Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 35

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Silvren arrived in Lothlórien early the next evening, ignoring Haldir’s questions of concern as she immediately sought out her grandmother’s comfort. She hurried up the winding staircase that led to her grandmother’s chamber, the most likely place she would find her grandmother. She paid no attention to those that cast looks of bewilderment and concern towards her.
“Silvren? What are you doing here?” Galadriel asked in surprise as she stood up from her bed and set the book she had been reading down on the bed.
“I couldn’t do it.” Silvren cried as she clung to her grandmother’s warm embrace, sobbing all the more. “I couldn’t do it and now he hates me. Nobody could ever love me after what I did to him.” she choked between sobs.
“Oh, Silvren. He still loves you. I have seen the way he cares for you and nothing, even what you told him last night could change that.” Galadriel hugged her youngest granddaughter, knowing in her mind and heart what had taken place not so long ago.
“But I was so cruel to him.” Silvren gazed up at her grandmother’s radiant and loving face.
“It matters not. I can foresee the future and he will come back to you. Looking for you and seeking to regain your friendship and love.” Galadriel comforted her.
“Are you sure?” Silvren sat back and wiped her eyes.
“More than ever. You are young indeed, but before long you will be ready and when you are ready he will be there waiting for you.” Galadriel smiled a sweet and youthful looking smile that seemed to hide the wisdom that lay within her blue eyes. “Now go to your room and get some rest you need it more than anything else right now.” she placed a gentle kiss on Silvren’s forehead.
“Thank you, Grandmother.” Silvren wiped her eyes and tried to smile but found that she could not as she left Galadriel’s embrace.
Silvren walked out of her grandmother’s chamber and walked across one of the walkways to the neighboring tree and walked up the winding steps to that tree, making her way to her flet. Once she made it to her flet, she collapsed on the bed without taking her cloak off and quickly fell asleep, too exhausted to cry anymore.

Two days later, Silvren was escorted back to Rivendell by Haldir and several other elves. She explained what had happened to Arwen, tears coming once more to her eyes as she did so. Arwen then told Elrond what had happened and both of them doing what they could to comfort the distressed elf. The months went by slowly and in January of 3016 Glorfindel finally came back to Rivendell and then the twins in March. Silvren spent most of her time talking with Bilbo whom she had grown quite fond of and playing with Alfirin and Fëanor who are now forty-two. Legolas had sent Silvren letters during those months but Silvren did not have the heart to right back to him.

It was a warm, summer day in June and Silvren was wandering about the Homely House. She wore a dark blue, silk dress with light blue, gauzy sleeves. Black ribbon that was outlined with golden thread and had blue flowers embroidered on it ran along the neckline of her dress. The soft fabric clung tightly to her chest and waist, accentuating her maidenly figure before flowing into a full skirt.
Silvren walked over to a balcony and gazed out at the path and trees below. She sighed and thought she heard the whinny of horses somewhere near the gate. Then she heard the familiar whinny of Ranel, Legolas’ horse. Silvren quickly looked to the side and saw Legolas ride through the stone gate to the East. He had come back for her just as Galadriel had said.

Legolas leapt lightly from Ranel’s back and glanced up at the Homely House, hoping to catch a glance of Silvren, whom he had come to talk to. He thought he had seen her on one of the balconies but she was gone when he glanced back. He figured that Lord Elrond would know where she was so he took off in search of the Elven-lord.

Silvren quickly walked away from the balcony and towards the other end of the hall to the far flight of stairs in attempt not to run into Legolas. Silvren slowly descended the circular staircase and walked out onto one of the terraces and down a small set of stairs into one of her father’s gardens. Silvren sighed as she walked over to a stone bench and sat down upon its cool surface beneath the shade of the tree that towered above her. She sat there for a long time, watching the butterflies flutter about the open flowers that lined the stone dirt path, the sweet smell of the summer-time flowers filling her nose as she forgot about everything else for the time being.
“Silvren?” a hushed voice asked from behind her.
Silvren jumped from being slightly startled and turned to see Legolas slowly approaching her, his face and eyes reflecting the sorrow that had built up inside him. She turned her eyes downward as the elf stopped beside her and hesitated before finding the courage to speak again.
“I would like to speak with you if that’s all right with you.” he said quietly, still standing beside her as the shade above them grew longer.
Silvren glanced at her clasped hands within her lap and began twisting them together as if she didn’t know how to reply to him.
“Would you like to walk among the trees?” he whispered in one last attempt.
Silvren nodded her head and slowly stood up from the stone bench, she walked quietly beside Legolas as he led her towards a tree-lined path they use to walk along all the time. Her heart was pounding and her nerves felt frayed for she thought surely he was angry at her and who was to blame him if he was? After all, she had broken his heart ever so cruelly.
Silence clung to the summer air as they walked along the dirt path beneath the tall trees, their overlapping branches hanging over the path and creating a nice shade for them to walk in. The only thing that could be heard was the distant birds and the leaves rustling in the soft breeze that blew about them.

