Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 24

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Silvren slowly opened her eyes to the sight of sunlight streaming in through her balcony. Looking down, she realized that she was still wearing the clothes from the day before. Remembering Legolas’ kiss from the previous night, she smiled and climbed out of bed.
Silvren threw on afresh dress of yellow satin with small, red roses all about it. The straps were made of hundreds of small beads and sleeves hung from the side of her shoulder and tapered down her arm.
Silvren walked through the brightly lit passages and out the stone gate, entering one of Thranduil’s gardens.
There, she sang quietly to herself her dress swirling about wildly as she danced happily upon the dirt paths. Silvren spun around and found herself facing Legolas, a crooked smile on his face. His bright, blue eyes shining in the yellow sunlight.
“Scared you?” he asked smiling.
“No. Just surprised.” she replied, tilting her head up towards his and crossing her arms across her chest
“How would you like to go on a trip?” he questioned.
“Where to?”
“Well, I was thinking-“
“Well that’s a big accomplishment.” Silvren smirked.
“As I was saying, I was thinking that Glorfindel and I could take you to Lake-town.”
“And see the Lonely Mountain? “
“If you want to.” he replied.
“Why Glorfindel though? You know he’s still mad at me.”
“Because no one else would go and it would be odd if I took you by myself.”
“What about Míriel?”
“Father won’t let her go. He said she’s too much of a handful for me to handle.” he rolled his eyes.
“And I’m not?” she asked impishly.
“I wasn’t going to say anything.” he smiled.
“So when can we leave?”
“If you hurry and pack your things we can leave this afternoon.”
“Okay.” Silvren said and took off towards the palace so she could pack her bag.

By that afternoon, Glorfindel, Legolas and Silvren had packed their bags on their horse’s backs and were riding towards Lake-town.
Glorfindel rode in the front with Legolas and Silvren riding side by side behind him. They rode throughout the afternoon and early evening, stopping half-way to Lake-town to make camp. Trees were scattered across the land, offering very little shelter if it were to rain.
“I keep the first watch.” Glorfindel offered as he threw some sticks onto the fire. Silvren rolled out her blanket and wrapped another one around her exposed shoulders. She
sighed as she gazed into the fire that crackled in front of her. Looking around, she saw Legolas lying on his back with his hands folded on top of his chest as he stared up at the stars. Glorfindel sat with his legs crossed, watching the fire and listening for anything out of the ordinary.
Lying down on the ground, Silvren curled up with her blanket wrapped around her. Slowly, her eyes closed as she fell into a peaceful slumber.

