Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 37

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“My Lord Elrond, Gandalf needs your assistance!” Legolas shouted to the Elven-lord as he and his sister rode through Rivendell’s East Gate, both of them returning from their part of Gandalf’s mission.
A grave expression was written on Elrond’s face as he gazed down at the two arriving elves and slowly nodded his head. He didn’t want to do this but he knew it had to be done and Gandalf had wanted no one other than Silvren to carry it out. Elrond pushed himself away from the balcony railing he stood at and started walking down the corridor to Silvren’s room.

It was a cool October afternoon and Silvren was sitting in her room reading a book she was borrowing from Bilbo when a soft knock sounded from her door and her father stepped into her room, closing the door behind him.
“Silvren.” Elrond said sternly as he walked over to where she was sitting in her red-velvet chair.
“Yes, Atar?” Silvren looked up from the book she had been absorbed in. The smell of autumn filling her room as they leaves began to change colors.
“I have an important errand I need you to do for me and Gandalf.”
“Go on, Atar.”
“You remember the errand I sent Aragorn on, do you not?” he asked her.
“Yes, I do.” Silvren nodded her head.
“I need you to ride towards the Shire and find Aragorn and the hobbits that are with him. I fear something evil will happen to the Ringbearer and we need you to find him and bring him back to us. Can you do this?”
“Yes. When shall I leave?”
“At dusk. Frodo is the one bearing the Ring and must be brought here as quickly as possible. You must be wary of the nine Nazgul. They will be hunting him down as well, remember no man can kill them.” he said in a flat tone. “Do you understand?”
“Yes, Atar.” Silvren replied nervousness and excitement tingling through her nerves.

Later that afternoon, Silvren took a warm, relaxing bath then prepared her knives and clothes for the following trip. She would were a dark and light green, suede riding outfit with a cream colored underskirt
beneath it and she would wear her twilight-grey boots with it.
“Your father told me about the trip you’re taking tomorrow.” Legolas said as he slipped into her room unnoticed.
“Oh. Hello, Legolas.” Silvren whispered as she continued pulling out the items she would need for her mission.
“What are you going to do if you run into a Ringwraith?” Legolas asked her as he sat down on the edge of her bed. “Or worse yet, all nine of them?”
“I don’t know yet. Fight them off if need be, but if I’m able to, I’ll just outrun them.” she whispered as she sank down onto the bed beside him, already in her purple nightdress so she could get some rest before leaving.
“Are you sure about this? I’m really going to be worried about you.” Legolas said.
“Yes. Gandalf appointed me to do this, so I have to do this. Hain รบ-`rogon.”
“All right, I’ll leave you to your rest.” Legolas sighed and kissed her on the cheek before standing up and walking towards her door.
Silvren watched as he walked away and then shut her elegantly carved door behind him. She let out a small sigh of exhaustion and laid back on her bed, staring up at the arched ceiling above her, the stonework full of entwined carvings. Slowly, she fell asleep.

Later that evening, several hours after Silvren had fallen asleep; she woke up and saw the sun had begun to set in the west. Silvren sighed nervously and stood up from her bed and walked over to the chair she had piled her clothes on top of. Silvren pulled off her nightdress and put on her undergarments then the green and cream-colored riding outfit. When she had finished getting dressed, she brushed out her long hair and pulled several portions back into many small twists and bound them together, one of the many elven-hairstyles Arwen had taught her to do. Silvren sighed as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror then turned around and picked up her leather quiver and strapped it to her back, buckling the golden buckle that crisscrossed over her chest. Her knives, bow and arrows were already placed in her quiver where they belonged and then she remembered two more things. Silvren walked over to the side of her bed where her ring sat on a small night-stand, secured to a silver chain, and her small sheathed knife lay beside it. She picked up the necklace and draped it around her neck then picked up her knife. She looked over its elegantly carved handle then placed it in the top of her boot. “I’m ready.” Silvren breathed then left her room, gently closing her door behind her.

