Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 25

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The night was bitter and miserable. Only a few shelters were able to be contrived for very few people or families. Food was scare after much of it had been burned or lost Many of the people became ill from being wet and the cold air and later died.

It was the fifth day since Smaug’s death and the people of Lake-town spotted a company of Wood-elves coming down the river’s shore. Many of the people ran up to greet the company as did Legolas and Silvren.
“Silvren, you are to stay behind with the other women.” Legolas said while he approached her as she sat by the fire.
“Because we don’t know what’s going to happen up on the mountain.” he said, sitting down on the hard ground beside her.
“You can’t keep me here. I’m either coming with you or following you. Take your pick.” she was determined not to get left behind like she normally was.
“Silvren I-“
“Take your pick.” she said sternly.
Legolas raised his eyes and looked at her. He had never heard her use that tone of voice before and was quite shocked that she had.
“I rather you come along, but-“
“Then it is settled. I’m coming with you.” she said jumping to her feet to leave.
“Silvren, I really-“
“Not listening!” her voice echoed among the trees as she walked away.
“Women can be so stubborn.” Legolas murmured to himself.

Together, Glorfindel, Legolas, and Silvren helped raise huts along the shore and helped collect the timber that floated down the stream from Mirkwood. Silvren laughed as she helped Legolas, Glorfindel and the others gather wood for fires. The small, dirty children running around beside her, slashing sticks at each other like they were swords. Some of them hid behind trees and peered out from behind the trunk, at her.
Then Silvren walked over and knelt beside a small fire with a small iron pot sitting over it. Removing the iron lid with an old stained pot holder, she stirred the stew with a wooden spoon. Glancing up, her eyes caught Legolas ‘from across the river and she offered him a small, shy smile that he gladly returned.

The next day Silvren went down to the river with some of the women and helped them wash the dirty clothes. She rolled up her sleeves and knelt beside the river with a washboard in front off her. She scrubbed the soapy, wet shirt against the washboard in and out of the water. After washing six shirts and laying them out to dry, she began washing the seventh shirt. Stopping for a second, she pushed back a loose strand of hair with her soapy fingers and turned her head to see Legolas leaning against a near by tree. He was craving a piece of wood with a small knife as he watched her.
A few days later, all the able Men and Elves, including Silvren, packed up whatever belongings they had and could carry. They began marching north towards the mountain and on the eleventh day after Smaug’s death, the head of the company reached the rock gates at the end of the lake. There, they came to an open valley and reached Dale by the end of the following day. It was there in the valley that they made camp, building many fires and lighting many torches.

Early the next morning, when the sun was just beginning to rise, a company of Men and Elves walked up to the valley’s head and climbed up. They had their swords at their sides and bows strapped across their backs, armed as if they were going into battle.
Silvren had just woken up and was starting a fire as the company began making their way back to camp. Silvren rubbed a stick against another stick and patiently waited as she built up the friction between the two sticks. A small yellow spark flew off the stick and landed in the dirt as a small flame leaped up from the sticks. A small smile of satisfaction spread across her face as a small fire burned in front of her. She prepared a small breakfast of scrambled eggs and nice crispy bacon that some of the women had given her before she left. When she had finished eating, she cleaned up her dishes and waited as the host returned discouraged.

That day they packed up their camp and moved east of the river, right in-between the arms of the mountain. That night the rocks echoed with the voices of en and Elves as Elven harps filled the air with sweet music.
Silvren walked around the camp, listening and watching the Men sing and laugh to their hearts content. She was glad to finally see them laughing and having a good time after all they had been through. Silvren was walked towards the opening of the valley and stared up at the mountain in front of her, the stars glittering in the background.
Silently, Legolas walked up behind her, gazing at her beauty as the pale moon shone on her face. Making it glow with radiance. He stared at her, watching as a slight breeze stirred a few strands of her brown hair about her face.
Slowly, she turned her head and smiled at him. “Hello.” she said in her sweet voice, that rang in his ears. “It is said that they are sending another company up tomorrow. Are you going with them?”
“Aye, my father wishes it. I don’t have much of a choice if I’m to be king one day.” he answered.
“You will make an interesting king.” Silvren teased, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. Her pink lips forming a slight smile across her soft face. “Most likely.” he smiled back.
“Oh, you’re no fun.” she said slapping his arm.
“I’m sorry you think that.” he laughed.
Silence fell over them as they gazed out ahead of them. Time passing by slowly as they stood there, forgetting about all their worries for the time being.
“Its getting late. I think will retire to bed now. ” Silvren whispered, breaking the silence.
“I will walk with you, if you want, for I will also being going to bed soon. ” he said, offering her his arm.
Smiling, she took his arm together they walked back through camp to their tent that they shared with Glorfindel.
“Goodnight, Silvren. ” Legolas said and lingered therefor a moment as if thinking about something. Before Silvren could say goodnight, he leaned over and softly kissed her on the cheek. Her heart fluttered as his soft, warm lips touched her cheek. She could feel the heat rising to her face as she blushed at his touch.
Legolas quickly excused himself after he pulled away from her and walked towards Glorfindel. Silvren placed her fingertips on her cheek and watched him walk away and sit down beside the fire next to Glorfindel. With a faint smile upon her face, Silvren turned and disappeared into the tent.

Early the next morning, a company of spearmen crossed the river and arched up the valley, carrying the green banner of Thranduil and the blue banner of Lake-town. They marched all the way up to the stone wall at the gate. They stared up at the wall and a Dwarf yelled down to them. “Who are you that comes before the gates of Thorin, armed as if for combat?” Legolas watched as a tall man with dark hair and a grim looking face stepped forward and answered the Dwarf.
“Hail, Thorin! Why do you keep yourself locked up there like a prisoner? We do not wish to harm or fight you. We are glad that you are alive, for we thought none had survived. Now there is a matter for a parley and council.
“Who are you and why should we have council? ” the ruff voice of the Dwarf called down to them.
“I am Bard, and it was I who slew the dragon, Smaug. I am the heir of Girion of Dale within your hoard of treasure is mixed much of the wealth of his halls that Smaug stole. May we not speak of this matter?”
“No man has claim on my treasure or my people’s treasure. We will pay the people of Lake-town for the help and goods that had given us in good time. I shall not parley with Men that stand before armed for battle like foes. And not at al with the Elven-king and his people for they treated us poorly and have no place in this debate. Now go away! And if you ever want to speak to me again you must get rid of the Elven host and lay your weapons down before you cross the threshold.”
“The Elves are my friends and have helped us in our time of need. We will give you some tie to reconsider your words before we return.” With that, the company fumed and made their way back to camp.

Legolas sighed as they made their way back down the side of the mountain and back to camp. He could not help but think about what had happened and what could happen in the future. Looking up, he saw Silvren come running towards him. Her face had a streak of dirt across her right cheek. The yellow dress that she wore was dirty from days of wearing it, but he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her.
“So how did it go?” she asked as she ran up beside him.
“Ah, not so good. I don’t think he wants to give up any of the treasure and he’ll probably stay cooped up in therefor as long as he needs to.”
“Yikes. Are you hungry? I made some stew with the meat from the rabbit you caught this morning.”
“I could use something to eat.” Legolas replied, realizing how hungry he was.

Many hours passed and the banner-bearers returned to the mountain and once again returned discouraged.


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