Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 33

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Many years had gone by before Silvren and her brothers finally saw Legolas and his family once more.

“So, you’re leaving for Mirkwood for a few days, aye?” Bilbo asked Silvren as he sat down on the stone bench next to her as she sat on an octagon-shaped balcony with an arched roof above them as they overlooked the trees and rivers below.
“Aye, that I am. Would you like to come?” Silvren smiled, knowing what his answer would be.
“Good-gracious, no!” he looked up at her. “It’s too dark and dreary there. “No, I think I shall remain here.” he muttered. “Besides, I have no need to go. I am old, Silvren, old I say. I have done seen and done my part in the world. Ah! But Prince Legolas! Imagine what he will say when he sees you. He hasn’t seen you for what, twenty-one years?” Bilbo smiled.
“I guess.” Silvren blushed as she gazed down at her hands that were clasped upon her lap.
“Oh, yes. I would like to see his expression when he sees you. Ah, you’ll just have to tell me.” Bilbo sighed. “Well, it’s getting late. Come, let’s go inside and get something to eat.
“All right.” Silvren smiled as she stood up and helped the elderly hobbit to his feet.
* * *
“Silvren, Silvren!”
Silvren woke suddenly and saw everything around her shaking. “All right!” she shouted to Arwen as she rubbed her eyes and sat up.
“Hurry or they’ll leave without you.” Arwen said as she stood up and moved out of the way.
“Aren’t you going?” Silvren threw back the covers and hurriedly put her grey travel dress on.
“No. I have no need to go there.” Arwen told her. “Here’s the bag you packed. I’ll make your bed for you. Now give me give a kiss and hurry.”
Silvren snatched her bag from Arwen’s hands and kissed her on the cheek and then hurried out the door as Arwen watched her go; a smile upon her fair face.

Silvren, her brothers and their escort arrived in Mirkwood a few days after they had left Rivendell. For the first few days, Silvren saw no sign of Legolas and spent most of her time with Míriel; exploring the woods and palace.
Silvren was sitting in the garden reading a book she had borrowed form Míriel. Elladan said he was going somewhere with Legolas, though she still had not seen him, Míriel was off on a walk with her father and Elrohir was goodness knows where.
When Silvren finally saw Elladan again, the sun had began to set and she was walking back to the palace where a feast was to be held that evening.
“Hello, Elladan. Where have you been?” Silvren asked as she walked through the palace gate with Elladan.
“Just around. You are going to the feast tonight, are you not?” he answered.
“Oh! I almost forgot.” Silvren gasped. “I’ll see you there!” she called out as she ran through the torch-lit passageways.

When she got to her room, she quickly picked out her new dress for the feast that she was to attend.
The soft material was light blue silk and felt cool and silky against her skin as she slipped into the lovely dress. There was a sash woven of mithril that was draped across her hips. Blue gauze hung from the top of her sleeves that rested just off her shoulders and trailed down to her wrists, the gauze dangling towards the floor. The top of the dress was trimmed with a purplish, silver material; a small starburst brooch was pinned onto the middle of the purple trim.
Silvren looked at herself in the vanity mirror and noticed a small note stuck to the side of the vanity. She picked it up and read the fine script:

Meet me at the bottom of the stairs for dinner.


Silvren quickly pulled her hair back and took one last look at herself in the mirror before hurrying off to meet Legolas. Her heart was racing as she walked towards the stairs that would lead her to the spot Legolas awaited her arrival. Silvren pressed her hand to her chest, troubled with mixed feelings. She and Legolas had been fond of each other since she was but a small child. Naturally a strong friendship developed between them but Silvren knew that over the past years her feelings had gradually changed to more than just a friendship. Silvren knew that she could no longer deny that she longed to be with him, to see his face and to feel his warm hands on her face. Everything about him was simply intoxicating, but deep down inside her lay an overwhelming fear that he would eventually end up hurting her.
Nervously, she placed her slightly trembling hand on the wooden handrail and began walking down the winding staircase. Near the bottom of the stairs, she could see Legolas pacing back and forth as if he was nervous for some reason or another that she did not know.

Legolas stopped pacing when he saw her and stared up at her in wonder as his heart seemed to skip a beat and the butterflies in his stomach seemed to increase. Legolas couldn’t believe that this beautiful maiden had once been the little girl he had nervously held when she was nothing more than a tiny infant. He could hardly believe that she was the young girl he had played with many times and braided flowers into royal crowns or necklaces for her. How he would toss her up in the air only to catch her again, how they would run around Elrond’s gardens and sometimes carrying her on his back, laughing the entire time. He smiled as he realized that she had been that little girl but that was many decades ago, though it seemed just like yesterday, it always did. Now she was a tall, slender maiden with an enchanting figure that was outlined by the different dresses she wore. Her long, silky brown hair flowed down to her waist and was twisted back in elven fashion as two chin-length strands hung down the sides of her face. Her grey-blue eyes still sparkled as brightly as the stars entwined in the velvety sky.
With those changes, the way he felt towards her changed as well. His devotion and his desire to protect, and to make her happy grew stronger each and every day. The change she made from a child to a young woman had caused his love for her to deepen and he eventually wanted more than just a friendship, he wanted her love. He wanted her for his wife.

Legolas smiled as Silvren walked towards him and he noticed how her eyes sparkled in the torch-light and how the slim-fitting dress brought out her maidenly figure.
“You look beautiful.” he whispered as he extended the crook of his arm to her.
“Thank you.” she said, blushing for she was not accustomed to him saying such things.
“You’re quite welcome.” he smiled and they started walking down the hall to where the feast was being held and many elves were already gathered.
Legolas led Silvren up to the king’s table where Legolas quickly pulled out a chair for Silvren and waited for her to sit down. She blushed as she took her seat in the chair he had pulled out for her, knowing that many elves had seen the gesture and that he had never done that before.

When dinner had finished, the musicians began playing and many of the elves proceeded onto the dance floor.
“Would you care to dance?”
Silvren turned to see Legolas standing next to her, his hand extended towards her. An impish grin played across his face and his eyes danced with laughter as he smiled down at her.
“Of course.” she replied quietly. Silvren took his hand and he helped her out of the chair, leading her onto the dance floor.
As they danced among the others, Legolas pulled her in closer and watched her intently, dancing closer and closer to the doors.
“Come, I want to show you something.” Legolas whispered in her ear.
Together they parted from the merry feast and headed towards the front gate, the only ones to see them leave were Elladan and Thranduil.


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