Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 39

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“It took you long enough.” Arwen teased Silvren as she entered Frodo’s chamber, wearing a grey, long sleeve dress.
“Legolas spotted me.” she replied, realizing that her father and Gandalf were no longer there.
“Understood.” Arwen smiled, she too waiting for her loved one to arrive safely.
“So what are we doing with Frodo?” Silvren asked as she followed Arwen around the quiet room.
“We will be taking alternating shifts with Míriel; washing his wound, watching over him and changing his bandage every few hours.” Arwen said as she set the different supplies out on a small table.

Several hours passed by, seeming to pass very, very slowly as Arwen and Silvren watched over the sleeping Frodo. It wouldn’t be until three days later that they discovered a fragment of the blade still lodged within his shoulder and were able to remove it.

The next afternoon, Silvren was walking around the veranda when she noticed several figures walking through the arched gate that led to the east. Her heart leapt with excitement when she saw it was Aragorn with the remaining hobbits and their small pony.
“Father! Aragorn has arrived!” Silvren called out as she ran to the curved staircase that led from the veranda to the open patio below, her skirts caught up on her hands so not to trip as she took the steps two at a time.
“Aragorn, mae govannen.” Silvren said as she approached the small group and threw her arms around Aragorn’s neck, her breathing slightly ragged as she smiled at her foster-brother.
“Mae govannen, Silvren.” Aragorn smiled at her with relief as she pulled away and Lord Elrond walked down the steps and walked towards them as well. “These are the hobbits, Sam, Merry and Pippin. “Aragorn introduced them to Silvren and Elrond; the hobbits gazing in awe upon the two elves. The hobbits seemed to take in their surroundings bit by bit as Elrond began talking to Aragorn and slowly started walking away from the hobbits. Sam stared warily at Silvren, but seemed fascinated with her at the same time. She smiled at him, which caused him to blush and tilt his head towards the ground.
“Is this your pony?” Silvren asked as she walked towards Sam and the light brown-colored horse.
“Um…yes, my lady.” Sam said shyly.
Silvren laughed merrily as she stroked the pony’s mane. “Does he have a name?”
“Yes. His name is Bill.”
“Come, don’t be shy. Let’s go put Bill in the stables.” Silvren said to the small hobbit.
Sam nodded in agreement as he took a hold of Bill’s reins and started after Silvren, glancing about the overwhelming city as they walked along the stone path that he assumed led to the stable.
“Um…Silvren?” a small voice said from behind her.
“Yes?” she asked and glanced over her shoulder at Sam.
“What about Mr. Frodo? Is he going to be all right?”
“Don’t worry about Frodo, he is in good hands and will recover in due time.”
Sam smiled nervously at her words and looked over his shoulder at the other two hobbits that had began to lag behind, taking everything in as they followed Sam and Silvren, taking in all their surroundings.
Silvren led them down a path close to the long, winding river as Merry and pippin had to run in order to catch up to her and Sam. The next few days were long and hard as Silvren spent most of her time tending to Frodo with her sister and Míriel and the remainder of the time being followed by the youngest hobbits who hounded her with array of questions about elves and their glorious cities. She even noticed, that during that period of time when Frodo was still bedridden, that Sam sat in a wooden chair in front of Frodo’s door when he was not permitted in the room, twitching anxiously to be by his master’s side once again. Even though Merry and Pippin had a tendency to get on her nerves and would not leave her be when she was away from Frodo, she grew quite fond of them and of Sam, who still watched her and the other elves with the eyes of a child opening gifts their gifts on their birthday.

