Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 48

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Silvren sighed and her eyes blinked open at the feeling of warm light filtering through her pavilion. She lay on her side facing the silk wall of her pavilion with her legs slightly curled beneath the soft blanket. She propped herself up on her elbow and saw that she was wearing the gown from the day before. She gently laid back down upon her pillow, gazing up at the silken ceiling. She sighed with content when she heard a muffled sigh come from the other side of her pavilion. Slowly, she turned her head to see Legolas sitting with his back and head leaning against the Mallorn tree as he continued to sleep. Silvren pulled back the blanket and quietly walked over to where he sat and curled up next to him.
“Legolas?” she murmured as she rested her head against his shoulder.
Legolas stirred and slowly opened his eyes, “Silvren?” he said softly as he slowly lifted his head from the tree trunk.
“What happened?’ she asked as she lifted her head to gaze up at him.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You fell asleep so I put you in your bed and then I couldn’t bear to leave our side.” he recalled. “I didn’t mean to offend you.”
“Do not worry, you did not offend me. I only wished to know what happened.” she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
“I’ll go so you can change.” he said and gently kissed her on the fore head before exiting through the silken door.

Everybody was beginning to wake up as Silvren walked out of her pavilion wearing a blue gown resembling the blueness of the sky with dark blue trim around the hem. The sleeves split at the end of her shoulders and fell towards the ground, stopping at her elbows. Looking around, she saw the hobbits sitting at a small table as they began eating the breakfast that had been provided to them. Boromir sat on a jutting root, watching her in silence, his secret desires increasing at a rapid pace.
Silvren quickly glanced away from him and looked around for Legolas. When she didn’t see any sign of him, she gathered up the hem of her dress and ran lightly down the stone steps. She walked away from the company and into the woods in search of her loved one. She walked quietly among the silver trees with the yellow sunlight shining through the leaves and branches high above her head. Silvren could hear the soothing sound of running water over smooth rocks of the stream near by. How long she had been wandering around in the woods, no one knows.
Silvren sighed silently to herself and began walking slower at the sound of heavily booted feet behind her. She placed her hand on the rough trunk of a near by tree and slowly turned to face her follower.
* * *
“Where’s Silvren?” Legolas asked as he and Aragorn stepped out of the woods and into the clearing by the company’s pavilion.
“Oh, she went looking for you a little while ago.” Merry said as he munched on another apple. “Into the woods, that way.” he said pointing in the direction across from Legolas and Aragorn.
“Oh, and Boromir went that way not long after she did. I think he went to help her.” Pippin added, his mouth full of chewed up apple.
“Or himself.” Aragorn muttered as he and Legolas exchanged nervous glances. Together the two of them raced off into the woods in search of Silvren and Boromir.
* * *
A wave of sudden nervousness and fear washed over Silvren when she saw Boromir approaching her.
“Hello, Boromir.” she said meekly.
“My lady.” Boromir replied nodding his head.
“May I help you with something?” she asked dumbfounded at why he had followed her and not noticing the blue glow and slight warmth her ring was emitting.
“No, I just can’t help but watch you. You’re movements are so graceful and beautiful, like an angel sent from the Valar. So gentle and perfect are your ways.” Boromir muttered as he gazed at her like he was lost in a daze, longing to reach out and touch her.
“Boromir.” Silvren snapped.
“Why do you run from me, my lady?” he asked softly as he continued to approach her at a slow pace, and she edged away from him.
“Because you are not yourself today.” she said warily.
“Not myself?” he laughed nervously as he glanced around and took another frightening step towards her, the leaves crunching beneath his heavy boot.
“Stay away from me, Boromir, please.” her voice shook in fear as she said those words and stepped backwards.
“Stay away from you? Do you know how hard it is to stay away from a maiden who has captured your heart? You can hardly stand being away from Legolas.” he spat in disgust. “What good is he to you? He is just a spoiled prince.” Boromir snarled. Just talking about Legolas was painful and was like poison to him.
