Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 28

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Legolas’ eyes grew wide with fear at the news the young man had told him and he nodded to the man to continue on his way. ‘Silvren.’ Legolas thought, what was she going to do? He knew she couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to fight and she couldn’t flee to Mirkwood or go back with the women. She was stuck. Stuck in an all ready unsafe place, that now had a war brewing about it. Legolas quickly ran back to the tent and found Silvren just getting to her feet. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her outside. Men were all ready running about lighting torches and gathering weapons. “What’s going on? ” Silvren asked as she pulled her blanket up on her shoulder.
“The Dwarves of Dain have arrived. “
Trumpets were echoing throughout the camp, calling Men and Elves to arms as panic and fear erupted throughout the people.

Soon, the Dwarves could be seen marching up the valley at a great pace, grim expressions on their bearded faces.
The Dwarves stopped in between the river and the eastern spur, but a few of their leaders crossed the river and laid their weapons upon the ground holding their hands up in the air as a sign of peace.
Bard and Bilbo walked out to meet the Dwarves, an uneasy quietness upon both sides.
Silvren peered around Legolas’ shoulder and watched as Bard talked with the leader of the Dwarves. She could see their red forked beards that were plaited and thrust into belts. They wore caps of iron and their faces bore grim expressions that made you quiver in your shoes. Just about every Dwarf bore a huge pack upon their back as well as their weapons. She knew that they would and could stand a siege for weeks if they had to. Silvren shuddered and pulled her blanket, that hung around her shoulders, tighter about her.
While Bard and his friends were debating what to do, the Dwarves sprang forward to attack. Bows twanged and arrows sang through the air as the battle was about to begin.
Legolas ran from the scene, pulling Silvren along behind him. The only thing he knew at that moment was that he couldn’t keep her there.
Silvren stopped suddenly and gazed up at the sky. Legolas tried pulling her, but he stopped and his gaze followed hers.
A black cloud crept over the already grey sky, the soft, subtle breeze became a wild wind storm as thunder came rolling in. Lightning illuminated the black sky with bright and intense flashes. Beneath the thunderhead another darkness could be seen, a great mass of bats. Their black wings beating swiftly against the winter wind. The billowing clouds were growing and coming closer at a fast pace.
Legolas grabbed Silvren and pulled her close to his body, sheltering her the best he could from the bitterly cold wind that whipped fiercely about them. A hard knot formed in the pit of his stomach as the clouds came closer and the wind began to blow even harder, dust and leaves/lying about, flashes of ragged lightning drawing nearer.

