Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 30

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A very short chap, sorry! College and Biology are a killer!!!


“Something’s bothering you. Am I not correct?” Legolas asked the next day while they were still in Lothlórien.
Silvren didn’t reply him but her silence was a dead give away to someone that knew her as well as he did.
“Do you want to talk about it? Was it something I did?” he pursued the issue, stepping in front of her.
“You broke your promise.” Silvren muttered, her eyes cast down upon the dirt path beneath her feet and the green grass and shrubs lining the sides of the path.
“What?” he choked, trying to acquire her gaze.
“You said you would come to Lórien, you promised that you would and then you didn’t!” she suddenly burst into tears.
“You promised!” she shouted angrily, clear tears streaming down her olive-complected cheeks.
“I’m sorry.” Legolas reached out and tried to embrace her, only to have her squirm away from him and turn her back upon him. “Look, Sil, I really mean it.” he said softly.
“Maybe he wouldn’t have taken me if you were there.” Silvren muttered, her back still facing him.
“Are you trying to make me feel worse?” Legolas asked her.
“No.” Silvren sniffled as she gazed at the lush ferns and bushes that were scattered along the dirt path and off into the woods.
“Silvren, I really did not mean to hurt you in any way. I shouldn’t have promised you that.” Legolas whispered as he walked in front of her and held her thin arms in his hands. “Will you please forgive me?” his eyes pleaded with hers as she gazed up at him for just a few short moments.
“Yes.” she glanced back at the foliage.
“How long has it been since you’ve eaten?” Legolas asked her, not liking how thin her arms felt in his hands.
“I don’t know. I lost count after five days.” Silvren replied as she gazed down at her arms.
“You need to eat something before you begin to wither away.” he smiled playfully and started back up the path towards Caras Galen.

The next morning The elves of Rivendell packed up their belongings and left Lothlórien destined to Rivendell. Legolas, with the permission of his father, went with them. He still felt badly for upsetting Silvren and thought that going to Rivendell for a short time would help make it up to her.
Two days after the company arrived in Rivendell, Legolas found Silvren sitting on stone bench upon one of the many terraces. “Would you like to accompany me on a walk through the gardens?” he asked her as he approached the quiet maiden.
“Sure.” Silvren said as she stood up and walked beside him towards the stairs that would lead to the
gardens below, her hands hanging heavily by her side.
“I wanted to let you know that I’m really glad you’re safe now. I was really worried about you when I found out what had happened. It tore me to pieces.” he said as they walked down the curing staircase and towards the courtyard. “I would have taken on all those orcs by myself if no one else would have helped.”
Silvren couldn’t help but smile at what he said, even though everything Telden had said to her and all
the abuse she had experienced from him still plagued her. She knew that she wanted to be loved by
Legolas and in return love him and to feel the warmth of his lips on hers but her fear overpowered
everything and kept her from having all that she wanted most. Silvren hid her feelings from Legolas the best she could, cowered away from his touch, afraid that he too would hurt her.
“You are not yourself. What is bothering you?” he asked, taking her hands into his as they entered the moonlit garden.
“I can’t talk about it.” she said nervously as her hands began to tremble within his warm hands that held hers.
“Was it something Telden said to you?”
“I can’t tell you.” she whispered, avoiding eye contact with him.
“All right.” Legolas sighed unhappily. “Why don’t we go back to the house.” he suggested as he slowly pulled his hands away from hers.
“Please?” Silvren looked up at him.
“Anything for you.” Legolas told her as they started back up the stone path towards the house.
“Thank you.” she said so quietly that he could barely hear her as they walked along the flower-lined path in the direction of the well-lit house.


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