Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 34

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“Where are we going?” she asked as Legolas led her through the dark, quiet woods.
“You’ll see.” he smiled mischievously. “It’s the pond you and Míriel use to always play by during the day, but I want to show you the unmeasured beauty it displays at night.”
“Will I like it?” she asked him.
“I think you will.” he stopped and turned around to look at her, still smiling. “Close your eyes.”
Silvren furrowed her brow and looked at him with a curious expression on her face. “But I’ve seen the pond many of times; can it be all that different at night?”
“Please? Come on, trust me.”
“All right.” she sighed and closed her eyes as he took a hold of her hands and placed a small kiss on her cheek.
“Thank you.” Legolas smiled and started guiding her down the dirt path that wound through the dark forest.

After a few minutes Silvren could sense the path opening up around her and realized that they were coming to a clearing that she had been in several times before.

“Can I open them yet?” Silvren asked anxiously.
“Hold on.” Legolas smiled at the anxiousness she was experiencing. Finally, Legolas stopped walking and stepped to her side. “All right, open them.”
Silvren opened her eyes and gasped at the sight that lay before her, she had never seen anything like it. The two elves stood in a small glade that was surrounded by tall trees that looked as if they could touch the stars. A small, blue pond lay several yards in front of them with a large willow tree growing next to it, the long branches dipping into the clear, blue water. Small flowering Lilly-pads were scattered across the pond as they floated on top the crystal water. Silver flowers grew in small patches all around the clearing and the silver stars shone like tiny diamonds in the dark sky which reflected off the water before them.
“It’s so beautiful. I-I don’t know what to say.” her voice grew fainter as Legolas drew extremely close to her.
Legolas raised his hand up to her face and tingles ran throughout her body as his fingers gently caressed her soft cheek. “You have grown so beautiful, not even Arwen can match your beauty.” he whispered to her.
Silvren watched as his gaze fell upon the two necklaces that were draped around her slender neck. She watched with wonder as his fingertips slowly ran over the silver, crystal pendant he gave her at the celebration over birth many decades ago.
“My necklace.” he murmured as he carefully picked up the silver necklace he had given her several years earlier. “You still have this?” he raised his brow with curiosity.
“Why wouldn’t I?” she looked up at his soft, blue eyes.
“It’s just a silly necklace I gave you.”
“No, you gave it to me to remember you by and I have. I’ll never part with it.” she whispered as his eyes turned from her necklaces to her eyes. Silvren’s heart skipped a beat at the loving glow she saw in his eyes, a love like none other she had ever seen. Her heart fluttered with mixed emotions as Legolas’ head tilted towards hers, the touch of his hands trailing up her neck to her face was soft and warm and electrifying.
Silvren closed her eyes, feeling his warm breath against her face, his lips nearing hers. His warm mouth gently covering hers; causing her heart to beat faster and a rush of heat and nervousness to surge through her body. She could feel the intensity of his emotions as his lips tenderly kissed hers. After what seemed like a long time, Legolas pulled away, resting his forehead upon hers. With a surge of unknown emotions, Silvren didn’t know what to say or think.
“Silvren,” Legolas whispered softly.
“Hmm.” she gazed up at him, her grey-blue eyes reflecting the brilliant stars that shone down on them.
“I love being around you and would give up anything to be with you day and night…when I’m around you, my day gets better. Life looks brighter, and nothing seems like it can go wrong.” he said raising his head from hers and gazed down into her eyes.
“Oh, Legolas.” Silvren started, suddenly feeling a little awkward.
“No, please. Let me finish.”
Silvren nodded her head in agreement and glanced down at the grass and flowers beneath their feet.
“But when you’re gone, the day seems long and dull. Every moment we are separated is like torture. I just want to be with you.” he said softly. “I can’t sleep at night because I’m busy thinking about you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You make life worth it. I love you.” Legolas whispered as he gazed lovingly down at Silvren.
Silvren’s heart began thumping within her chest, different emotions raging through her body as a tingle crept up and down her arms. Her mind was flooded with excitement and confusion.
“Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”
