Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 29

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Silvren planted her feet on the floor and yanked her wrist from his grasp, causing her to loose her balance and stumble to the floor behind her. “Leave me alone.” she said as Telden marched down the stairs to her side and furiously kicked her with his foot.
“Why? So you can run off?” he asked as Silvren winced in pain while trying to scramble away only to be kicked again. This time with more effort. “Get up, you wench. I have an announcement to make.” Telden said as he bent over and grabbed her by the neck, yanking her to her feet and shoving her into a nearby room. “To the window.” he commanded her as he pushed her along in front of him.
Silvren stumbled over to the window and leaned against the stone window sill, her side aching from where Telden had kicked her.
“Welcome, my friends and family!” Telden said out loud for all below to hear.
All at once, Thranduil and all the other elves as well as Aragorn looked up to see Telden standing in a window with Silvren standing next to him.
“Will you not release her?” Thranduil called up to his son.
“I have thought about it, but she has consented to marry me for the safe release of Legolas and her family.” Telden smiled down at all those who watched.
“No.” Legolas whispered to himself as he gazed up at Silvren and Telden with pain etched across his face.
“But I have decided not to fulfill my end of the deal so therefore, all of you will die.” Telden said to which Silvren’s eyes grew wide and she began to struggle against his grasp. “Enjoy the last day of your life.” he said and backed away from the window, pulling Silvren along with him.
“You’re a liar!” Silvren shouted at him.
“I never said I’d let them go, only that I’d consider it.” Telden told her.
“I hate you!” Silvren screamed and then dropped to her knees after Telden slapped her across the face.
“Get up and make yourself useful. To my chamber, now!” Telden pulled Silvren to her feet and shoved her towards the door.
* * *
The orc swung its heavy blade at Legolas’ head and he lowered his body to avoid it, barely missing the iron blade. Legolas took this opportunity and stabbed his knives into the orc’s stomach. Still gripping his knifes, he kicked the orc backwards. The orc stumbled a few feet backwards and he slowly started back towards Legolas but was caught in the throat by an arrow. Black, oily blood leaked from the orc’s throat and the two gashes in its stomach. It fell to its bare knees and then slowly fell face first to the ground.
Legolas breathed in a sigh of relief and turned to eye up his next orc. The orc was smaller and stouter, wielding its small sword like a mad-man. The elf he was fighting dropped his sword and then fell to the ground himself; the elf was dead. Smiling, the orc glanced about and locked eyes with Legolas who was walking towards him.
Legolas tightened his grip on his knives as the orc came charging towards him. Legolas blocked the brutal blade the orc swung at him and then quickly slashed the orc’s neck with his knife before the orc could take another swing at him. The orc fell to the ground, gasping for air as black blood bubbled from its throat. Legolas stabbed the orc in the chest with both of his knives, putting its misery to an end. Looking around, Legolas saw that many orcs had been killed, but his attention was quickly diverted to the black tower of Dol Guldor.