Finally, on the afternoon of October the twenty-fourth, Silvren was able to escape both tasks of tending to the hobbits and sat on a stone bench upon one of many terrace, enjoying the quiet air of the afternoon that surrounded her.
“Good afternoon, Lady Silvren.” a cheery and aged voice called out in common tongue.
Silvren turned her head and looked over her shoulder to see Bilbo walking towards, leaning on his old walking stick for support. His wavy, silver hair that surround his head blew slightly in the cool autumn breeze and his bright eyes shone in the sunlight from beneath his white brow, wrinkles developing on his face as his age slowly began to catch up to him. His friendly smile warmed her heart and lifted her spirits as he walked towards her.
“Looking beautiful as always.” Bilbo complemented her gleefully as she stood up and knelt in front of him.
“Good afternoon, Bilbo. You are far too kind.” she told him as she wrapped her arms around his small shoulders in a friendly hug.
“Plagh, there are no other elven maidens around here that I can spoil with such words.” he waved his free hand at her.
“Bilbo, there are plenty of other maidens around here.” Silvren cocked an eyebrow at him.
“They are not worth my time.” he said stubbornly.
“That is because you haven’t taken the time to get to know them.”
“Yes, well, I’m very picky with who I bless with my kind words.” he quickly said to her.
“Well, I can see that.” laughed Silvren. She had grown quite used to his games of stubbornness and quite enjoyed the challenge of tossing them back at him.
“Did you notice the Men and Dwarves arriving at the East Gate?” Bilbo changed the subject.
“Um, no. I can only assume that they have been summoned to father’s council tomorrow morning.” Silvren answered.
“Ah, I was hoping to gather a piece of information if possible, but I can wait ‘til tonight. There is a feast tonight, am I not correct?” he looked up at her with big, blue eyes.
“Aye, you are correct, my dear friend. A wonderful feast we shall be having tonight.” Silvren laughed, her eyes sparkling in the brilliant sunlight.
“Then I shall see you later this evening.” Bilbo said with a small bow before hobbling away.
“Good day, Bilbo.” she called after him and watched with a faint smile as he left.
* * *
The sun was shining brightly upon the safe-haven of Rivendell as Glorfindel walked across one of the enclosed bridges that arched over the small waterfall. He noticed the young maiden Limisil from Lothlórien sitting on a nearby terrace, but he paid her no attention. He continued walking until he came to a small terrace that overlooked the southern portion of Elrond’s garden. Quietly, he walked over to the railing and peered over the edge at his heart’s desire. Silvren and Legolas stood in the garden below talking as they tried to sort out their differences. Glorfindel knew his chances of winning Silvren were extremely slim especially if things went well with Legolas. He watched sadly as Legolas handed Silvren an autumn flower and stick another one behind the tip of her ear. He knew they had a strong friendship but that didn’t stop him from hoping.
Glorfindel was too busy watching Silvren to notice the maiden approaching from behind.
“My lord?” a quiet voice caught him off guard and he quickly turned around to see Limisil standing there. “Why are you so sad?” she inquired, clutching a leather-bound book to her small chest.
“Nothing.” Glorfindel shook his head while avoiding the maiden’s gaze.
“It isn’t nothing. I see that you are troubled and I want to help.” Limisil said firmly as she watched the elf who had at least 1500 years on her.
“My heart is aching and the one thing that can heal it is out of my reach.” Glorfindel answered and briskly pushed past her, leaving Limisil confused and slightly hurt.
* * *
“His strength returns.” Elrond noted as he stood with Gandalf at the railing of his study’s balcony as they watched Frodo and Sam on the terrace below.
“That wound will never fully heal. I fear he will carry it the rest of his life.” Gandalf said sadly.
“And yet to have come this far, the hobbit has shown extraordinary resilience to its evil.” Elrond said thoughtfully as he walked away from Gandalf and along the open walls of his study to a small table.
“It is a burden he should never had to bear.” Gandalf turned to face Elrond as the elf lifted a glass pitcher and poured some water into a glass goblet. “We must ask nothing more of Frodo.” the wizard shook his head with eyes full of sympathy as the delicate figure of Silvren appeared in Elrond’s doorway, neither of them seeming to notice.
“Gandalf, the enemy is moving.” Elrond’s voice was stern as he turned to face Gandalf, two long strands of his dark hair hanging in front of his shoulders, the wrinkles in his brow revealing that he was not as young as he once was. “Sauron’s forces are growing in the east. His Eye is fixed on Rivendell.” He emphasized the word ‘fixed’. “And Saruman, you tell me, has betrayed us. Our list of allies is growing thin.”
“His treachery runs deeper than you think. By foul craft Saruman has crossed orcs with goblin-men.” Gandalf said as he walked over to Elrond, neither of them noticed Silvren. “He’s breeding an army in the caverns of Isengard. An army that can move in sunlight and cover a great distance with great speed. Saruman is coming for the Ring.” Gandalf said in a low voice.
“We Elves do not have the power to conceal the evil of this Ring. We do not have the strength to fight both Mordor and Isengard!” Elrond started to lose his temper as Gandalf slowly began to walk away. “Gandalf…” Elrond called after the old man, “the Ring cannot stay here.” He watched as Gandalf stopped at the balconies edge and placed his aged hands on the cold, stone railing, gazing out at the calm, peaceful city below. Colorful leaves gently falling from the tree branches and floating down to the ground.
“So it has finally come to this?” Silvren spoke up from the doorway to Elrond’s study. “That a war will break out over Middle-earth now that he knows the Ring has been found and that I am the bearer of the first ring?”
“Yes, a war is in the making, but we must do our best to avoid one if possible. This peril does not belong to just us, it belongs to all of Middle-earth. They must decide now how to end this.” Elrond said to Silvren and Gandalf as she walked towards him. “You know our people are leaving these shores, Gandalf, who then will you look to?” Elrond slowly began to walk towards him. “The Dwarves? They hide in their mountains seeking riches; they care not for the burdens of others.”
“It is in Men.” Gandalf turned to face Elrond and Silvren with confidence. “We must place our hope in Men.”
“Men? Men are weak. The race of Men is failing. The blood of Númenor is all but spent, its pride and dignity has been forgotten.” Elrond said as he walked into the adjoining library and down a small flight of steps to the lower level of the library. “It is because of Men that the Ring is here today. I was there, Gandalf. I was there 3,000 years ago when Isildur took the Ring.” Elrond recalled his vivid memory in a low, sorrowful voice. “I was there the strength of Men failed. I led him into the heart of Mount Doom where the Ring had been forged, the one place it could be destroyed. It should have ended that day, but evil was allowed to endure. Isildur kept the Ring and the line of kings is now broken.” Elrond slowly turned around to face his daughter and the old wizard. “There’s no strength left in the world of Men, They’re scattered, divided, leaderless.”
“There is one that could unite them. One who could reclaim the throne of Gondor.” said Gandalf.
“Aragorn.” Silvren whispered.
“He turned from that path a long time ago. He has chosen exile.” Elrond said gravely. “What was it that you needed, Silvren?”
“A man by the name Boromir wishes to speak to you, Father.”
“Has he come with you?”
“He is waiting outside your study; he heard nothing of the conversation between you and Gandalf.”
“Thank you, Silvren. I’ll see you at the feast tonight.” Elrond said with a small bow then turned towards his study to meet this man Silvren had spoken of to him.