“Boromir!” Silvren gasped in surprise. “He is nobler than you are or ever will be. He would never speak so evilly against someone. He is better than you could ever hop to be.” she stated in a firm voice that seemed to pierce Boromir’s heart and make him madder.
“What honor does he have?” he hissed, his eyes not as gentle as they normally are.
“Enough to win my heart and love.”
“Come with me to Gondor. We will live together in happiness and peace.” he said in a suddenly soft tone.
“I am happy with Legolas. He alone makes me happy.” she insisted.
“I can make you happier, come with me.”
“No!” shouted Silvren.
“Who are you to deny me?” Boromir asked as he quickened his pace towards her, growing within several feet of her.
“Stay away from me.” she hissed as she stumbled backwards. Silvren picked up the hem of her dress and began running through the woods, dodging trees left and right. She could hear his heavy boots pounding on the ground as he ran after her.
Silvren glanced over her shoulder to see him gaining on her, which baffled her being that elves are the fastest race in Middle Earth. Turning her attention back in front of her, she barely saw the jutted root in front of her before her foot caught it and it tripped her. Silvren scrambled to her feet but could not run for her dress was caught on the root that sprang forth from the ground. She tugged at her dress but it would not come free. She began to panic and with one more hard yank her dress finally ripped free. Silvren took off running but was stopped dead in her tracks when Boromir stepped out in front of her from behind a tree. Boromir slapped her across the face, leaving a big red mark on her cheek as her hands immediately flew to her face.
“Boromir, please!” Silvren cried as she gaped at him in shock and then felt his strong hands shove her backwards into a nearby tree.
“You have no right to deny me. You will come with me to Gondor and I will have you as my wife. My father will then be the happiest father in all Middle Earth.” Boromir pointed his finger at her, his face inches away from hers as her entire body trembled with fear.
“If I told your father what you have done, I hardly believe he would be proud of you.” Silvren muttered.
“Maybe not, but I would have you, my father’s love and estate after he passes on, but you…you come before all the others.” Boromir said as his hands fell upon her partially bare shoulders. Silvren tried to push him off of her but his grip was to strong and she was in no position to knee him. “We would be happy together. We would live in a large house and have many children.” he smiled to which to she grimaced in disgust.
Silvren felt nauseous and shook uncontrollably as his face hovered above hers and his hands began trailing down her shoulders, trying to pull her sleeves with them.
“Boromir!” a loud and rough voice called out in anger.
Boromir jumped in surprise at the sound of his name and turned to face the intruder as Silvren sank to her feet, engulfed in freely flowing tears. Silvren held onto the tree with a tight grip and leaned against it for support. Through the strands of loose hair that hung in her face she could see Aragorn standing near by with rage written across his face and Legolas as he knelt in front of her.
Aragorn began speaking to Boromir in a harsh tone as Legolas laid a comforting hand on Silvren’s shoulder and calmly began speaking to her. Silvren reached out to him with her hand and fell into his arms with her face pressed against his chest and the loose strands of hair still dangling in her face as he held her tightly. He held her for some time, stroking her hair and gently rocking back and forth in a calming motion. His stomach felt ill and his heart was filled with rage and sorrow and pain.
“Shh, it’s alright now. I’m here for you.” he whispered gently as he rested his head on top of hers. Aragorn and Boromir now out of sight.
* * *
Helping Silvren to her feet, Legolas and Silvren slowly began making their way back to where the company was staying. Silvren leaned on Legolas for support for her legs felt weak and her stomach remained twisted in knots.
“What’s wrong with Lady Silvren?” Pippin asked as Legolas helped into a chair by the table that sat outside the company’s pavilion.
“She’s just scared and not feeling well.” Legolas said as he sat down beside her.
“Scared of what?” Pip asked.
“Nothing.” Legolas said.
“Well, then-“
“Pippin, enough.” Merry hissed and elbowed him in the side.
Silvren glanced up as Aragorn and Boromir came trampling down towards them and Silvren quickly stood to her feet.
“I need to go.” she whispered to Legolas as she quickly walked away from them and dashed into her pavilion.

