Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 26

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“We don’t have enough men to storm in after her and bring her. Her life as well as the lives of others is at stake.” Thranduil said. “How far are you willing to go for her?”
“I’d die for her.” Legolas replied angrily, his eyes blazing with fire.
“Then as the future king of Mirkwood, what do you purpose we do?” Elrond turned to Legolas, knowing how much he wanted to rescue Silvren and knowing how far the prince go to rescue even before he had said anything about it.
Legolas glanced around the room, looking at all the faces that were turned upon him, all of them faces that he knew fairly well, all of them putting their trust in him. Many different thoughts ran through his mind at that moment, trying to decide which idea was the best one. “We shall gather all the men possible and prepare to leave tomorrow afternoon at the latest.” Legolas finally said.

A moment of silence ran throughout the room before anyone else finally said anything. “Does anyone else have a better idea?” Thranduil spoke up, glancing at Elrond then Celeborn. Nobody answered. “Then do we all agree with Legolas’ idea?”
Both Elrond and Celeborn nodded their heads in agreement, at the moment they could not think of anything better and neither could many of the other elves.
“Well, then it is agreed. We leave tomorrow afternoon at the latest.” Thranduil sighed heavily.

Legolas sighed with a heavy heart as he slowly walked down the silver, winding staircase of the great Mallorn tree. His stomach was tied in knots like that of a rope that belong to a child learning how to tie knots. He wondered if he would ever see Silvren again and he pushed that thought to the back of his mind, not wanting to think about it. He already missed her wonderful laugh, her childish giggle and her beautiful eyes that always danced with happiness. He missed the feel of her soft, silky hair running between his fingers and the touch of her soft, warm hands that were much smaller than his yet fit perfectly within his.
Legolas sighed heavily as he thought about her, walking as if he were in a trance to the flet he was to stay in. Slowly, he made his way to the tree his flet was perched and wearily climbed up the twisted stairs.
He slipped out of his dirty travel clothes and slipped on the cool, silky nightclothes that had prepared for him. As his head hit the pillow, his mind quickly returned to Silvren and he finally fell into an uneasy sleep.
* * *
Silvren felt so alone without her family or friends to help or comfort her. Alone in a cold, damp room in some tower in the middle of some place that she didn’t know about with no escape. Even if she could escape she had nowhere to run to and surely Telden would catch her if she did. Silvren sighed knowing that any chance of escape was hopeless.