“Be careful and quick.” Elrond advised Silvren as she readied Asfalas for the long trip. “They will be following the West road towards Trollshaws. Please be careful and do your best to avoid the Wraiths.” Elrond said hastily.
“I will.” Silvren said as she mounted Asfalas’ back and gazed down at her father, then at Legolas who stood several feet behind him, watching from a distance.
“Go.” Elrond hissed. “Noro lim, Asfalas.” he whispered to her horse which tool off down the dirt path, strands of Silvren’s hair flowing about behind her as Glorfindel and Legolas watched her ride away. She galloped out the West Gate and onto the West Road, a grey mist beginning to settle over the land as all but one little ray of sunlight peered over the horizon then quickly vanished. The little, white stars could barely be seen yet as she and Asfalas quickly rode down the dirt rode together. She could hear the faint sound of an owl hooting somewhere in the tall trees that lay on either side of the rode and the sound of the wind whistling past her ears. She rode all that night and the next day before stopping to get some rest.
For two days nothing happened on the dirt trodden road, but on the evening of the third day, a dark ominous cloud overtook the clear sky. She gazed up at the sky and knew that soon it would rain so she hid her unlit torch beneath the folds of her green suede overdress to keep it from getting wet. Soon, the rain began to fall from the sky above, at first it came slowly, then it gradually fell faster. The clear droplets fell upon her like little pebbles, dampening her hair and turning the dirt road into a path of mushy mud.
A bright bolt of lightening streaked across the dark sky in front of her, outlining the large puffy clouds that lay stretched out across the sky. The sound of numerous hooves trudging through the muddy road behind her caught her attention and Silvren slowed her horse down and turned her head around. Several strands of wet hair hung down the sides of her face and little drops of water dripped from the ends as she noticed several dark black horses with black saddles and bridles galloping towards her. Her eyes lit up in surprise and her heart leapt within her chest at the sight of the tall dark figures clothed in black robes and gauntlets sitting on the back of the horses. She could see that they had no face and at once a small shiver ran up her back as the word ‘Nazgul’ ran resounded in her head as she pulled Asfalas to a complete stop.
Silvren pulled out her dry torch knowing that they were afraid of fire and much to her favor, the hard rain had slowed down to a mere drizzle. ‘Four, Four Ringwraiths.’ she counted in her mind as she lit the torch with a piece of flint and debated what to do next as the Ringwraiths slowed down, still a good distance away. Silvren waited to see what they would do next but they made no move towards her, they only reined their horses to a stop and watched her.
“You are to come with us, She-elf.” the foremost Wraith said in a bone-chilling voice.
“No.” Silvren said and propped the torch firmly between her knees and reached back for her bow and an arrow. Silvren found a small bottle of a special oil in the side pocket of her overdress dipped the tip of her arrow in it. Holding her bow in her left hand with the arrow set to the string in her right, she dipped the clothed tip of the arrow in the fire of her torch and quickly took aim at one of the Wraiths. She released the flaming arrow and watch as her experiment flew through the air and struck one of the Wraiths in the empty hood where the face belonged, the black robes quickly engulfing in flames.
A high-pitch, blood gurgling shriek erupted from the Nazgul as his horse threw him of its back and ran off into the woods. The remaining three looked from their blazing torch of a companion that was running away over to her and she knew that they were not happy and neither would Legolas when he heard about this, if she would live to tell him about it, she thought. She inhaled deeply and gazed steadily at the three Wraiths, her stomach feeling heavy and her heart twitching within her.
The foremost Wraith unsheathed its cruel looking blade with a metal hiss and rode up to her as she put her bow away. Silvren held the torch in her left hand and drew forth her sword, which she rarely used, with her right hand.
“Give up now, She-elf.” the Wraith hissed in a low and rough edged voice.
“Why should I?” Silvren questioned him, knowing her father would frown upon her for challenging the Wraith instead of fleeing from it.
“Your quest is pointless. Give up now.” it challenged her, stopping several feet from Asfalas.
Silvren felt her horse tremble beneath her, fear not only clenching Silvren’s heart but her horses also.
“Never.” Silvren seethed through her teeth, her eyes locked upon the emptiness beneath the hood as she held up her sword, ready to fight her foe even if it cost her life. “Go back to the land of Mordor and take your foul friends with you.”
The Wraith hissed a venomous hiss; the empty space where a face belonged seemed to stare right at her. She could feel his anger floating around his body and knew that if she could see his eyes they would be filled with a terrible burning flame of rage. She had a feeling that something devious was going on because the Wraith only sat in his saddle as his horse stomped impatiently at the hard ground.
The wind changed direction behind her and she turned her head ever so slightly to the side, sensing something else. Silvren felt a sudden breeze of deadly cold air whipping past her neck and she ducked her head very quickly, a rugged blade of one of the Wraiths sung over top of her bowed head. She kicked Asfalas into a gallop and the horse ran out from between the two Wraiths and then turned to face them. Glancing about her, she realized one of the Ringwraiths was uncounted for and could be lurking about in the dark shadows that lay around her. She waited as the two Wraiths rode towards her and she held up her torch in her left hand, her sword and reins clutched within her right hand.
The one Wraith swung its blade at her and she blocked the metal blade with hers, waving the fiery torch in front of its invisible face and catching its robes aflame. That Wraith leapt from his horse’s back and ran off into the woods with his horse galloping after him. Turning her head, Silvren glared challengingly at the second Wraith, strands of her brown hair dangling in her face and small beads of sweat developing on her forehead. The Wraith tilted his head downward and glanced at the burning torch in her hand then shrieked a high-pitch shriek.
Out of the darkness, the third Wraith that had been missing lunged at her, his harsh-bladed sword in his gauntlet-covered hand. Instinctually, Asfalas darted out of the Wraiths’ way and turned back around to face them.
“What is it that you want from me? I have nothing you desire.” she inquired, forgetting about the ring the hung around her slender neck and hid beneath her dress’s neckline.
“Our master seeks you. Come with us and bring the Halfling with you.” one of the Wraiths hissed, a harsh and chilling hiss that sent tingles up and down her spine.
“No. I want nothing to do with you or your master. Now flee before I make you a living torch like your friends.” she seethed, narrowing her piercing blue eyes at them.
The Nazguls shrieked in outrage and their horses gnawed at their metal bits while white foam dripped from their mouths like the clear drool that drips from one’s mouth.
Silvren watched as the angered Nazguls turned their horses back around and fled southward. Sighing
with relief, she gazed up at the sky and saw that the stars were still covered and lightning still flashed across the black clouds. She waited a second, letting her heart rate slow back down and her nerves to calm back down. Silvren glanced about her then nudged Asfalas into a gallop, determined to find Aragorn and the Hobbits before the Nazguls did.

Hain รบ-`rogon= I do not fear them


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