Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 28

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Silvren screamed and sat straight up, gasping for breath as she gazed about the room. Small beads of sweat were running down her forehead and she glanced over at the doorway to see Dûrandir standing there, not even flinching at Silvren’s startling scream. She glanced away from the solemn elf and across the room at the window. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and hurriedly walked over towards the window. Everything seemed so abnormally still and silent. The soft breeze that had been blowing through the trees earlier had stopped, the crows had stopped their annoying cawing and flown away deep into the woods. The bright yellow sun had become blocked by dark, grey clouds that had a greenish tint to them. Even the air in the room seemed unusually still.
Silvren sighed deeply and was about to turn around when something in the corner of her eye caught her attention. She leaned as close to the barred window as she could. In the distance she could see horses galloping through the trees towards the tower. Elves bearing the banners of Celeborn, Thranduil, and Elrond also marched towards the place she was held captive in. Silvren gasped with excitement and fear, but her heart sank even deeper when she spotted Legolas and her brother among them.
She ran towards the door but stopped and covered her delicate ears at the horrible sound of an orc horn. It sounded three times and was loud and rough to her ears. Silvren turned back around and darted back over to the window, desiring to see what would happen.
* * *
Thranduil halted several yards from the large iron doors with Elrond and Celeborn on either side of him.
“Come out and show yourself, Telden!” Thranduil shouted angrily.
There was no reply. Thranduil looked about him as the sky above them grew even darker. Then, without warning, a loud orc horn blew three times and then there was silence.
Legolas’ calm, blue eyes darted about the clearing before them, looking for any sign of Silvren or of Telden. His eyes scaled the tall, dark tower and then a figure in one of the iron barred windows caught his attention. “Silvren.” he whispered under his breath as he gazed up at her shadowy figure. “Silvren!” he shouted helplessly, drawing Elrond and Elladan’s attention him.
“You see her?” Elladan asked anxiously.
“That window, up there.” Legolas furrowed his brow with sadness, the sight of her being coped up with that dark tower bringing even more sadness to him. His eyes grew wide at the sight of a pale hand clapping over her mouth and pulling away from the window, away from Legolas’ sight. “Telden.” he gritted his teeth, his hands tightening about Ranel’s reins.
“We’ll get her back and kill him in the process.” Elladan sneered bitterly.
“Oh, I’ll make sure of it.” Legolas finally pulled his eyes away from the window.
Then, as if they were thousands of black beetles, hundreds of snarling orcs came pouring out of the trees and iron doors.
A hard knot formed in the pit of Legolas’ stomach as the orcs advanced towards them and he reached back for his bow.
“Archers, prepare to fire.” Thranduil called out to his group of elves.
Legolas reached back into his quiver and pulled out an arrow then set it to the taunt string of his bow. He pulled the arrow back to his cheek and found his first target; a stout orc with saliva dripping from it’s putrid mouth as it gripped the sword it held in it’s clawed hands. Then he waited. Waited to he the go ahead from his father as he kept a steady eye on his target, ready to kill it and end it’s unwanted life right then and there.
“Release your arrows!” Thranduil called out.
A flood of arrows shot through the air and landed with the mass of unruly orcs, decreasing the numbers with every arrow shot. Legolas released arrow after arrow, taking his rage out on the orcs, making sure none of the ones he eyed up escaped alive.
As the orcs advanced towards the line of elves, a bitter wind picked up and swirled about them, playing with their long hair as they fought against their foe. Without any warning in advance, a brilliant bolt of lightening flashed across the sky and a loud clap of thunder shook the ground beneath their feet.
Elven arrows were flying throughout the air, bringing their targets to the ground with a thud, blood spilling out upon the ground. Blood of orcs and elves. Swords were clashing together as both sides collided together and slowly, drops of rain began to fall from the sky above, clinking upon the shiny armour of the elves.
Then, as if the clouds burst open, rain began to pour down upon them, beating the hard ground like tiny pebbles. Loud shrieks of pain echoed in the ears of the elves and orcs as the elves’ arrows became lodged in the orcs bodies.