Slowly the hours passed by as Silvren sat on the bed with her back against the black headboard, staring out into space without nothing else to do at the time being. After some time a loud, hollow knock sounded from the door and she looked up to see the elf open the door and allow another elf to enter. The two elves looked exactly alike, though this new elf was a male. He was carrying a wooden tray with some sweet-smelling foods on it. The elf gently set the tray down on the small table next to her bed and then turned and walked away.
Silvren glanced over at the tray and her mouth began to water at the delicious sight she saw before her. A small white plate sat in the middle of the tray with a nice, juicy slice of tender venison; salted green beans, and small white potatoes with salt and butter. A white cup sat next to the plate filled almost to the rim with red wine, something she had never tried before. A small white napkin with a silver fork and knife were set on the other side of the plate. The sweet smells of the food was strong and enticing, beckoning her to eat and taste the sweetness it had to offer.
Silvren looked hungrily at the plate, her tastebuds ticking her tongue as she longed to taste the food and satisfy her hunger for she hadn’t eaten in several days. Silvren closed her eyes and shook her head, refusing to eat the food Telden had sent up. She couldn’t eat it. She wouldn’t. She didn’t trust Telden one bit and who knew if he poisoned the food.
“You must eat, my lady.” she heard a cold voice say from the doorway. Jerking her eyes open, she turned to gaze upon the She-elf that had suddenly spoken.
“Master wants you to eat. He says you haven’t eaten for days and you need to eat.”
“I know he wants me to eat.” Silvren snapped at the elf. “I won’t eat anything he gives me. I rather die.”
The elf made to remark to this, she only stared at Silvren with those cold, empty eyes of hers.
Without notice, the door to Silvren’s room swung open and Telden walked in, wearing all black with his evil grimace plastered on his face.
“Ah, you’re awake. Will you not eat?” he asked.
“I will not eat anything you give me.” Silvren retorted.
“Ah, you haven’t changed a bit.” Telden laughed softly. “You never did trust me. But now you will.” Telden walked over to Silvren and grabbed the glass of wine from the tray and sat down on the bed next to her.
“I will not.” she muttered though clenched teeth, but Telden didn’t answer her this time, instead he grabbed her by the face and forced her head backwards. Silvren struggled against his grip but couldn’t pull his hands away from her face as he poured the crude liquid down her throat, spilling some of it on her nightdress.
“There.” Telden said with a smile and set the glass back down on the tray as Silvren coughed and wiped off the spilt wine from her chest and neck. “I have a gift for you.” he snapped his fingers and a small, hideous orc appeared in the doorway. Telden stood up and walked over to the small creature, his robe dragging across the floor with a small scraping sound. Telden took a dark bundle from the orc and unfolded it for her see. It was a long, black dress, the neckline scooping downward and trimmed in blood-red velvet. The sleeves were long and draped down towards the floor. “What do you think?” he asked her.
“I hate it.” she replied, her eyes starting feel heavy and everything in front of her starting to look a little hazy.
“I thought you would say that.” he said, his evil smile never leaving his face. “Will you not wear it?”
“No.” she answered firmly.
“You will at least try it on, then we’ll see what you think about it.” he grinned, knowing that his control over her was steadily growing stronger. “D?randir, bring in a mirror.” he ordered the female elf.
Telden walked over to the bed and laid the dress down on the end of the bed and walked out of the room as the female elf walked in with a full length mirror. She propped the mirror up against the far wall and walked back over to the door and stood there like she did every day.
“Master will want to see the dress on you.” she said quietly, a voice that sounded cold and empty as if there was no life in it.
“I know that.” Silvren said and glanced over at the end of the bed where the black dress was draped across the back sheets. Silvren sighed as she slowly got up from the bed and picked up the dress. The crushed velvet material felt soft and cool between her delicate fingers, a material she could get use to wearing. Silvren took a deep breath as she slipped her nightdress over her head, though her back was turned towards D?randir, she could still sense the elf’s eyes upon her as she dressed.
The velvet was cold against her soft flesh and she had to take a deep breath in order to pull it over her chest. The dress was tight across her torso and flared out from her hips into a long skirt. Silvren slowly walked over to the mirror and gazed sadly into the mirror, her head felt dizzy as she gazed at her reflection. The neckline scooped down so low that it exposed the top of her chest, ‘definitely something the male elves would like and father would frown upon.’ she thought to herself. Silvren sighed and saw a figure approaching her from behind, turning around she saw that it was Telden.
An evil smile came over his face as he gazed up and down her body, his gaze lingering slightly longer on her chest than the rest of her body. A sliver of coldness crept up her spine as he placed his hands on her shoulders and gazed into her eyes.
“Beautiful, simply beautiful.” he said quietly. “Have you made a decision yet?” he asked softly, his hands sliding down her arms and taking her hands into his as he leaned his face closer to here.
“A decision about what?” she asked, her eyes closed and face tilted up towards his. His breath felt warm and intoxicating against her face, she could feel his face drawing closer and closer to hers.
“About marrying me, being my queen and ruling all of Middle-Earth with me.” he said as gentle as he could.
“No. Not yet.” she replied faintly.
“You will think about it, will you not?” he asked her.
“Aye, I will do that.” Silvren said, a small smile pulling at her lips.
A large grin pulled across Telden’s mouth, he would savor this moment for the rest of his life, and Legolas would die as well as everyone else. With his cold, hard heart leaping with happiness, Telden pulled Silvren in close and kissed her, his cold, thin lips plying her soft, warm ones.


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