Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 27

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“How far is Dol Guldor from here?” asked Legolas as he and a group of elves rode through the dark forest of southern Mirkwood. Another group of elves marching behind them on foot.
“About half a days ride south.” Thranduil answered his son.
“My lords, I spotted a small clearing further ahead. Shall we stop there and make camp?” Haldir rode up to Lord Elrond and Celeborn.
“Yes, I think it best if we did.” Elrond told the Lothlórien elf.
Legolas gazed about him as they rode along the narrow path through the dark trees, silence clinging to the air around them. A silence that he didn’t like. Legolas reined Ranel to a stop next to his father and his horse as they entered the small clearing. Very little light filtered through the tree branches above them, but it was better than nothing, at least that’s what Legolas thought.
“It will be cramped, but it will have to do.” Thranduil said as he surveyed the area in front of him.

Several elves were appointed watchmen while several others tied up the horses and other elves set up camp.
Legolas wandered around the clearing after tying up Ranel and sat down in front of a large tree with his belongings resting at his feet. He sat with his back leaning against the sturdy truck and his knees pulled up to his chest as he watched the elves and Aragorn around him prepare for the night. As he watched, he could sense someone walking towards and he turned to see Elladan sit down beside him.
“So when do you plan on telling her?” Elladan asked while fingering the marvelous engravings on his bow.
“I-I don’t know. Hopefully soon.” Legolas replied somewhat uneasily.
“When you do finally tell her, you’ll have nothing to worry about.” Elladan smirked.
“What do you mean?” Legolas turned his head to face the elf beside him.
“I know my sister very well. Because of the friendship you two share, it’s quite natural that something greater than that would develop between the two of you.
A small smile and gleam of hope spread across Legolas’ face as he gazed at dirt ground before his feet. Elladan laid his blanket down beside Legolas and laid down on top of it, staring up at the dark, plaited branches above them.
Legolas laid his head back against the tree and stretched his legs out before him, his hands resting upon his chest as he slowly drifted off to sleep.
* * *
“Ah, what’s this?” Telden asked Silvren, pulling away from her and picking up the necklace that lay against her chest. “The necklace Legolas gave you at the celebration of your birth.”
Silvren glanced down at the necklace, the mithril glimmering in the little light there was, a shiver running down her spine as the affects of what tiny bit of wine mixed with a type of drug she had drank, wore off. “Don’t touch that.” she said with a slight slur as she snatched the necklace from his grasp.
“It’s wearing off.” he murmured to himself and then his gaze fell upon another necklace that was draped around her neck. “And what do we have here?” he asked as he grabbed the necklace within his hand. “Legolas’ necklace. A token of his love I presume.”
“It is not!” Silvren snapped as she yanked this necklace out of his hand as well.
“Then please tell me what it is.”
“A token of his friendship. Something for me to remember him by when he is away.”
“Come back to reality, Silvren. It’s not a token of his friendship, but of his love. You understand it? He loves you; he loves you with every fiber of his body. He lives for you.” Telden said as he paced back and forth in front of her. His blood beginning to boil with anger.
“You’re drunk with madness.” Silvren seethed. “You always have been.”
“He would go to every extreme to protect you and come with excuses to go to Rivendell just to see you. Every day he talked about you. The way the two of you danced together and how you would always run to him for safety. The way he would hold you in his arms, the way he kissed you. It disgusted me to no avail and you say it’s only friendship.”
Tears spilled forth from Silvren’s eyes and rolled down the sides of her soft cheeks as she listened to the things he said. She didn’t want to listen or believe anything he told her, but somehow she knew he was right.
“You lie!” she blurted out before she could stop herself.
“I lie? Look at yourself, you’re crying because you know it’s true. Don’t deceive yourself, face it, he loves you and you love him. It’s time for you to face reality.” Telden stopped pacing and turned to look at her, his eyes boring deep within hers. “There are consequences for him loving you.” his smile returned, his eyes dancing with evil laughter. “He must die.”
* * *
“We’ll send one regiment from the north and send two more from the east and west. Hopefully he’ll come out and meet us.” Thranduil said.
“And if he doesn’t?” Elladan asked.
“We’ll have to go in after him.”
“It could be a trap though.” Legolas murmured. “We can’t go in after him, that’s exactly what he would want us to do.”
“Then we’ll just have to camp outside and wait for him, either way it could be a trap.” Thranduil told his son.
“My lord, everyone is ready to ride.” Haldir ran up to the small group of elves that were discussing last minute preparations.
“Thank you, Haldir.” Thranduil nodded in acknowledgment. “We ride to Dol Guldor.” he said and walked towards his awaiting horse, a dark brown stallion.

The elves and Aragorn whom rode horseback rode in the front behind Elrond and the other elven-lords, the ones on foot marching behind the riders. They traveled through the dark, damp forest that held an unearthly silence above their heads, some of them marching to the spot where death awaited them.
* * *
“No. Please, you can’t kill him.” Silvren pleaded, tears streaming down her saddened face as Telden smiled down at her, savoring the moment.
“Why shouldn’t I?” he asked evilly.
“Because he’s your brother and my friend. You would hurt so many innocent lives by killing him. Many lives would suffer from your cruelty.”
“Yes, but what do I care?”
“You should care.” Silvren said angrily.
“I’m sorry but a company of elves are already on their way. My orcs are preparing for the battle right now. So if you’ll excuse me, I must go tend to my dragon.” he said turning around and the walked towards the door.
“What is it you want? Just tell me, so that I may save him and all the other lives you are going to harm.” Silvren reluctantly asked him.
“You know what I want.” he turned around to face her, that awful smile he was know for pulling at his scrawny lips, baring his white teeth that were set perfectly within his foul mouth.
A shudder ran up Silvren’s back, suddenly wondering why she had even asked him that. She knew what he wanted and it scared her to even think about it.
“I want you.” Telden said simply.
“I don’t know if I can do that.” she said quietly, trying to think of a way out of it.
“How about this to help you along, If you say yes, I’ll spare Legolas and your family.” Telden said to
her. “Think about it and then tell me what you have decided. Otherwise he dies.” he smiled and walked
out of her room.
“No!” Silvren shouted angrily and ran up to the door behind him but was too late; he had already locked it and disappeared down the hallway. She leaned her forehead against the wooden door and rested her hands upon the door as well. Slowly, Silvren crumpled to the ground and sat there with her head and hands against the door, tears of sadness streaming down her face and falling from her trembling jaw onto her lap.
“Why? Why?” she cried as if talking to herself.
Silvren lifted her head from the door and looked over at the window, wiping the tears from her eyes with her shaking hands as she stood to her feet. Slowly, she made her way over to the window. As she looked out the window she saw nothing but trees and land around them. Some of the trees had been uprooted, large holes in the dirt ground from where trees had once been, the work of Telden’s foul orcs Silvren realized. She hated the sight in front of her and knew she didn’t want to be anywhere near Telden but she was desperate to save her family and Legolas. She knew what she had to do.


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