“Silvren, these past two years have been the worst years of my life.” Legolas said as he came to a stop in the middle of the path. “I don’t know what to make of them; it all seems like a huge dream gone out of proportion in every possible way. Not only did you reject me the one time, but you never even answered my letters inquiring to how you were faring.” he continued as Silvren gazed down at the dirt path beneath her feet, guilt borrowing deep within her heart. “I didn’t know if you were ignoring me or if something had happened to you. It hurt me so badly.”
“Are you not angry with me?” Silvren glanced up at him. “You have every right to be angry with me and every right to hate me.” she felt tears beginning to well up within her eyes as she remembered that terrible night she had left him alone in the glade. Silvren quickly glanced down at some flowers as the tears began to trickle down the sides of her cheeks.
“Yes, I was angry for days.” he took her hands in his while gazing at her tilted head. “I couldn’t understand why you had let me kiss you the way I did and then tell me that you couldn’t marry me and then you just left me there. It troubled me and caused me great pain, but…I could never hate you, Silvren.” Legolas whispered. “Never could I do that. You and you alone have my heart, no matter what happens. You will always have my heart and love, even if I do not have yours in return.” his voice was full of pain and sorrow which caused her to cry even harder.
“It hurt like nothing I had ever felt before.” Legolas admitted, trying to fight back tears of his own.
“At least you didn’t cry. I cried all the way from the palace to Lothlórien and still cried while my grandmother tried to comfort me.” Silvren whispered, unable to bring her eyes up to his.
“I did, but you were not there.” he said softly.
“Please don’t torment me with this.” she whispered, slightly turning her head to the side.
“Torment? My love brings you torment?” he choked, clutching her hands tighter without meaning too. She, not knowing what to say as her tears made her unable to say anything else at that moment.
“Did I do something wrong? Not love you enough, not protect you? What?” he became desperate to know what was wrong. “I never came here to torment you, Silvren. Will you not let me love you as I should? I will protect just as well as your father and brothers. I want you to be my wife and the mother of my children!” Legolas blurted out to which Silvren finally gave in to her silent crying.

At that moment Elrond and Gandalf, who had come for a short visit with Bilbo, reached the beginning of the path, unnoticed by the other two elves, but just in time to hear Legolas’ finishing statement. Elrond’s face grew taunt and his jaw became locked at the prince’s words, he had hoped that Silvren’s rejection would have been the end of it and she would in turn marry Glorfindel, but he knew he should have known better. Elrond turned from the pathway and strode back towards the house, not knowing what he was going to do and forgetting his conversation with the old wizard for the moment.
Gandalf smiled to himself as he watch the young elves for a few silent moments and then turned to follow Elrond into the house, a smile still upon his old wrinkled face. “So, it is as I thought.” he murmured to himself and disappeared into the shadows of the house.

“I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” Silvren cried from where her head rested against Legolas chest. He had encircled her in his arms and held her close when she finally broke down and cried, he hadn’t meant to make her cry and the least he could do was try to comfort her. “I would never hurt you on purpose. Will you ever forgive me?”
“Yes, yes.” he whispered as he held her tighter and gently began to stroke her hair.
“Gerich meleth nîn, Legolas.” she looked up at him and whispered through tears. “I could love no other, but I’m not ready to say yes. All I ask of you is to give me more time and then, if you ever have the heart to ask me again in the future, I’ll be older and ready. Just not now.” she said quietly and laid her head back down on his chest.
Legolas smiled down at her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll give you all the time you need.” and then pulled her in closer, Silvren sighing with content as the streaks on her cheeks from crying began to dry.

