shoulder. But Boromir was up again in a flash as another orc approached him from the left and another from the front. For Boromir’s sake, Silvren turned and found another orc to kill.
A gasp from Boromir caught Silvren’s attention and she turned to see that he had been shot in the lower left region of his abdomen. He fell to his knees again, his hair dripped with sweat as he gasped for air. Boromir turned to face Merry and Pippin and they looked at him with sad and bewildered expressions. He gazed wearily upon them as he fought to breath, he felt as if he had failed them but was not ready to give up as he turned back around with a loud yell. Boromir sliced the legs of an orc form under its body and then stood up to fight another orc. He continued fighting as his strength and energy slowly drained from his body. The sword of one of the orcs cleaved his famed horn in two. Another black-feathered arrow embedded itself within Boromir’s chest, near his sternum. He fell to the ground once more and sat back on his heels, breathing heavily.
The two young hobbits cried out as they picked up their swords and ran towards the orcs, their emotions strung with furry and grief.
Silvren turned and watched in horror as two burly orcs viscously grabbed the two hobbits and flung them over their shoulders. “No!” she shouted and started after the orcs but was quickly stopped. Silvren shrieked as two strong hands grabbed her by her waist and lifted her off the ground.
“Let her go!” she heard Boromir call out as she felt herself be dropped onto an orc’s wide shoulder. Panic and fear ran throughout her body which she realized she had dropped her knives and she began to kick and pound on the orc’s back and chest. Her silver, crystal pendant and the necklace Legolas had given her fell out of her tunic and dangled around her neck as she screamed for help.
The orc ran past Boromir who could do nothing but remain kneeling upon the ground. Silvren pushed her body up to see over the orcs and two of her necklaces caught the edge of the orc’s armour and broke off. Falling to the ground below unnoticed. She pleaded with her eyes to Boromir for help but he could only stare helplessly at her. She knew that he wanted to help her, that he had not been so selfish before the Ring corrupted him. That even with his selfish heart he cared for her and the hobbits enough to risk his life for them, but it was too late.
Silvren watched as Boromir kneeling figure grew smaller and smaller as the orcs trudged on. She bounced upon the orc’s shoulder due to his heavy footfalls and she lowered her head and began to pray quietly, not knowing what was going to happen to her or everyone else. Then everything grew dark.
* * *
Boromir looked up as he gasped for breath and saw the tall orc that had shot him standing before him. Unlike the rest of the orcs that had passed him by, knowing that he was wounded and would slowly die, this one wanted him dead now. The orc had his bow out in front of him and slowly placed a black arrow across it, ready to finish off Boromir.
Boromir sat there and watched as the orc pulled back on the arrow and snarled at him when out of no where Aragorn came to Boromir’s aid. Aragorn came up beside Lurtz and body-slammed the orc, the arrow flying off into the woods. Aragorn rolled across the ground as the orc picked up a nearby shield and sword. Lurtz swung his sword at Aragorn who was now standing on his feet and Aragorn blocked the rough blade with his own sword.
Lurtz pushed Aragorn into the back of a tree, Aragorn’s sword dropping from his hand due to the impact, and Lurtz threw the shield at him, the two pointed ends embedded themselves into the wood on either side of Aragorn’s neck. Aragorn struggled to loosen the shield out of the wood and off his neck as Lurtz came running towards him with his sword in hand.
At the last moment, Aragorn was finally able to slip out from under the embedded shield that held him captive. As Aragorn came out, he punched Lurtz in the stomach with his right fist and Lurtz flipped him to the ground.
Lurtz brought his sword up high to slice Aragorn’s but Aragorn rolled away before he could. He rolled back over and kicked Lurtz in the chest while grabbing his knife that Celeborn had given him and jabbed in into Lurtz’s outer leg just above the knee.
Lurtz punched Aragorn in the face and stumbled after him as he rolled away. Lurtz grabbed Aragorn by the collar and head-butted him and punched him in the stomach. Aragorn fell backwards and rolled a few feet away down the hill while Lurtz hollered and yanked the knife from his leg.
Lurtz looked down at Aragorn and the Ranger gazed up at him with a bleeding lip. Lurtz licked the black, sticky blood from the knife then threw it at Aragorn.
Aragorn picked up a nearby sword and swung it around, deflecting the bloody knife as Lurtz picked up his own sword that lay on the ground next to him. Lurtz walked towards Aragorn who was approaching him as well. Aragorn and Lurtz swung their swords at each other, metal clashing and clinging against each other until Aragorn sliced off Lurtz’s right arm. Immediately, he stabbed the orc in the stomach but the orc still remained standing.
Lurtz grabbed the upper portion of the sword and pulled it deeper into his stomach. Quickly, Aragorn yanked the sword out of Lurtz’s stomach and sliced off his head, black, oily blood splattering everywhere.