“Elladan!” the name rang out above the sound of metal clashing together, raining pounding down upon metal, and the deathly cries of elves and orcs. Elladan turned to find who had called out his name and then saw his father standing with King Thranduil and several other elves. He hurried over to where his father stood, no living orcs were near them at the point in time.
“We’ve found a secret door around the other side of the tower. Take a few men with you and go in through there.” Thranduil whispered to him.
Elladan nodded and took off in search of some elves to accompany him. He was able to find Elrohir, Aragorn and two other elves. Not finding Legolas like he had hoped, Elladan led the others around the tower and to the secret door he had been instructed to go through.
* * *
“No.” Silvren stomped her foot and folded her arms across her chest.
“You don’t tell me ‘no’.” Telden walked towards her.
“Well I just did.” she stated and quickly stepped out of the room, slamming the door behind her and barring it shut with a wooden bench that sat beside the door. She turned and ran down the hall in hopes of finding a way out of that horrid place, the sound of Telden banging on the wooden door, echoed in her eyes as she kept on running.
Silvren turned a sharp corner and froze in terror. Her heart began pounding like a hammer on an anvil, that was all she could hear as her nerves trembled as she slowly, very slowly began to walk backwards out of the room. The dragon Telden had talked about lay sleeping peacefully on the stone floor in front of her, a thick collar was clamped around its thick neck. An iron chain was fastend to the collar, the other end of the chain secured to the stone wall. At any moment the dragon could awake and kill her instantly and bring the whole tower crashing down. Silvren knew this as she closed her eyes and quickly turned around, bumping into something hard yet soft. Two strong hands grasped her small arms and her eyes flashed open as she restrained the scream that wanted to emerge from her mouth. Looking up, she was convinced she would see Telden standing in front of her was relief washed over her when she saw it wasn’t him. Silvren saw Elladan staring hard at the dragon, his normally calm blue eyes looking cold and fierce in the dim light as he debated what to do about the dragon. Glancing down at her and then back at the dragon, he began to walk backwards with her held tightly within his arms. But her limbs were still frozen with fear as he pulled her along and she stumbled on a small rock and at once the dragon’s eyes flashed open, revealing their fiery red pigment.
The dragon turned its head in their direction and gazed at them in anger and mild curiosity. Immediately Elladan and Silvren took off running down the hall with the others on their heels as the dragon lunged at them only to have the thick chain pull her back. Elladan pulled Silvren up a different flight of stairs and down another dimly lit hall with Aragorn and the other elves behind them. They continued running as fast as hey could and turned into a narrow doorway. Elladan let go of Silvren’s hand and ran ahead to unlock the door. He tried to pull open the door but it wouldn’t budge. Silvren and the other elves gathered around him as he tried again. Finally on the third try, the door opened and they filed out of the door as a loud crash could be heard from down the hall.
Silvren followed Elladan through the trees to the other side of the tower as the remaining elves continued fighting what orcs remained.
Elrond turned around at the sound of Silvren’s voice, his face lit up with happiness and relief. Silvren ran over to him and Elrond gathered her up into his arms, tears of happiness filling his eyes.
“Are you all right?” he asked, taking her hands into his.
“I think so. Silvren said, finishing just as a loud sound emerged from the tall tower.
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at the tower. A large, black dragon flew up into the sky and started circling the sky above them. Elrond held Silvren tighter as fire flared out of the dragon’s mouth, as she flew over the two armies and tall tower.
“Bring her down!” Elrond shouted as Silvren clung to him fear.
Legolas heard the cry for the dragon to be shot down and whipped out his bow once more and pulled
two arrows out of his quiver. Setting the two arrows to his bow he watched as the dragon flew above him and he aimed for the soft flesh beneath the dragon’s arm. His hands were steady as he waited for the right moment, then let his two arrows fly up into the sky and hit his target perfectly. The dragon roared in pain as she swerved and almost hit the tips of some of the trees, the soft material of her wing tearing as a branch scratched her wing. More fire blazed from her mouth as Elrond let go of Silvren and walked over to a group of archers. “Bring her down!” he repeated as he looked around at the orcs that were still fighting some elves.
Aragorn pulled out his bow and set an arrow to the string and pulled the arrow back to his cheek. Aiming, he lined up the tip of the arrow with the flesh that Legolas had already shot and quickly let go, his arrow finding its target as well.
The dragon let out another roar and the fire that emerged from her mouth caught the top of the trees on fire with quickly spread to several other trees. She was flying lower than before with her injured arm and torn wing.
Legolas pulled out another arrow and quickly set it to his bow and pulled it back to his cheek. He waited for the dragon to circle around again and when she finally did, Legolas aimed for her small red eye and then let his arrow fly. The arrow soared through the rain and then embedded itself with the soft, wet eye of the dragon.
“Take cover!” Aragorn shouted as the dragon roared in pain and flew lopsided through the air, slowly falling towards the ground below.
Everyone started running towards the forest as the dragon fell towards the ground, taking cover beneath the tall trees that were not on fire. Silvren ran towards the trees for cover behind the other elves and as she was running past an orc lying on the ground, it reached out with its hand and grabbed her by the ankle. She screamed in surprise at the cold, slimy hand that wrapped around her small ankle and Legolas whipped his head around to see her out of the tower for the first time.
“Come here, my pretty little elf.” the orc seethed as he reached up and pulled on her dress with his other hand.
“Let go off me.” Silvren demanded as she held onto her dress and tried yanking her foot away from the gruesome looking orc. But before the orc could say anything else, an arrow embedded itself in his chest and eyes glazed over and he fell over onto his back, his tight grip on Silvren’s ankle slackening as he died. Silvren looked down at him with a horrified expression on her face and then turned to see Legolas running towards her with his bow in his right hand.
“Legolas.” Silvren breathed in relief as he came up to her and took her into his strong arms.
“Are you all right? Did he do anything to you?” Legolas asked her as she wiped a wet strand of hair out of her face.
“Yes, I’m fine.” she whispered to him.
“Good.” Legolas said and hurried her towards the woods where the others were standing. As they entered the shelter of the trees, the dragon fell to the ground with a loud thud and shook the ground beneath their feet.
“Let’s get out of here before anything worse happens.” Thranduil hissed as he walked up beside Elrond. Thranduil whistled a high-pitch whistle for their horses which came galloping towards them as if nothing had happened.

Elrond mounted his horse and Legolas helped Silvren up onto the back of Elrond’s horse and she
shuddered at the horrible growling the dragon made as it slowly died a painful death. She sighed with
happiness at the fact that she was finally going home and glanced over her shoulder at Legolas who was riding behind them. Silvren looked down nervously as he offered her a comforting smile, remembering what Telden had left engraved in her mind.
Silvren took a deep breath as she nuzzled her head into her father’s shoulder, desiring to return home and to her own room and bed.


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