Silvren sat on the edge of her bed crying into her hands when the soft sound of footsteps and the flap to her pavilion opened brought her head up. She wiped her eyes as Legolas quietly sat down in the chair in front of her.
“Oh, Legolas, what do I do?” she cried.
“I don’t know.” Legolas whispered as he clasped her hand in his as he moved next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Silvren welcomed his warm embrace as she nuzzled closer to the warmth and security of his body. “I wish I could tell you.” he whispered and then all was silent.
* * *
Once again the fellowship stood before the Lord and Lady of Galadhrim for it was their last night in the safe woods.
“Now it is time,” Celeborn said, “for those who wish to continue on this quest to harden their hearts and leave this land. Those who no longer wish to go forward may re main here, but only for a while. But whether they stay or go, none can be sure of peace, for we have now come to the edge of doom. Here those who wish may a wait the oncoming hour, or we summon them to the last need of Lórien. Then they may return to their own lands or elsewhere.”
A long silence followed as Galadriel gazed at each member of the company before finally speaking. “They all resolved to go forward.” she said in a hushed voice.
“I will furnish your company with boats.” Celeborn continued speaking. “They must be small and light, for you will go far by water and there will be places where you will be forced to carry them. They shall be prepared for you before noon tomorrow. I will send some people to you in the morning to help you prepare for the journey. Now we wish you all a fair night and untroubled sleep.”
“Good night, my friends.” Galadriel said in a soft voice. “Sleep in peace. Do not trouble you hearts with the thought of the road tonight. Maybe the paths that you each shall tread are already laid before your feet, though you do not see them.” she gazed steadily at Boromir and then at the rest of the company. “Goodnight.”

The company departed and went down to their pavilion where they sat around the small area talking about the path they would eventually take. Silvren and Legolas sat a little away from them since she was ready to be too close to Boromir yet and together they talked amongst themselves. He tried persuading Silvren to remain behind, but she remained firm in her decision to go on. After that all was silent between them. This was their last night under the protective trees of Lothlórien. They would have no more peaceful rest or fresh food when they were hungry. They would continue their hard and grueling quest the following day.
* * *
“Never before have we clad strangers in the garb of our people.” Celeborn said as he and the other elves fastened delicate leaf-shaped brooches of the warm, grey cloaks that now hung around the company’s shoulders. “May these cloaks shield you from unfriendly eyes.”
Everyone turned and watched as Galadriel’s swan-shaped boat gently washed ashore and Celeborn gracefully walked over to her side. Offering her his hand, Celeborn gently helped her from the boat. She wore a white gown with a shimmering hooded cloak that covered her long golden hair. Silently, Celeborn walked her over to the fellowship and approached Legolas at the end of the line. She pushed back her hood as two maidens came up behind her carrying cloth wrapped packages.
“My gift for you, Legolas, is a bow of the Galadhrim. Worthy of the skill of our woodland kin.” she said in a soft voice as she handed him the elegant bow.
Legolas’ face glowed with awe as he ran his hands along the finely carved bow and pulled back on the string as he sighted down the bow.
“And for you, my dear granddaughter; a steel knife, forged by the greatest smiths. A weapon to conceal in your boot and carry with you at all times.” Galadriel smiled as she handed Silvren the small sheathed knife.
Carefully, Silvren drew the knife from its sheath, noting its beautifully engraved blade that was six inches long.
“These are the daggers of the Noldorin.” Galadriel said to Merry and Pippin as she placed the two small daggers in their hands. “They have already seen their service in war.”
Merry drew out his dagger and examined its sharp and shiny blade with awe while Pippin glanced from the dagger up into Galadriel’s eyes. “Do not fear, young Peregrin Took. You will find your courage.” she said kindly.
“And for you, Samwise Gamgee.” she said turning to face shy Sam. “Elven rope made of hithlain.” she said handing him a bundle of grey rope.
“Thank you, my lady.”
“And what gift would a dwarf ask of the elves?” Galadriel turned to face Gimli.
“Nothing,” Gimli replied without looking up as he leaned on his axe, “except to look upon the Lady of Galadhrim one last time. For she is fairer than all the jewels beneath the earth.” Gimli said as he looked up at her.
Galadriel laughed lightly as Gimli began looking around nervously and then turned back to her.
“Actually…there is one thing, to name a single strand of your hair, which surpasses the gold of earth.”
A murmur rose throughout the crowd as the elves and Celeborn gazed at Gimli in wonder.
“How shall I refuse, since I command him to speak? But tell me, what would you do with such a gift?”
“Treasure it, my lady.”
Galadriel smiled and cut off three golden strands of hair and laid them in Gimli’s hand then turned toward Frodo.
“I give you the light of Eärendil…our most beloved star.” she said as she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “May it be a light to you in dark places when all other lights go out.”
Galadriel turned and walked over to Boromir, placing a belt of gold in his hands. “And for you, a belt of gold, fitted to old your horn and sword.”

