Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 31

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Another short one, Sorry!


Three days after arriving in Rivendell, Legolas left with a few elves that had traveled with him for his home in Mirkwood. He didn’t want to leave, but it was something he needed to do. Even after arriving home, thoughts of seeking revenge on Telden occupied his mind until he finally approached his father about it one day.

“Father, do you know anything about Telden?” Legolas asked Thranduil as he followed the king down a long passageway that led to the king’s study.
“I’m sorry, but I know nothing of him now that he is gone.” Thranduil replied, not bothering to look over his shoulder at his oldest son.
A heavy sigh of disappointment slipped past Legolas’ thin lips as he stopped walking and glanced thoughtfully at the floor beneath his feet.
“Why this sudden interest in your brother? He’s threatened the one you love.” Thranduil queried.
“And for that he will pay a large amount.” Legolas seethed, his eyes holding those of his fathers as all was quiet and still beside them.
“I must do this, father. I can’t allow him to harm Silvren or anyone else. I have to do this even if I die in the process of doing so.” Legolas said gravely.
Thranduil looked his son over without any words exiting his mouth. Both concern and pride filling his emotions as he reluctantly accepted what his son felt was necessary. “What do you plan on doing?”
“I would like to take a small search party out and hunt Telden down.” Legolas told his father.
“How long would you be gone for? You can’t wander around for fifty years or so.”
“No more than two years.” Legolas replied after thinking for several moments.
“All right. I will make arrangements for you and you’ll leave in two days.” Thranduil told his son.
“Thank you, father.” Legolas managed a smile of gratefulness and then walked back down the hall towards his chamber.

Two days later, Legolas and a group of twelve elves set out in search of Telden. They would explore the dark caverns in Mirkwood and the tower of Dol Guldor to see whether or he abandoned it.

On the fourth day of their travel, Legolas rode at the head of the group as they traveled along the border of Mirkwood, the Misty Mountains looming above them as they searched for any sign of Telden’s escape. They had already been to Dol Guldor and were riding north towards Ered Mithrin, the Grey Mountains.
“My lord, there are some orc tracks up a head.” one of the scouts shouted as he rode back to Legolas. “And there look to be elven tracks among them.” he informed Legolas.
“Lead the way, Lenor.” Legolas said and started galloping behind the scout as they followed the orc tracks that were embedded in the soft, grassy terrain. “Do you know how far they go on?” he asked the elf.
“About three leagues.” Lenor replied.

They continued following the tracks until they disappeared but they kept on riding, a feeling that they were on the right trail settling within Legolas’ gut. They kept riding ‘til the sun had long been set and the stars shone down upon them. They stopped to rest beneath the edge of the woods for a few hours.
They were up with the sun the next morning, continuing along the wood’s edge as they gallopedonward. There was no sign of Telden and any orcs for many miles. They had to rely on the senses and instincts to lead them in the right direction.
“Up ahead, my lord.” Lenor pointed towards an opening at the base of the Grey Mountains.
“Let’s go.” Legolas said, his voice heavy with anger for his missing brother. They hurried towards the small cave-like-entrance that lay ahead of them.
They were several feet from the cave when they dismounted their horses and drew forth their weapons. Legolas glanced back at all the other elves then slowly began walking towards the cave. Lenor walked beside him with a sword in one hand and a fiery-lit torch in the other. Everyone was silent as their eyes darted back and forth in front of them along the grey, stone walls of the cave. They could hear the faint dripping sound of water dripping from the ceiling into a small pool of water somewhere in the distant as it echoed throughout the cave.
“How far back do you think it goes?” Lenor whispered to Legolas.
“I’m not sure.” he muttered in reply. “Hopefully not far.”
Their footsteps upon the dirt-covered ground were as quiet as a mouse as they carefully walked towards the back of the cave.
“A dead end.” Legolas sighed heavily as they stopped in front of a stone wall.
“Maybe they were never here.” Lenor suggested.
“I think they were, but just not for long.” Legolas replied as his eyes glanced across the ceiling above them. He examined the area around them and found nothing out of the ordinary that caused further inspection.
“What do we do now, my lord?” an elf from behind asked curiously.
“Keep searching somewhere else.” Legolas turned to face him. “Let’s move.” he said and they started filing out of the dark, empty cave.

They kept traveling and searching for Telden and any of the orcs that had survived for the next year and a half, but to no avail. He had disappeared and quite well this time and Legolas began to doubt that he would ever find his brother and seek revenge upon him, but little did he know his time would come sooner than he would think.


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