Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 36

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The sun had set and the stars were glittering brightly in the dark sky as Silvren, Legolas and Gandalf sat alone in Silvren’s bedroom. Away from all the other elves and safely in the privacy of Silvren’s room.
“Where is your ring?” Gandalf asked Silvren as he sat down in front of her desk and Legolas in the chair across from him.
“Kept safely in a secret box.” Silvren replied from where she sat next to Legolas.
“Good, though you may not want to leave it there much longer.”
“Let me tell you some more of this ring before I answer that. Your ring was forged by the great Elven-smiths that forged the Rings of Power. But yours was the first to be made. It was named the Ring of Ages, but it was decided that it held more power they had intended it too, so they put it away for safe keeping; intending never to use it. The Elven-king Gil-galad was the one who held onto it and it was him who decided that only one person would be able to control how it was used and that elf would not be born for many centuries and on the night of a great thunderstorm.”
“How is that?” Silvren asked Gandalf.
“He was one of the elves that oversaw the rings making so in that, he had a say in how they were to be used. The point that the elf was not to be born for many centuries was in hopes that all would forget about that ring and it would never be used, but little did he know that the very person he would give it too, would be the father of the ring’s future owner. This ring sheds a soft blue light when danger is near and will help guide you in the right direction when you are lost.” Gandalf said then paused as he puffed on his long, wooden pipe.
“It doesn’t sound all that harmful.” Silvren furrowed her brow.
“Oh, but it is. It also has the power to heal others when they are mortally wounded. It can also save all elves or kill each and every one of them.”
“That’s awful.” Silvren gasped in horror.
“Yes. But once the One Ring is destroyed you have no longer need to worry about it; for all the Rings of Power will lose their power once the One is destroyed. But you must be careful not to wear it too often for he can control you through it if he finds the Ring.”
“Then what am I to do?” Silvren asked meekly as Legolas reached over and took her hand within his.
“Wear it on a chain around your neck, occasionally wearing it on your finger. Whatever you do, you must be very careful not to use it too often or lose it, for it is very possible that he can alter its ownership and use it himself. He is the only one that can change who is able to wield it and therefore he must not get his hands on it.” Gandalf said sternly.
“Is that why Atar doesn’t like me wearing it often?”
“Precisely. Now, I am weary and need my rest, I’ll see you tomorrow if I haven’t left for Minas Tirith yet.” Gandalf smiled a warm and friendly smile as he stood up and walked towards Silvren’s closed door.
“Good night, Gandalf.” Silvren and Legolas called out to their dear friend as he walked away.
“Good night to both of you.” he smiled once more then disappeared out her door and shut it behind him.
“Wow. That was definitely a lot of news for one night.” Legolas glanced over at Silvren.
“I agree. I never imagined my ring more than a gift from my father.” she sighed and stood up from her seat, walking over to the balcony that overlooked one of the small waterfalls.
“Well, now you know that you hold something very important and are more than a troublesome elf that thinks she is unworthy of a prince.” Legolas teased her as he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms and her small waist and rested his chin upon her slender shoulder.
“Oh, Legolas, stop teasing me.” she sighed as a small smile played at the corners of her soft lips.
“I’ll never stop teasing you. I love you too much to do that.” he placed a small kiss on her cheek.
“Yuck.” she said playfully as she pulled away from him and walked towards the center of her room.
“Oh, really?” Legolas cocked an eyebrow at her as he slowly strode towards her.
“Maybe.” she tried not to smile as she gazed down at the stand of hair she was twirling around in her fingers.
“Well, I’ll just have to change your opinion about that.” he grinned as he placed another one on her cheek.
“Not now, Legolas. I have a lot on my mind and I think I need some rest.” she sighed and laid her head against the soft, dark and light green doublet that he wore over his light blue tunic.
“All right. I’ll save that for another time.” he smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close as she closed her eyes and took in the sweet fragrance of his body.

Early the next morning, just as the sun was beginning to peek over the mountains and a cool layer of dew topped the green grass and blossomed flowers, Gandalf stood, ready to depart Rivendell, in front of the Homely House with Elrond. Silvren was still asleep and Legolas was packing his bags for his departure later that afternoon.
“If you wish, I would like you to have Silvren ready to leave if need be. I may need her help in getting the Ring and its bearer here safely. I do not know when I’ll need her assistance or even if I will, but will you have her ready in case the need is there?” Gandalf muttered to Elrond, his blue eyes and grey brows peeking out from beneath his large, pointed grey-blue hat.
“I can do that, my friend. How will I know when to send her out and where?” Elrond said in a grave and serious tone.
“A friend of mine will come and inform you of when. The direction will mostly like be form the city of Bree or Amon Sûl. It may still be some time though.”
“Good luck and be wary, the roads have grown ever dangerous. You know the Nine are about and what they seek.” Elrond said in a low voice to which Gandalf slowly nodded his head then turned and rode out of the city’s east gate.

“When will you come back?” Silvren asked Legolas as they Ranel out of the stable and towards the East Gate.
“I’m not sure. I hope to come back soon, but with the shadow growing in the east, I cannot be certain.” Legolas said sadly.
“Be sure to tell Míriel and the twins hi for me.”
“I will, they will be glad to hear from you.” Legolas smiled as the approached the courtyard and the gate he was to leave by.
“Well, I hope to see you soon.” Legolas turned to face Silvren after they had stopped walking. No other elves were around as they stood in the quiet air that surrounded them.
“Me too.” Silvren sighed then silence hung over them for a few long seconds that seem very strange to them. “It’s so quiet.” Silvren whispered as her eyes gazed up at the sky and trees that stood around them.
“It is.” Legolas glanced up at the tree-tops. “Let’s hope the shadow doesn’t spread too quickly.” he glanced back down at her. “Good bye, Silvren.”
“Good bye, Legolas.” Silvren sighed and hugged him goodbye as he held her close then placed a small kiss on her forehead.
“Remember what Gandalf told you.” Legolas reminded her as he let go of her and stepped
backwards. “I love you.” he kissed her one last time.
“I won’t forget.” Silvren tried to smile as he leapt onto Ranel’s back and gazed down at her. “Im melin le.” she said softly and then watched as he smiled then rode off through the gate. Her light blue dress wrapped around her slender legs as a gentle breeze picked up and then died back down, strands of her hair also blowing about her face as she watched him leave. Her heart felt heavy and empty as she slowly turned around and began walking back to the house where she go find Anariel and spend some time with her friend.

Im melin le= I love you


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