Silvren’s Journey-Chapter 25

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“Aragorn!” Arwen exclaimed in surprise as she left her father’s embrace and hurried over to the love of her life, flinging her arms around his neck much like she done to her father. “What are you doing here?” she asked as she pulled away and gazed up into his eyes.
“I want to help look for my sister as well. I’d be just as devastated as you and the twins if anything happen to her.” Aragorn replied with a serious and determined face.
Arwen nodded as she stepped to the side and allowed her father to approach the young ranger.
“Mae govannen, Aragorn.” Elrond said as he and Aragorn presented each other with the elven-salute.
“I am glad to see that Arwen is well, but deeply upset that not all is well with Silvren.” Aragorn replied to Elrond as they walked over to the large group of elves.
“I am hoping that we’ll be able to rescue her before any real harm comes to her or anyone else.” Elrond said gravely.
Aragorn nodded in agreement as he stood beside Legolas and traded a worried glance with the prince.
“What can you tell of us of our enemy Telden?” Celeborn asked Thranduil in a low, calm voice.
“He has changed a great amount since his mother left our lands.” Thranduil started with a heavy sigh. “He has been craving power as if he were Sauron himself.” Thranduil said bitterly, his eyes momentarily glowing with fire. “Telden wants nothing more than to conquer Middle-earth and have Silvren for his queen. But I believe there’s more to it than just marrying her.”
“What do mean by that?” Legolas asked with his brow furrowed and confused expression written across his fair complexion.
“The ring I presented to her at the celebration of her birth.” Elrond muttered as he gazed across a small stone table at Galadriel. “It is more than just a mere ring. It was created in 1500 of the first age along with the Three Rings of Power. It was the first one made and cast aside for it was stronger than attended. Gil-galad held onto it before giving it to me for safe keeping. Being that it was presented to her, she is the only one that can control how it is used, though there is always the possibility that someone else can control her. It will produce a soft light when danger is present and lead her in the right direction when she is lost, but it also holds the power to kill all elves or save their lives.” he said in a grave voice.
“Telden wants the ring.” Legolas whispered as if he were talking to himself.
“Yes, but he needs her in order to use it.” Elrond glanced over at the prince.
“He’ll force her into using against all man-kind.” Legolas said bitterly.
“Indeed, he will.” Elrond nodded his head.
* * *
When Silvren finally woke up, she found herself lying on the large bed on top of the covers. She felt another presence in the room as she sat up and turned to see another elf standing by the wooden door, but this elf was as different as Telden was. She had long black hair and pale skin with pale blue eyes. Her gaze seemed distance and as if there was no life to her at all. Her dress was long and black, the sleeves didn’t taper like the ones Silvren was use to wearing, and instead they trailed straight down her arm. The black velvet trimmed, neckline scooped downward but not very far.
“Who are you?” Silvren asked warily.
She didn’t answer or even turn to look at Silvren; she just kept staring out ahead of her.
“I see how it is.” Silvren muttered then turned her own gaze elsewhere, gazing about the room and trying to think of something, anything to keep her occupied.

* * *
“Where is he now?” Elladan asked Thranduil, wanting to get his hands on the elf he once thought
of as a friend and hurt him.
“Where he went, I know not.” Thranduil sighed heavily, wishing more than ever that he knew the location of his son.
“He has occupied the tower of Dol Guldor. He his holding her captive and creating an army of orcs.” Galadriel turned to Celeborn and whispered softly, though everyone else could hear her.
“We must go after him, we must rescue her.” Legolas broke the silence, his eyes darting between the elves that stood around the stone table.
“We’re doing what we can. Please be patient Legolas.” Thranduil said calmly.
“I agree, we cannot stand here and talk about it yet doing nothing, we have to act quickly.” Elladan said, Aragorn and Elrohir nodded their heads in agreement.
“How many men do we have that we can spare?” Thranduil asked Celeborn and Elrond as they stood around a small, circular stone table carved of grey stone.
“I have forty-four not including myself, my sons and Aragorn.” Elrond told his father-in-law. “How many men do you have?” he asked Thranduil.
“I have fifty-six, counting Legolas and I. What about you, my lord?” Thranduil turned to ask Celeborn.
Celeborn walked over to the balcony with his hands clasped behind his back, his gaze floating about the city below him, the soft blue lights that were spotted here and there against the night sky. He thought about the fact that everything seemed so peaceful within the city, how could something such as this happen within well-guarded borders. “No more than thirty-five.” he answered gravely.
“A total of 139 men. It’s possible he could have twice as many orcs.” Thranduil muttered out loud. “We’re going to need more men.”
“Do you expect a full battle?” Celeborn asked, walking back towards the other elves.
“Yes, I do. My son will not surrender without a fight and even then he won’t surrender, we’ll have to take her from him.” Thranduil replied, somewhat astonished, Legolas growing more and more frustrated as the seconds seemed to drag by.
“If my scouts return in two days, I spare fifteen to twenty more men.” Celeborn told them.
“That’s not good enough!” Legolas finally snapped, slamming his fist upon the stone table in front of him. “She’s your granddaughter, how can you afford to just wait around and do nothing!” he stared at the tall lord before him.
“We’re doing something; we are planning what to do in order to rescue her properly.” Celeborn said, somewhat irritated by the Prince’s rash reaction.
“But we can’t afford to do that in this situation. I know my brother better than you; he won’t wait for us to come after her. He’ll try to use the ring as soon as possible so we are now longer a threat. By the time your scouts return it may be too late.” Legolas explained his word full of anger and desperation. The others stood quiet and dumbfounded; they had never seen the prince react like this.
“He’s right.” Aragorn was the first to speak up. “It would be foolish for us to wait around. We wouldn’t wait around if it were me or Legolas that was taken. Would you wait around if she had the One Ring?” Aragorn lowered his voice, so anyone eavesdropping didn’t here what he had just said. “From what I’ve heard this ring that she has is just as important, we must get her back no matter what. She is my sister and I won’t leave her in the hands of that beast, even if Legolas, the twins and I are the only ones to go after her, we would do our best to bring her back to safety.” Aragorn stared at each of the elven-leaders, silence running through the still air for a few long moments.


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