The next day, Silvren was walking down the hallway towards the library when it dawned on her that Gandalf was visiting earlier than usual and meeting more with Bilbo and Elrond than usual. Knowing that Legolas had gone to the library to look for some books, she decided to find him and talk to him about it since he would be easier to find than Gandalf, but as she walked through the arched doorway, she, at once, spotted the old wizard hunched over several books at a wooden table all by himself.
“Excuse me?” Silvren walked up to him and quietly sought his attention.
“Ah, Silvren. What do you need, child?” Gandalf smiled up at her with his gentle blue eyes peeking out from beneath his grey brow.
“I was wondering if something of dire importance was going on?” Silvren felt somewhat uncomfortable asking him that and became even more nervous when his eyes seemed to grow stern and his warm smiled faded away.
“Sit down.” he commanded gently as he turned back to the open book in front of him. “You are wise for your age and I assume your father told you the history of the Last Alliance and what happened to the One Ring.” Gandalf raised his eyes to look at her across the table.
“Yes he and my mother both would tell me the history and stories behind it.” Silvren answered slowly, remembering how her mother would tell her about the battle as a bedtime story.
“You are a good friend of Bilbo, did he ever tell you the story about the ring he found?” asked Gandalf, his voice low so that others could not hear them.
“Yes he did. They cannot be the same can they?” Silvren asked with wide eyes as she stared at the wizard.
“Yes, they can and I believe they are, but I am not one hundred percent certain.”
“Silvren, Gandalf.” a quiet voice next to them drew their attention away from each other for a moment.
“Hello, Legolas.” Silvren smiled somewhat uneasily.
“Is something wrong?” Legolas asked, glancing between the uncertain expressions on Silvren’s and Gandalf’s faces.
“A great many things, join us if you would like.” Gandalf pointed to the empty seat next to Silvren.
“I will.” Legolas murmured as he pulled out the chair and sat down next to Silvren.
“Where was I?” Gandalf muttered to himself as he squirmed about in his seat, his brows furrowed together as if he was in deep thought.
“You were saying that you weren’t one-hundred percent certain about the Ring.” Silvren reminded him.
“Ah, yes.”
“The Rings of Power?” Legolas asked Gandalf.
“The Ring of Power.” he corrected him.
“But it’s been lost for centuries.”
“Has it?” Gandalf raised an eyebrow, leaving the elf to ponder that fact for a few moments. “Have you ever heard of the creature Gollum?”
“Yes. That’s the gangly creature Bilbo won the Ring from.” Silvren answered.
“I too have heard of him many a times.” Legolas nodded. “He dwelt in the Misty Mountains for many years.”
“Yes and he was the one that possessed the Ring for many long years until it left him.” Gandalf told them.
“It left him?”
“Yes and it was picked up by Bilbo when he became lost in the tunnels of the mountains.”
“So the Ring is in the hands of Bilbo?” asked Legolas.
“Not now. I was able to convince him to leave it with his nephew, Frodo.”
“Why?” asked Silvren, not understanding why Gandalf would do that.
“Because the Ring was beginning to take control of Bilbo and I have a feeling that Frodo has an important role to play with this Ring.”
“But you said that you’re not sure if it is the one.” she pointed out.
“Yes, I did. I’m on my way to Minas Tirith to look up one last bit of information before I perform one last test on the ring Frodo possess. Though I’m not truly certain, I have a strong feeling that the One Ring has been found after all these years.” Gandalf said in a hushed voice.
“What’s going to happen until then?” Silvren asked the wizard.
“Nothing much as far as I know, but you, my dear…have to be on your guard at all times.” he whispered.
“Why?” she asked somewhat cautiously.
“Because of the ring your father gave you when you were born.”
“What does that have to do with the One Ring?” Silvren felt extremely confused and lost.
“A lot more than you think.” Gandalf replied simply. “We’ll talk more on this matter later this evening.” he said and then stood up, walking away from the two elves and exiting the library all together.

Gerich meleth nîn= you have my love

*If any of you are interested, I have posted several of my drawings from this story on under elvenbaby. I haven’t posted all of them and most of the ones posted right now are my odler drawings and you can see the improvement over the years. Hope you guys chek it out!


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