Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 3

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Early the next morning, Silvren woke to the bright, yellow sun streaming through her windows;
the smell of fresh fruit tickled her nose. Next to her, on the night-stand by her bed, was a dish of freshly picked fruits. Small mint candies were placed beside the fruit, and at once she knew Legolas had brought it to her. He always had mint candy in his pockets that he snuck from the kitchen.
Silvren stretched and climbed out of bed, walking towards the dresser where her only dress lay. Silvren was brushing her long hair when a knock sounded from the wooden door.
“Come in. ” she called out.
A handmaiden entered her room, carrying a few dresses. “Excuse me, my lady, the Prince Legolas has ordered me to bring you these. They are some of the Queen’s dresses that have not yet been passed down to Princess Míriel.” she said laying the dresses on the bed.
“Thank you…”
“Thank you, Mitheren.”
“Your welcome, my lady. ” the handmaiden said with a curtsy, then left the room, closing the door behind her.
Silvren looked over the different dresses, and finally settled on a light blue dress with silver trim, putting the rest in her wardrobe. She then slipped into the cool, satin dress over her head and buttoned up the few buttons in the back.
Silvren grabbed some fruit from the bowl on her night-stand and ran out of her room down the passages and out the front gate. She wandered about the woods for a while and at one point she had spotted Míriel and some other young male elf walking about hand in hand. Finally, she came upon a stream and sprawled herself out onto the cool grass, letting the ends of her hair fall into the water. The cool, clear stream tugged playfully at her hair. Silvren sighed and heard soft footsteps walking up behind her. When she heard them stop, she turned her head and peered over her shoulder, smiling up at Legolas.
“Good morning, Silvren. ” he said as he sat down on the grass beside her.
“Good morning, Legolas. ” replied Silvren. She looked over at the soft smile on his fair face, shining in the sunlight. He was almost always smiling. She couldn’t recall a time when he hadn’t smiled all day.
“So what do you plan on doing today? ” he asked looking down at her.
“Oh, I don’t know. ” she answered, turning her gaze across the stream.
“How about horseback riding? “
“Hmm, that sounds like fun. “
“Well, come on then. ” he said jumping to his feet. Legolas held out his hand to her and she gladly accepted it, bringing her to her feet.
Once at the stables, they led their horses out of their stalls and out of the stable then mounted them.
“On the count of three. ” Legolas said looking over at her. A mischievous smile on his face.
“All right, your majesty.” she smiled.
“You know I don’t like being called that.”
“Yeah, I know. ” she said smiling impishly.
Legolas shook his head at her then began to count. “One…two… “he started then his horse lunged forward, “three!”
Legolas galloped away into the woods with Silvren close behind. He could hear her sweet laughter as she tried to catch up to him and he smiled, urging Ranel to run faster.
Silvren was gaining on him every second and was almost neck to neck with him when he sped up, riding even faster.
After a few minutes of chase, they rode out of the forest and into the open valley. Legolas continued riding until he came to the stream below. There he jumped off Ranel’s back, patting her on the neck as Silvren rode up on Asfalas.
“You cheat!” she called out as she jumped off Asfalas’ back.
” I did not. I gave you to the count of three. ” he laughed.
“Very funny. ” Silvren smirked at him.
“Good, because I thought it was. ” he replied glancing over at her.
Silvren turned and sneered at him, causing him to laugh again.
Later that night, a feast was held in a clearing in the woods by the palace.
Silvren wore to the feast a pale purple dress with tapering sleeves and a scooping neckline. She walked beside Legolas to the feast, other Elves walking with them, excitement filling the air.
“Shall we eat first or dance first? ” Legolas asked glancing down at her.
“Oh, I don’t know. ” Silvren sighed, her eyes glittering in the starlight.
“So you ‘re going to leave the decision up to me? ” he asked with an impish smile.
“I say we forget the feast and go off on an adventure. ” he smiled.
“An adventure? The last time we went on one of your adventures, ” she said, quoting with her fingers to emphasize her point, “we ended up lost then chased by a wild boar and had to climb a tree to escape it and had to stay in the tree for three hours. ” she reminded him of their adventure of his last visit to Rivendell.
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. ” he smiled as he recalled that escapade. “So we won’t be ditching the feast for an adventure? “
“Legolas,” a small voice called out as a few young elves ran up to them. “Celebdil said that you’re the best sword-fighter of the children. I say Silvren is.” Míriel said to her oldest brother. “But he doesn’t believe me.”
“Well of course I’m better than her, I’m a male, ” he said without thinking.
“Oh, is that how you see it then? ” Silvren asked crossing her arms as she raised her eyebrows in surprise. “That you ‘re better than me because you ‘re a male and I’m a female? “
“I didn’t say that. ” Legolas said, realizing he had made a huge mistake.
“You implied it.”
“I’m sorry. How can I make it up to you? ” he sighed
“It is not something easily made up.” she seethed.
“Challenge him to a sword-fight. ” Míriel suggested.
“He ‘II hurt her and we don’t want that. ” Celebdil said. Legolas glanced down at Silvren as she stared up at him with fierce eyes. waiting for the challenge, wanting to make him pay for his remark.
“If I hurt her, it’ll be her fault for not moving or blocking. ” Legolas muttered.
“So you’ll take the challenge? ” Silvren asked.
“Don’t go easy on me. Fight me as if I were Elladan or Elrohir. ” she demanded
“Okay. ” Legolas sighed as Celebdil handed both of the swords and then led the away from the feast and to another lit clearing.
“Ready? ” Silvren asked as she took her stance across from Legolas.
“As ready as can be. ” Legolas sighed, holding up his sword. Her eyes gazed deep into his as she waited for him to move first. Silvren parried his first swing that came around fairly slowly.
“Oh, come on. I know you can do better than that. ” Silvren indicated, rolling her eyes.
“Fine. You asked for it, so don’t blame me if you get hurt.”
“Don’t worry, I will. ” she smirked.
She barely had any time to react as Legolas’ sword swung around a second time. She ducked out of the way of the swinging blade, then jumped back as she held up her sword and swept it across his abdomen, barely slicing his doublet.
Legolas glanced up at her in surprise and she smirked back at him, griping the hilt of her sword. Legolas shook his head and brought his sword up in the air, then brought it down towards her head. Silvren saw this and placed her right hand on the smooth side of her blade and held it up in the air above her head, blocking his blow. Spinning around, she brought her sword up to strike him, but he brought his sword around her blocked hers. She sneered at him and spun her sword around, pushing his backwards, then backed away, waiting for him to come after her.
Legolas tightened his grip on his sword then walked towards Silvren and swung his blade at her head. Silvren stepped towards him and to the side, bringing her sword up to block his. Their eyes met and locked at the same time their swords locked with a metal hiss. Legolas smiled and pushed her backwards with both of his arms and sword.
Silvren stumbled a bit then regained her balance and held up her sword as Legolas came after her again. She grabbed his arm and held it away from her, holding the edge of her blade to his throat. “Game over. ” she smiled, deviously.
“Really? ” Legolas asked raising his eyebrows.
Before she knew, Silvren was lying upon her back on the hard ground with Legolas standing over her.
“Now, the game is over,” he smiled.
Silvren smirked at him then with the sweep of her leg, Legolas was lying on the ground next to her. “I won. ” she said as she sat up.
“Fine. You win. ” Legolas groaned and slowly sat up.
“I told you she was better than Legolas. ” Míriel smiled at Celebdil.
“She got lucky. ” he mumbled.
“Let’s go eat now.” Silvren said and walked off with Míriel and some other elves, leaving Legolas and his brother behind.


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