Silvren hurried to the feast wearing a lavender dress with silver trimming around the neckline and the hemming of the sleeves and a matching circlet on her head. The sleeves of her dress draped low towards the ground and a silver belt of twisted rope was tied around her delicate waist and hung down the front of her dress. Her dark hair was twisted back and then secured with a silver ribbon and hung down her back. Tiny silver flowers had been fixed in the twisted stands of her hair. Silvren walked up to the table where she seated herself next to Arwen beneath a white canopy. She hated sitting up there with her sister and always felt as if everyone’s eyes were upon her. She had much rather sit on the other side of the table with her friends Míriel and Anariel. Her eyes drifted around the crowed table and she saw Frodo happily conversing with one of the Dwarves that had long, white hair. Down at the other end of the table was
Merry, Pippin and Sam, all three of them arguing over their seating arrangements and quietly, Silvren
laughed to herself.
“My lady.” a familiar voice said.
Silvren turned her gaze across the table where Legolas bowed slightly and smiled at her.
“My lord.” she said with a nod of the head. “Where is Míriel?” Silvren asked as Legolas sat down across from her.
“Probably still getting ready.” Legolas teased.
“She isn’t as slow as you make her out to be.” Silvren defended her friend.
“Yes but where’s the fun in not tormenting her?” Legolas cocked an eyebrow at her.
Silvren rolled her eyes with a small sigh and slowly began eating her meal that was set before her.

Throughout the entire meal, Legolas could barely keep his eyes off Silvren, even when Míriel came in late and hurried over to her brother’s side.
Arwen, being the know-it-all-sister she was, noticed Legolas’ gaze and pinched Silvren on the leg just as she was to take a bite of her food.
Silvren bit her tongue to keep from squeaking and her eyes flashed angrily at her sister, Arwen, who was lifting her silver goblet to her mouth, a small smile shining on her fair face.

When the feast finally came to an end, Elrond led his guests through several halls and doors to the Great Hall. Arwen and Silvren walked not far behind him and Legolas several paces behind Silvren, other elves and men between them.
“Oh! Hullo, Lady Silvren.” came a small voice next to Silvren.
Looking down to her right, Silvren saw Pippin walking beside her, his light, curly hair hanging about his head and a small, innocent smile upon his innocent little face. “Hello, Pip.” Silvren smiled down at him.
“That was a wonderful feast.” he said with a satisfied smile on his face and his right hand resting on his abdomen.
“I’m glad you liked it. Maybe you’ll find the music just as pleasing.”
“I sure hope so.”