“I have nothing greater to give you than the gift you already bear.” Galadriel said to Aragorn after pulling aside from the company. “For her love, I fear the grace of Arwen Evenstar will diminish.”
“I would have her leave these shore to be with her people. I would have her take the ship to Valinor.” Aragorn said sadly.
“That choice is yet before her. You have your own choice to make, Aragorn. To rise above the height of all your fathers since the days of Elendil or to fall into darkness with all that is left of your kin. Farewell. There is much you have yet to do. We shall not meet again, Elessar.”
* * *
“Every league you travel south the danger will increase. Mordor Orcs now hold the eastern shore of the Auduin.” Celeborn said as he walked with Aragorn through the woods. “Nor will you find safety on the western bank. Strange creatures bearing the white hand have been seen on our borders. Seldom do orcs journey in the open under the sun, yet these have done so.” Celeborn said in a frustrated tone as he stopped walking and in both hands held out a curved, sheathed knife to Aragorn. “Le aphadar aen.” he said quietly as Aragorn unsheathed the knife to examine it. “By river you have a chance of outrunning the enemy to the Falls of Rauros.”
* * *
Silvren walked over to one of the boats Celeborn had provided them with and placed a few bundles of leaf-wrapped Lembas in the boat. She glanced around and saw many of the companions and other Lórien Elves helping load the boats with packages of supplies. Silvren walked back up the shore and picked up two more bundles and headed back down towards the boat.
As she was doing that, Legolas was busy loading another boat near Merry and Pippin. He placed one foot inside the boat while his foot remained on one of the large roots used as a dock. The two hobbits watched as he pulled out a piece of Lembas bread and gazed at it. “Lembas.” he said softly. “Elvish way-bread.” he took a small bite and looked down at Merry and Pippin who sat before him on the edge of the large root. “One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man.” he told them and set the bundle down with the rest of the Lembas and turned away, walking back for another load.
“How many did you eat?” Merry asked as he scooted closer to Pippin.
“Four.” Pippin answered as he turned to watch the others loading the boats, burping and groaning as he did.
* * *
“My dear granddaughter.” a sad yet sweet voice said from behind Silvren.
Silvren slowly turned around to see her grandmother walking gracefully towards her.
“Grandmother.” Silvren whispered quietly.
“I will miss you so much.” Galadriel said as sorrow filled her voice as she gazed into Silvren’s eyes.
“And I will miss you.”
“You must remain true to yourself and those that love you, even when you are on your own.” Galadriel said quietly. “If you do, then you will overcome anything placed before you.”
“On my own?” Silvren asked softly, her brows furrowed in confusion.
“Do not worry, for those who you hold dear will always be in your heart. May the blessings of the Valar go with you, my child.” Galadriel said softly and leaned forward, kissing Silvren on he forehead. “You must go.”
Silvren nodded and forced a small smile for her grandmother before turning back to the boats. Silvren walked down the shore to the boats as Sam carefully stepped into the boat he would share with Aragorn and Frodo. She saw the boat rock a little as the poor hobbit grasped the sides while trying to balance it.
Legolas already stood beside the boat they would use and helped Gimli step down inside it. Glancing up, a soft smile spread across his face as he watched Silvren approach. Reaching over with both hands, he gently grabbed her by the waist and lifted her into the boat.
“Thank you.” smiled Silvren.
“You’re welcome.” Legolas smiled back.
Gimli sat in the middle of the boat and Silvren sat in front of him while Legolas took his place in the very back of the boat.
All at once, three oars dipped into the still water and the fellowship drew away from the docks and into the stream’s current.

“I have taken my worst wound at this parting.” Gimli said in a sad tone as they paddled down the long branch of water that would lead to the Auduin River. “Having looked my last upon that which is fairest.” he sighed as he gazed upon the stream that lay before them. “From henceforth I will call nothing fair unless it be the lady’s gift to me.”
Legolas grinned from behind Gimli as he continued paddling and gazed at the back of Silvren’s head. Her short hair had grown an inch or two but he still missed her long hair. The feel of her long, silky hair between his fingers was nothing but a memory now.


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