The next morning, Silvren awoke to the sound of something next to her. Turning over, she saw Legolas rolling up his blanket.
“It’s about time you woke up.” he said when he noticed she was watching him. Silvren smirked at his teasing and slowly stood up, looking around at their surroundings.
” Where’s Glorfindel?” she looked back at Legolas.
“Oh, he went to get some more wood.” he said as he stood up and walked over to his horse. He tied his bag onto Panel’s back and looked across the valley. “Ah, here he comes.” he said to Silvren.
“Here, put some in your packs.” Glorfindel said as he approached them and handed each of them some wood.
Night had fallen, as they trotted along the dirt path and came in view of Lake-town.
“Let’s walk ahead” Silvren said turning to Legolas.
“Okay.” he said, an impish grin spread across his face, making Silvren giggle.
“What? ” he asked, still smiling.
Silvren jumped off Asfalas’ back and Legolas off Ranel’s.
“What?” he repeated.
“Nothing.” she replied as a mischievous grin parted her pink lips.
Before Legolas could say anything, Silvren took off running at full speed towards Lake-town. Legolas darted after her, passing Glorfindel, who paid no attention to them.
Silvren turned to look over her shoulder at him and squealed when she saw that he was gaining on her. Slowing down, Silvren breathed heavily mixed with laughter as Legolas came running to her side, also laughing and smiling.
Silvren walked slightly in front of him as they talked about many things that have happened to them over the years.
Legolas watched her every move, enchanted by her beauty as she stared talking about her adventures and trouble she had gotten into.
He couldn’t understand why he was enchanted by her every move or why he longed to take her in to his arms and never let go. But his dreaming was cut off as he almost ran into Silvren, who had suddenly stopped in front of him.
“Look! Legolas, the dragon. It’s headed for Lake-town!” she said, her voice trembling with fear.
Legolas grabbed her hand and ran towards Lake-town. “Hurry!” he shouted behind him.
The beating of hooves could be heard approaching from behind as Glorfindel raced towards the town. The sound of warning trumpets echoed along the rocky shores and in their ears, people ran out of their homes, screaming in terror.
The dragon became a spark of fire rushing towards them, fire blazing from its mouth.
Legolas ran through the town and the mob of panicking people, pulling Silvren along behind him as they dodged people left and right. He ran over to the rocky shore where men were loading women and children into the boats. “Hurry, get in!” he shouted to Silvren above all the screaming and wailing as he pulled her towards a boat.
“Just get in!” he cut her off.
An older man with dark hair that was mixed with grey hair and had tough, wrinkly skin helped Silvren into the boat.
As the boat was pushed away from the shore, Silvren watched as Legolas and Glorfindel disappeared among the towns-people. Silvren sat by the edge of the boat next to a young woman who was dressed in brown rags. Her face was smeared with dirt and her hair was tangled and dirty. In her arms she held a small bundle of dirty rags. ‘A baby’ Silvren thought as she looked down at the bundle.
The small bundle of rags squirmed then let out a sharp cry, revealing that it was a small baby.
Silvren sighed and watched as the dragon swooped over the town, setting many houses and some trees on fire.
* * *
Legolas and Glorfindel took out their bows and joined a company of archers that still held their ground among the burning houses. It was hard to see the dark dragon flying against the dark night sky and their arrows kept bouncing off his hard scales as he flew towards the company of archers again.
* * *
Watching the dragon burn everything to ashes became too painful for Silvren to watch. She had to do something to help. Carefully, she stood up, ignoring the shrieks from the women as she did, and jumped off the boat into the dark water.
The water was chilling to the bone and she could hear the chattering of her teeth over the yelling of the women that were in the boat. Her cloak and dress were weighed down by the water and made it harder for her to swim through the cold water. After a few minutes of struggling through the water, she pulled herself onto shore, the air stinging at her cold, wet skin. Shivering, she went in search of Legolas and Glorfindel. Her dress hung in soaked folds, tangling about her legs as she walked through the crowds of panicked people.

Cheers ran throughout the crowd as the dragon fell from the sky and landed in the lake. Under the pale moon, a white steam rose up from the lake and a hiss could be heard from the lake. Then silence. Smaug was defeated.
Silvren looked around at all the people who were beginning to gather food to eat, wood for fires, and blankets and clothes to keep warm. Women and children coming in from the lake, some of which were wet from the dragon’s fall. A few dirty children that were dressed in tattered clothes and worn blankets, played by the fire pits as their mothers sat on the ground watching them. Their eyes dull with sorrow.
Finally, she spotted Legolas and Glorfindel helping some people start a fire and gather some wood. Silvren walked towards Legolas and stumbled on a rock, falling into Legolas’ arms as he walked towards her.
“Silvren? Why are you all wet?” he asked, pushing a strand of her wet hair out of her face.
“I-I.” she started but couldn’t finish.
Legolas took her hands into his, finding that they were frightfully cold. “Silvren, your hands .. . they’re like ice.” he said quietly while he scanned her face.
“Come sit by the fire.” he said. Legolas put his arm around her shoulders and led her to the fire, in front of the tent that had been set up for them.
They sat down by the hot, blazing fire, for the night had grown bitterly cold. Silvren sat with her knees brought up towards her chest, shivering in the cold air. The water from her wet hair dripped down her wet cloak and onto the ground.
Legolas looked over at her and saw her shivering, her wet dress and cloak hung tightly about her slender body. Legolas unfastened his cloak and scooted closer to her. Reaching over, he unfastened hers and cast it aside, draping his around the both of them.
Silvren could feel his warm cloak fall around her bare shoulders. A chill ran up her spine and her heart fluttered as she felt his warm, strong arm wrap around her cold, tiny waist. Silvren snuggled closer to his warm body and slowly, her eyelids began to close. The light sound of his heart beating comforted her and the soft velvety cloth against her cheek and the warmth of his body slowly lulled her to sleep. A small smile upon her face.


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