Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 23

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About a week after Silvren woke up from the attack, she was up and about again, her wounds healed for the most part.

“Hello, Asfalas. I’ve missed you, have you missed me?” Silvren asked as she stroked her horse’s muzzle. Asfalas neighed happily in response as Silvren pulled some carrots out of her apron’s pocket. “Here you go. That’s a girl. How would you like to go for a ride?”

Silvren fed Asfalas some more carrots and opened the stall door, leading Asfalas out of her stall. Instantly, Silvren jumped onto her back. “Let’s go.”

Asfalas galloped through the trees and into an opening that faced the Lonely Mountain. Silvren pulled Asfalas to a stop and looked about them. She could see for miles in every direction, a small stream ran across the bottom of the hill and towards the distant mountain. Silvren spotted a huge willow tree down below her, overhanging the blue stream. Silvren jumped off Asfalas back and walked Asfalas down towards the stream, where Asfalas could drink.

Silvren could hear the birds off in the distance singing their merry songs, the water from the stream trickling over the rocks by her feet. She took a deep breath, breathing in the enchanting smell of the flowers and the fresh stream in front of her. Silvren breathed out with a sigh and jumped up onto a low hanging branch then climbed onto a higher one. Silvren gazed out at the scene before her and smiled as a gentle breeze played at her hair. The sight before her was gorgeous, the stream flowing beneath her, the colorful flowers in the meadow and the Lonely Mountain in the distance. She loved it, it wasn’t Rivendell or Lórien, but it was beautiful in it’s own unique way.
Within minutes, Silvren drifted off to sleep, her back against the trunk of the tree and her feet dangling over the side of the branch she sat on. Her yellow dress swaying in the breeze about her ankles.
It was evening and the sun had set, the stars peeking out from their covering. Silvren’s eyes fluttered open and at once she remembered where she was. She quickly jumped down from the tree and whistled for Asfalas, who came galloping across the field towards her. Silvren stroked her nose then climbed up onto her back. “Noro lim.” she whispered, nudging Asfalas’ side with her feet.
Asfalas rode into the night with Silvren upon her back and after some time came to the kingdom’s edge. Silvren slowed Asfalas down when she saw Glorfindel walking towards them with Legolas right behind . him. An angry expression on Glorfindel’s face as Míriel appeared running out of the palace.
“Uh-oh.” she said quietly to herself. Gracefully, for once, she jumped off Asfalas’ back and slowly walked towards them. Her arm under Asfalas’ head and her hand holding the other side of Asfalas’ face.
“Where on earth have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Glorfindel asked angrily. “Obviously not.” Silvren said under her breath. “I was only out in the meadow riding Asfalas.” she said shyly.
“Never again will you do that.” he said stepping closer and pointing at her. “Do you realize how dangerous it is going off alone like that. You’re a princess, you can’t do stuff like that.” Glorfindel shouted.
Míriel gnawed nervously on her lower lip as she stood behind Legolas, watching as Glorfindel yelled at her new friend.
“I’m not a princess and not even worthy of
being one. I’d rather be a warrior. “
“You are[I/] a princess and I am here to protect you. But I can’t when you go running off like that.” he snapped.
“I don’t care.” Silvren said bitterly.
“You don’t care? Do you realize that if you are caught by the enemy you put everybody’s life in danger, not just yours? Think before you act. You will always be a princess so you had better start acting like one.” he yelled, not caring if the Elves that were passing by heard.
Teary-eyed, Silvren turned around and ran towards the palace as some of the Elves stared at her in wonder. She ran all the way to her room and slammed the door behind her, casting herself upon her bed. Releasing the tears that had built up, into her pillow.

That night at the dinner table, Legolas noticed that Silvren had not shown up. He nibbled on his food, keeping a watchful eye on the double doors. Every so often glancing across the table at Míriel who shared the same worried expression. ‘Where could she be?” he wondered.
After a couple of minutes, he quietly stood up from where he had been sitting and walked over to his father, kneeling next to his father’s seat.
“Father, may I be excused from dinner?” he whispered.
“For what reason, Legolas?” Thranduil asked as he set his goblet on the table.
“A friend of mine has been hurt and I would like to see how she is doing.”
“Was she seriously hurt?” the king asked.
“Well, if you wish. You may go.”
“Thank you. Father.” Legolas said and quickly rose to his feet, making his way to Silvren’s room.
“Wh-who is it? ” Silvren said through sobs when she heard someone knock on her door.
“Legolas.” he said as he slowly opened the door. “May I come in?”
“Yes.” she answered quietly and sat up, pulling her knees up to her chest.
“Are you all right?” Legolas said as he slowly approached her bed.
“I’m fine.” she replied, wiping the tears away from her face.
“I brought you some food in case you’re hungry.” he handed her some fruit as he sat down on the bed in front of her.
“Thank you.” she sniffed.
Legolas sat there fumbling with his hands as she sighed.
“Legolas, I’m not worthy of being a princess, Arwen is, not I “
“Why do you say that?” he asked turning to look at her.
“I’m more tomboyish than she is. I admit I like wearing dresses and dressing up for feasts, but I want to be free. Free to hunt and climb trees without getting in trouble. I love practicing sword-fighting and archery with Elrohir and Elladan. But Elrond doesn’t approve of it. Now Glorfindel is disapproving everything I do!” she cried out.
“There’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy and wearing dresses. Arwen use to be just like you, just not as troublesome or stubborn.” he laughed.
“Gee thanks.” she said sarcastically.
“Don’t worry, you ‘ll eventually grow out of it and end up getting married.” he smiled.
“Are you crazy.” she asked.
“Not as crazy as you are!” he chuckled. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, the Dwarves have escaped.”
“They have? But how?” she asked with a puzzled expression.
“We still haven’t found out how or when they escaped, but they were discovered missing early this morning.”
“Well, if you ‘re not going to leave your room, you might as well get some sleep.” Legolas said. With that, he stood up, leaned over and gently kissed her on the forehead, as he had always done when she was a child. But now it meant something more to both of them, both feeling a little different as he slowly pulled away and walked towards the door. Legolas pulled open the door and slowly exited her room, gently closing the door behind him.


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