Aragorn was breathing heavily as he turned to see Boromir lying at the base of a tree. Many black-feathered arrows were embedded in his torso; his sword lay beside him on the round. Its silver blade was stained with black blood and his horn lay across his hip cloven in two. Many slain orcs lay upon the ground all around the clearing.
“No.” Aragorn breathed silently as he ran over and knelt beside his fallen friend.
“They took the little ones and Silvren.” Boromir breathed heavily, feeling that he had failed his job to protect them.
“Hold still.” Aragorn said quietly as he thought of what to do about their captured companions.
“Frodo, where is Frodo?” Boromir asked urgently.
“I let Frodo go.” replied Aragorn.
“Then you did what I could not.” Boromir confessed as he touched Aragorn’s limp hair.
“The Ring is beyond our reach now.”
“Forgive me. I did not see it. I have failed you and the others.” Boromir said clasping Aragorn on the shoulder.
“No, Boromir, you fought bravely. You have regained your honor.” Aragorn said as he tried to remove one of the arrows from Boromir’s chest.
“Leave it.” Boromir said stopping Aragorn, his face was pale and lips held a bluish tint to them. “The world of Men will fall and all will come to darkness and my city to ruin.”
“I do not know what strength is in my blood but I swear to you, I will not let the White City fall nor our people fail.” Aragorn tried to lift Boromir’s spirits during his last moments.
“Our people. Our people.” Boromir muttered and reached out for his sword.
Aragorn picked up the sword that lay near Boromir and placed the hilt in Boromir’s gloved hand. Boromir clasped the sword over his chest and looked back up at Aragorn. “I would have followed you, my brother. My captain. My king.”
Aragorn put his fist to his forehead then to his lips and then gently placed his hands on the side of Boromir’s head. “Be at peace…son of Gondor.” he whispered and kissed him upon the forehead in a brotherly manner.
Still kneeling upon the leaf-covered ground, Aragorn turned to see Legolas and Gimli silently standing a few yards away. Grief and confusion written across their faces.
“They will look for his coming from the White Tower but he will not return. He was defending Silvren and the hobbits.” Aragorn offered sadly as he slowly stood to his feet.
“Silvren, where is she?” Legolas cried out, wondering if she had gone back to their camp.
“And the hobbits, where are the hobbits?” Gimli asked anxiously.
“Aragorn, are they all right? Are they safe?” Legolas grew worried as Aragorn hesitated in answering his and Gimli’s questions.
“I know not what their condition is. Are they safe, more than likely not. All Boromir told me was that the orcs took them. Alive as far as I know.”
A tight knot formed in Legolas’ stomach and felt as if his legs were going to give out and he would collapse to the ground. Why hadn’t he had been there sooner to protect her? He wondered to himself as Gimli laid a comforting hand on his arm.
“Don’t worry, lad. We’ll find her.” Gimli said softly, trying to comfort his new friend.

As the remaining companions searched the area, a silver glint on the ground caught Legolas’ eye and he walked over towards it. Kneeling on the ground in front of it, he brushed away the few leaves that covered most of the item. A small twinge of pain shot through his body and his stomach began to ache even more as he picked up two of Silvren’s necklaces. Standing up, he brushed off some of the dirt that had gathered on it and slowly walked back over to Aragorn.
“Her necklaces.” Legolas said hoarsely to Aragorn as he showed him the two necklaces he held within his dirtied hand.
“We must not tarry any longer.” Aragorn whispered as he gazed at the necklaces in Legolas’ open hand. “He knows she has the other ring.”

The three companions gathered up Boromir’s body and placed it, with his belongings, in one of their boats. They placed his shield at his head and his sword upon his body clutched within his lifeless hands. The tree of them pushed the boat out into the water and watched as the water carried the boat with their dead companion down the stream. Then the boat fell over the waterfall and out of sight.

“Come, we will not abandon the hobbits and Silvren to torment or death. Not while we have strength left. Leave all that can be spared behind.” Aragorn said to Gimli and Legolas as they stood on the western bank. “We travel light.” he added, sheathing his newly cleaned knife. “Let us hunt some orc.” he finished and then took off into the woods.
Legolas and Gimli looked over at each other and grinned mischievously. Together they took off after Aragorn through the woods in hopes of finding Silvren and the two youngest hobbits.


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