“Oh, I.” she didn’t know what to say to him.
Tears began to well up in her eyes for she knew that his love was true but she wasn’t sure if hers was real.
“Legolas, I don’t know.” she whispered looking down at the ground, beginning to feel a little sick.
“What do you mean?” he pulled his head back, his fair face questioning hers.
“Legolas, please!” she took a step backwards. The tears that had welled up had begun to flow down her cheeks as she gazed at him. “I have no doubt that your love is true but I’m still too young to know if mine is. And you deserve someone more like Arwen!” she shouted through sobs.
“What do you mean by that? You are the only one who has captured my heart.” he reassured her.
“But I’m always getting into trouble and would never make a good wife or mother or queen.” she cried and turned away from him. Silvren started back the way they had come when Legolas’ voice stopped her.
“Silvren, please.” his voice was heavy with grief. “Don’t do this to me. I love you the way you are, I don’t want you to change.”
The agony on his face ripped her heart to shreds, as she gazed at him through teary eyes.
“Please.” he whispered a barely audible plea, his own heart sinking further and further into his chest.
Silvren looked away as the tears came harder than ever, she had lost control of her emotions and she tried to move but found that she couldn’t. Her legs began to tremble and she sank to the ground her elbows resting on her knees as she cried into the palm of her hands. Everything she had ever wanted was right in front of her but for some reason she couldn’t reach out and grasp it.
Legolas slowly walked over to her side and knelt down beside her, his gentle hand coming to rest on her trembling back as tears fell from his own eyes. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly as she turned and cried into his shoulder, both of them crying.
“Oh, Legolas. I-I can’t do this. I’m not ready” she cried, her head sliding down to lean on his chest.
“I understand.” he said quietly. “But, you do care for me more than friend, right?” he longed to know whether or not there was more than a friendship in store for them.
“Oh, Legolas, I don’t know.” she cried as she pulled away from his chest and with a sudden burst of energy, Silvren stumbled to her feet and ran down the path towards the palace.
Silvren ran back to her room where she threw all of her belongings into her bag and threw her cloak around her shoulders.
“Silvren? What are you doing?” a quiet voice asked her and she quickly turned to see Míriel standing in her doorway.
“I must leave. I’m sorry.” she cried and made her way past her friend and to the stables where she found Asfalas happily asleep.
“Come, Asfalas, we must go.” she whispered in gentle horses’ ear.
Silvren mounted her horse and rode away from Mirkwood, tears still flowing down her cheeks.
* * *
Legolas could hear the sound of hoof-beats pounding against the hard ground as the disappeared into the distance. He felt as if his heart had been ripped right out of his chest and his stomach felt terribly ill. Legolas walked straight to his room, not wanting to talk to anyone else for a while. He didn’t know if he would be able to face his father, Elladan or anyone else for several days. He had never felt so much pain in his entire life before and couldn’t believe how painful it truly was to go through what he had just experienced. He was on the verge of tears as he entered his dark bedroom and the sound of a familiar voice caught him by surprise and Legolas whipped around to see his brother Celebdil standing in the shadows of his room.
“What do you want?” Legolas asked him, trying his best to hide his pain and not sound rude.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” Legolas sharper than he had meant to as he avoided eye contact with Celebdil.
“Legolas, what happened? You can’t hide it from me. I knew something was wrong the moment I saw Silvren ride away on her horse. Now you are not yourself, something is amiss between the two of you. Am I not correct?” Celebdil asked as he slowly approached his brother. Legolas stared at the tiled floor beneath his feet, to lost for words to saying anything to his brother.
“Will you not tell me?” Celebdil tried prying further; wanting to help his brother though he knew there was little hope for that.
“I can’t. You wouldn’t understand the pain I’m going through right now.” Legolas glanced up at him, only half of his face turned towards Celebdil.
“Try me and find out.” Celebdil said seriously, hinting at the fact that he had some unknown secret for himself. Legolas turned his whole face towards his brother and after several unspoken moments of silence had passed between them, Legolas told his story to Celebdil.


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