Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 29

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Silvren watched the elves that fought within a couple yards of her, watching them intently from her hiding place. She gasped as an elf dropped his knives and grabbed his left arm. His back was towards her so she couldn’t see who it was, but she watched as the ore in front of him fell backwards with an arrow protruding from his chest.
The elf slowly dropped to his knees and fell onto his back.
Without thinking, Silvren darted from her hiding spot and ran over to his side. She knelt down beside him on the cold, hard ground and gasped.
“Legolas, you ‘re hurt!” she cried out.
“You shouldn’t be here. ” Legolas grimaced in pain as he clutched his arm, feeling the warm blood seep through his fingers.
“But you’re wounded.”
“It’s just a cut. he said calmly.
“Let me see it. ” she said, leaning over him to look at his wounded arm. “Move your hand so I can see your wound.”
“But it hurts. ” he stated loudly.
“Oh, just move your hand. ” she rolled her eyes.
“Fine then. ” Silvren said and moved his hand herself as he groaned and bit back a scream. “It’s very deep. You need to get out of here. ” she said and ripped a piece of her torn cloak off, then wrapped the makeshift bandage around his arm.
Legolas glanced up at her, watching her delicate face as she tied the cloth around his wound and noticed something moving behind her. His eyes grew wide in alarm when he saw an orc creeping up behind Silvren with his scimitar ready in hand.
“Silvren, move!”
“What?!” she called out above the wind, not really paying attention to what he had said.
“Move!” Legolas hissed as he grabbed her arm. He pulled her on top of him and rolled out of the way, grabbing the haft of his knife with his right hand as he did. Legolas threw the knife at the orc and it pierced him through the throat. The orc fell forward on to the ground, thrusting the knife further into his throat. Legolas lay on his side, propped up on his left elbow and Silvren lay on her back next to him.
“Are you okay? ” he asked looking down at her, a expression of surprise and fear etched on her face.
“Yes, but you need to get out of here. ” she said as she sat up.
“I will. Go back to your hiding spot, don’t worry about me.” he said as he stood up and helped her to her feet.
Silvren nodded and turned back to her hole between the boulder and the mountainside while Legolas turned elsewhere.

Many Men, Dwarves, and Elves lost their lives and lay among the dead goblins, black and red blood
splattered everywhere. Slowly, the clouds began to break apart and drift away, revealing a beautiful red sunset in the western sky.

“The Eagles! The Eagles!” a small voice cried out from above them. Legolas turned and looked around, trying to find where the voice was coming from but couldn’t find anybody. He heard the cry several more times as he helped finish off the wounded orcs and goblins that laid on the mountain slope. His arm throbbed with pain and warm blood was beginning to seep through the bandage that Silvren had tied around his arm.
A loud roar, like the beating of drums and the rolling of thunder caught Legolas’ attention. Looking around, he saw a great bear-shaped animal tossing goblins about as if they weighed nothing.
Dismay fell upon the goblins and they fled in every direction. Victory had been achieved.

“There you are, Silvren. Come, I’ll take you back to camp. ” Silvren looked up and saw Glorfindel standing above her, his hand held out to her.
“What about Legolas? Is he all right? ” she asked taking his hand and stood up with his help.
“Yes. He’s back at camp.” Glorfindel said expressing no emotion whatsoever. Silvren followed Glorfindel back to the camp, looking about at the dead bodies that lay scattered on the ground.
Black bodies of dead goblins and ores lying all over the mountainside, their thick, black blood staining the rocks and ground about them.
Dwarves and men who were not injured were carrying the bodies of the dead to the valley where they would later be buried. Others gathered the bodies of the goblins and the ores, throwing the into a pile that would be burned later on.
The elves that weren’t injured tended to the wounded, which was many.
When they reached the camp, Silvren ran towards their tent and stopped outside their door. Slowly, she pulled back the flap and entered the dimly lit tent. She saw Legolas sitting on the ground with another elf kneeling beside him, tending to the wound on his arm.
Legolas looked up when he heard her enter and put a small smile on his face, hoping to cheer her up a bit.
Slowly, she walked over towards him, her hands clutched in front of her as she knelt in front of him. Her eyes began to glisten with unshed tears as she held her head down low. “I feel horrible that you ‘re hurt.” she cried.
“Don’t worry, it’ll heal. ” he said as he slowly stood up.
“Thanks, Lenor. You may go now. ” Legolas said excusing the other Elf as Silvren stood up.
“You ‘re welcome, my lord.” Lenor said with a bow and left to tend to someone else.
Legolas turned to face Silvren and placed his hand on her cheek, his thumb caressing her soft cheek. Silvren closed her eyes momentarily as a delicious shudder of warmth crept throughout her body.
“You didn’t get hurt, that’s all that matters. ” he said with a small smile, his blue eyes sparkling like the sun reflecting on the water.
Silvren stared into his eyes not knowing what else to say or do.
Silence clung in the air as they stood there gazing at each other in the light of the lantern. “Come, let’s go find Gandalf. ” Legolas said finally breaking the silence.
Turning, he walked out of the tent carrying the lantern as Silvren followed behind him.
They wandered around the camp awhile and finally found Gandalf sitting outside of a tent. His arm was held in a sling, even he hadn’t escaped without a scratch.
By that time it was growing darker and still had not found the Hobbit Bilbo.
Silvren, Legolas, and Gandalf sat by the fire, quietly eating some warm soup that some of the Elves had made.
Silently, Glorfindel came up and sat down on the other side of Silvren, a bowl of warm soup in his hands. The guys recalled the events of the battle while Silvren sat and quietly listened to them. Gazing into the fire as if she was in a trance.


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