“Halt!” came the loud, gruff voice of Gandalf. He stood between the advancing army of the Dwarves and the Men and Elves that awaited them.
Silvren and Legolas turned to watch as the wind whipped about Gandalf, who stood with his arms held up high.
“Halt!” he called out in a voice that roared as loud as the thunder overhead. He held his staff within his hand, it blazing with a flash resembling the bright flash of lightning. “Dread has come upon you all! Alas! It has come more swiftly than I thought. The goblins are upon you!” his loud voice rang over the roaring wind. “Bolg of the North is coming, 0 Dain, whose father you slew in Moria. Behold! The bats are upon us and his army and come like a sea of locusts. They ride upon their wargs and are approaching quickly!”
Legolas clutched Silvren even tighter at the horrible tidings Gandalf brought. His blonde hair whipped over his chest and about his shoulders. Silvren’s brown hair also whipped about her shoulders and her face due to the strong wind.
“Come!” Gandalf called out. “There is still time for council. Let Dam son of Nain come swiftly to us.
The Dwarves came forward with their weapons lowered, the brilliant lightning reflecting on their shiny armour. With the Elven-king and Bard they talked, and with the guidance of Gandalf a plan was formed.
“To the mountain!” Bard called out above the wind. “Hurry, take your places while there is still time!”
Elves were set on the Southern slope, hiding in the crevices, on the ledges, and behind the rocks. The Men and Dwarves were placed on the Eastern spur. Bard, as well as some of the nimblest Men and Elves climbed to the top of the Eastern shoulder so they could have a better view of the north.
“Come on, I need to get you out of here. ” Legolas said as he pulled Silvren along the rocky Southern slope behind him.
“But I can help fight. ” Silvren protested.
“No! You don’t belong here. I want you to stay here, do you understand? ” he asked as he helped her into a cave-like hole that was formed between a huge boulder and the mountainside.
Silvren nodded in reply and watched as he walked away to join some archers further down the slope. She peered out from her hiding place, what she saw made her sick. The foot of the mountain was black with Goblins and Orcs. She could see the wolf-riders approaching swiftly, their cries and howls pierced the air.
They mass of hunched over goblins carried countless banners of black and red. Silvren watched as the Elves charged first, their swords and spears shining brightly even in the dark. The archers let loose a shower of finely made arrows upon the goblins. Killing them one by one as they dropped like flies. Behind the archers, the spearmen lunged forward in attack, yelling as they charged forward. The rocky ground at the mountain’s foot became stained with the black blood of the orcs and goblins.
* * *
Legolas stood impatiently by Glorfindel’s side, holding his bow within his hands. He waited anxiously for the signal to use his bow, to kill the wretched goblins and their wild creatures. He watched as the first line of Men ran forward into the oncoming wargs, brave Men that were being crushed in the jaws of the monstrous beasts.
Finally, Legolas heard the signal to fire and in an instant an arrow was knocked and then flew through the air with intense speed. The arrow struck it’s target with a thud in the middle of an orc’s forehead. He could hear the hiss of bowstrings echoing among the rocks as arrows whirled through the air. Loud shrieks and cries of pain rose among the army of goblins and orcs.
Legolas heard a cry from above them and turned to see the Dwarves from the Iron Hills plunging into the battle, melding their mighty axes. Beside them, the Human Being of Lake-town came charging in with their swords slashing at any and every goblin in their path.
Panic came across the goblins and many tried to escape by crossing the river, but many of their wargs turned upon them and began eating their own masters.
Legolas smiled to himself as victory seemed at hand but a cry rang out from above. The goblins had scaled the mountain from the other side and were on the slopes above the gate. Many of them streaming down the mountain towards the other Elves and Men. The thought of victory vanished from his mind and an image of Silvren alone and unprotected on the slope flashed through his mind. Legolas turned and began running towards the mountain.
A hideous, snarling orc jumped out in front of him, it’s black-bladed weapon clutched within it’s clawed hand. It’s yellow eyes burned like poison, it’s teeth were sharp and jagged and yellow with grime. Legolas pulled out his knives and his grip tightened on the hafts as he heard a shriek cry out from where Silvren hid.
* * *
Silvren sat huddled in her hiding place, listening to the clanging of metal clashing against metal from near by. Fear ran throughout her veins, realizing how close the fighting was to her.
She squealed and jumped backwards as a small goblin jumped down in front of her. The goblin reached within the hole and grabbed her foot. Silvren shrieked and kicked her foot about as he tried to pull her out. Silvren grabbed onto the rock next to her, his cold hand holding onto her ankle as he slowly pulled her across the rocky ground. She looked up as the goblin raised his hand in the air, his blood-covered knife held within his fist. Her eyes grew wide with fear, knowing that he intended to kill her.
Out of no where, an arm wrapped around the goblin’s neck and he was pulled backwards. Silvren watched as the elf decapitated the beast and then turned to face her. Silvren looked up at Glorfindel with shock written across her face as he looked down at her.
“Go back. ” he commanded and turned to make sure that no other goblins came near her.
* * *
The orc came after Legolas with his sword swinging at the elf’s head. Legolas blocked the blow am stepped to the side at the same time. Taking his free hand, he stabbed the orc in the ribs with his knife, the orc howling in pain. Legolas kneed the creature in the groin and hit him in the back of the neck with the haft of his knife, letting the orc fall to the ground. Legolas smiled to himself as he continued running up the slope, knowing the orc wouldn’t be moving for some time and some other elf would finish him off.
Legolas slashed at every orc in his path, his knives flashing with silver light as they twirled about in the air. The silver metal reflecting the flashes of lightning from the sky above. Along the side of some other Elves, Legolas worked his way up through the mass of goblins.
A loud shout and the sound of a trumpet from above them caught their attention. Legolas looked up to see Thorin and his men, clad in shiny armour, jumped down from their stronghold. Their eyes had a glow to them that shone even in the darkness. Many of the Men from Lake-town and the Dwarves rushed to his side. The ground. Thorin ran forward into the battle, wielding his mighty axe covered with the black corpses of goblins and the bodies of Men, Dwarves, and Elves.
A thick-limbed orc walked towards Legolas with a blood-thirsty across it’s face. Revealing it’s sharp, ragged teeth. The orc held a massive scimitar within it’s clawed hands. Legolas swallowed back his fear and tightened his grip on his knives, preparing to kill the beast. He thought of Silvren and how they had to make it out of there alive, and he realized that he was ready to die so she could return home to her father.
The orc swung it’s blade with inhuman power, and was barley blocked by Legolas’ knives. Legolas ducked as the orc swung it’s blade after him again.


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