At last they came to the Great Hall that had a bright fire burning in the hearth between carven pillars that were on either side of it. Silvren walked over to the far side of the room and leaned on the stone pillar, gazing around at the different races of people that filled the room.
Legolas found his way over to where Silvren was standing and leaned on the other side of the pillar and stroked her long hair as they listened to the songs the elves began to sing. Silvren watched as the hobbits walked past her and made their way to the garden below, she turned and watched as Merry and Pippin danced and sang songs from the Shire. They danced about the stone path with their arms linked together and spun around in circles. A small smile spread across her face and she turned to look at Legolas but noticed that he was talking to Elladan. Quietly, she slipped away from the stone pillar and ran lightly down the stone steps to the opening below that was surrounded by colorful flowers and green trees.
“Have you come to listen to me sing?” Pippin called out anxiously when he saw her walking towards them.
“I’m singing too.” Merry glared at Pippin.
“Well, have you?” Pippin ignored his cousin.
“Well I was actually going for a short walk but I can if you want me too.”
“Please, we would enjoy your company more than anything else.” Pippin tried to sound like a proper person as he bowed slightly, causing the others to giggle.
“All right.” Silvren said and seated herself on a stone bench next to Sam and Frodo and Bilbo.
“I know one that we could sing. Come on, Merry!” Pip said excitedly. “Ready?”
“Yes, Pip.”
“Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle we go,” they stared to sing then began dancing along with the song.
“To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
But there still be
Many miles to go.
Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain
And the stream that falls from hill to plain.
Better than rain or rippling brook,
Is a mug of beer inside this Took!”

Silvren couldn’t help but laugh when they finished their Hobbit drinking song then bowed before her and the other applauding hobbits.
“Oh, that was lovely.” she said still laughing and clapping her hands together.
“Thank you.” Pippin said, beaming with happiness at her words.
“Come on now, it’s getting late and Frodo has a council to attend in the morning.” Bilbo said rising to his feet when he saw Legolas leave the hall start towards them. He hurried the younger hobbits in front of him with his walking stick as Frodo and Sam followed behind him. Of course Merry and Pippin had caught a glimpse of Legolas walking down the stone steps and they shared a series of giggles and whispers with each other.
Silvren watched as the hobbits disappeared down the stone pathway and then turned upon hearing Legolas’ light footsteps approaching from behind.
“I was wondering if you would like to dance?” Legolas asked, his eyes sparkling in the moonlight.
“I’d love too.” Silvren gladly accepted his extended hand and stood up as the hobbits vanished completely from her sight.
Legolas slipped his hand around her waist and took her right hand within his left. “I believe I have some competition.” he smirked at her.
“What on earth are you talking about?” Silvren glanced up at him with questioning eyes.
“The hobbits, they have grown quite fond of you and I believe I’m going to be competing with them for your attention.”
“Don’t be silly. You’ll always take priority but I can’t leave them out or it’ll break their hearts.”
“Don’t worry, I understand.” Legolas smiled as they danced about the stone path.
“Are you going to the council tomorrow?”
“That’s why I’m here.” he answered.
“I’m glad you are.” she smiled softly, gazing up into his blue eyes with her gentle grey ones.
“Aye, me too.” Legolas whispered and bent down, pressing his lips against hers.
Silvren smiled as Legolas drew her in close and tucked her head beneath his chin. Legolas rested his head on hers, happy to have her in his arms once more.

Several minutes later, the two elves walked hand in hand under the dark, moonlit and star speckled sky towards the lake. The lake shone brilliantly beneath the moon’s pale light and reflected the tiny stars from above.
Legolas let go of Silvren’s hand and jumped into the lake with a loud splash, soaking his nice velvet clothes. He swam about the water while Silvren sat on the grassy bank watching him.
“Com on.” he beckoned to her.
“I can’t.” she smiled at him.
“Why not?” Legolas asked as he swam back towards the shore, the water rippling away from his body.
“Look at me.” she said standing up and smoothing out her dress which had crystals that shimmered in the moonlight like the stars in the sky above.
“So?” he said and snatched her wrist, pulling her into the water with him.
“Oooh.” She stuttered as she stood up in the knee-high water. “Y-yo-our g-going to p-pay for –th-
“Why?” he laughed at her.
“Elr-rond’s not going t-to be h-happy.” Silvren clutched her arms about her, her wet dress cling tightly to her slender body and slightly chilling her skin.
“Ooh, I’m so scared.” Legolas teased.
“Oh, my new dr-dress.” she muttered as she climbed out of the lake.
“Since when do you care about your clothes?”
“You’re going to pay for that.” she said as she stood on the grass shivering in the cold air.
“Come on, get back in, you’re already wet.” Legolas smiled, rather liking the way her dress clung to her maidenly form.
“Come on.”
“I’m going back.” Silvren said stubbornly and turned away and started walking back up the dirt path.
Legolas jumped put of the water and ran up behind her, grabbing her arm, he pulled her back into the water.
“Legolas!” she squeaked. “No!”
“Why?” laughed Legolas.
Silvren glared at him through the brown strands of hair that hung in her face then splashed him in the face. Legolas closed his eyes as the water ran down his face and dripped off his chin into the water.
“Now I know why Míriel is always mad at you.”
“I torment in a brotherly manner. I torment you differently.” Legolas said and then splashed her back.
They continued splashing and dunking each other like young children until it grew late in the evening.


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