Aragorn put his bow away and drew out his sword, hopping down from a borrowed horse he walked towards an orc for one on one combat. He gripped the hilt of his sword and walked up behind the occupied orc then swung his sword around, decapitating the orc with one swing. He watched as the head fell to the ground with a thud and rolled towards his feet, the eyes starring up at him as the body flopped to the ground in front of him. Black, oily blood oozing from the orcs open neck and onto the ground beneath it, Aragorn’s sword seeming to call out for more orc blood as he found his next victim.

The snarling shapes of the orcs with their black, bladed weapons clutched within their hands were scattered everywhere as they attacked the elves. Their yellow eyes burned with pure hatred and shone brightly and fiercely in the dim light.

Legolas quickly put his bow away and jumped off his horse’s back, grabbing his knives that rested beside his quiver. He scanned a group of fighting orcs and noticed one coming towards him. It was thick-limbed and had hands with long, sharp claws, the teeth yellow and pointed. The orc had long, oily, black hair that was pulled back in a long ponytail. It made a low growling sound as he tightened his fist around the large scimitar he held clasped within his clawed hands. The blade was rough and curved at the tip where it was covered in fresh blood that dripped off of it.
Legolas took a deep breath to calm his jumping nerves and tightened his own grip on the knives he held in his sweaty hands as the orc took another step in his direction.

Silvren felt a large knot develop in her stomach as she watched Legolas from her window. A pale hand came from behind her and caught her by surprise as it clapped over her mouth and another hand wrapped around her small waist, pulling her away from the window.
“It isn’t good for my lady to watch such, gruesome events, besides he broke a promise to you did he not?” Telden whispered in her ear.
“You only say that because you don’t want me to see when you kill him.” Silvren spat after he had let go of her. “And what business is it of yours what happens between him and I?”
“Well, that would be a good reason and it is my business now. He broke a promise to you, doesn’t that make you angry at him, despise him?” he smiled at her.
“Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t.” she tried not to let him get the best of her.
“I would never do such a thing to you.”
“Please don’t kill him, or any of them. I beg of you, spare their lives. They have done nothing wrong.” Silvren pleaded, not caring at the moment that Legolas had broken his promise to her.
“They have you decided?” he asked her.
“I-I…” she started, torn between what she wanted and what she was willing to sacrifice.
“Will you have me or not?” he pressured her.
“Yes!” Silvren shouted unwilling. “I will have you.” she started to cry as fell to her knees and
buried her face in her hands, a wide grin of satisfaction spreading across Telden’s pale face.
“Good.” he replied and walked out of her room.
“What have I done?” she cried out loud. “What have I done!?”
She sat there several seconds while crying into her hands, not sure of what she was to do now. Silvren glanced up at the window across the room, strands of her hair dangling in her face as she gained control of herself then stood to her feet. Silvren walked over to the table next to the bed and with a small sniffle she picked up the silver knife that sat on the white napkin. She then walked over to the door where Dûrandir was standing and looked the elf square in the eyes.
“Let me out or die.” Silvren said in a calm voice, her gaze not wavering one bit.
The elf didn’t say anything as she took a step away from the door and let Silvren out, Telden had left it unlocked. Silvren darted down the dark hallway and bumped into an unexpected orc. She gasped with surprise as the orc growled at her, but remembering the knife, she thrust it into his abdomen and turned it around and round, drawing more and more black, oily blood. The orc stared at her in horror and fell back onto his back; dead. It’s glassy eyes still open and staring unwavering at the black abyss of a ceiling.
Silvren smiled to herself and bent over the dead body, she grabbed his short sword and pulled it from the sheath, examined it’s condition and jumped back to her feet. She ran towards the end of the hall where the winding staircase lay. The stone floor and steps were sold beneath her bare feet and the bottom of her feet covered in the dirt from the unclean floors.
Finally, Silvren came to the end of the stairs and was about to run down the hall to her right when she ran into something. Silvren stumbled backwards and saw that she had ran into Telden. His face was straight and serious, his eyes burning with anger as he gazed down upon her.
“So you thought you could try to run from me, did you not?” he hissed through clenched teeth.
Without waiting for a reply, he grabbed her wrist and began dragging her back up the stairs.


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