Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 23

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“We have searched everywhere and cannot find any sign of her, my lord.” Haldir said in an even tone as he bowed slightly to Celeborn and Galadriel, whom he stood before.

Celeborn sighed and rubbed his head with his hand in an act of deep thought. He and Galadriel sat on white chairs that were elegantly carved out of wood and sat at the end of the small meeting chamber. The room which was filled with many trusted friends and family and was as silent as a graveyard. No one dared to say anything for fear of being heard by everyone, and most of all the lord and lady.

“Send messengers to Rivendell and to Mirkwood, Elrond and Th-” Celeborn started and was then cut off by his wife.
“Telden. Telden took her.” her voice came from beside him, filled with sorrow as she gazed off into the distance. Speaking as if nobody was around and she spoke out loud to herself.

Arwen, who had been standing to the side, turned as pale as the white dress her grandmother wore and sank into the white chair that sat behind her. Several handmaidens rushed to her side and started fanning her, one of them running off the fetch her a glass of cool water.
Elladan’s hands were balled up in two fist resting at his side, his jaw clenched and moving side to side as he fought to keep his anger inside. Elrohir stood beside him, his own anger welling up within him, his face was paler than usual. Not wanting to stick around any longer and desiring to somehow release his anger, he turned and left the room. Elladan watched his brother’s disappearing figure for a few moments then turned his attention back upon his grandparents, waiting to hear what else they would say.

Haldir and the other scouts stood before Celeborn and Galadriel, waiting anxiously for instructions of what to do next. Haldir hand balled up into a fist and flexed his hand back out as he watched Celeborn’s distant gaze towards Arwen. His gaze was still fixed upon the lord’s face as he turned back towards Haldir. Haldir gulped nervously and waited for his lord to speak.

“Send messengers to Rivendell and Mirkwood. Lord Elrond and King Thranduil will know what to do from here.” Celeborn ordered.
“Yes, my lord. Is there anything else you would have us do, my lord?” Haldir asked with a small bow, his long blonde hair spilling over his broad shoulders.
“None at the time being, Haldir. My mind is too frazzled to think of anything else at this moment.” Celeborn said with a small wave of his large hand.
Haldir nodded his head in understanding and turned away, signaling his fellow scouts to follow him as he strode towards the staircase. They walked down the large stairs that wound around the large Mellon tree in single formation. Upon reaching the bottom, four scouts were selected to carry the messages to the other lord and king. Two would ride to Rivendell and the other two would ride to Mirkwood.
* * *
“Daro. Who goes there?” a loud voice called down from the tall, dark trees of Mirkwood.
“‘Tis Dínendal of Lothlórien. I bear a message for King Thranduil from the lord and lady of Lórien.” the grey-clad messenger called up to the elf that stood on a think tree limb above him.
The elf clad in the traditional grab of the Mirkwood jumped down from the tree and landed on the dirt path in front of Dínendal. “Follow me.” he said and motioned for Dínendal to follow.

“My lord,” Dínendal fell to one knee and lowered his head. “I bear a message from the Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel of the Goldenwood.”
“Go on.” Thranduil encouraged him, not exactly in the mood for an unexpected message.
Dínendal stood up and handed Thranduil the sealed scroll that he had kept hidden beneath his cloak. He watch the king with an intense gaze as the king stood before him and read the scroll. Feeling the gaze of someone else upon him, Dínendal turned his head sideways and saw another elf approaching.

“Tell your lord and lady that we’ll be coming as soon as possible.” Thranduil strode across the room and gaze the scroll to one of his trusted advisors. “We’ll leave at dawn. You are excused.”
“Thank you, my lord.” Dínendal bowed and turned on his heels, leaving for Lothlórien once again.

“Father, may I inquire to what is going on?” Legolas asked his father with a furrowed brow, a feeling of dread resting it the pit of his stomach as he waited for an answer.
“I’m taking a company of elves to Lothlórien.” Thranduil replied, not wanting to depress his son or have him act irrationally.
“Why on such short notice? Is something wrong?” he questioned further as Míriel hid in the shadows of the doorway, she too desiring to know why her father was to leave so suddenly.
“You are to stay here and take of your siblings and watch over the kingdom for me. Especially keep an eye on Míriel as much as possible since she tends to be a handful.” Thranduil dodged the question, glancing away at one of the stone pillars.
“Father, something’s wrong isn’t? What is it you are trying to hide from me?” Legolas demanded, his eyes scanning those of his fathers.
Thranduil gazed at his son with sorrow-filled eyes, pain and sympathy for his son etched on his face as he thought how to put into words what had happened.
“It’s Silvren, isn’t it?” Legolas suddenly realized, his throat drying up and making it hard for him to swallow.
“It is.” Thranduil said sadly, wishing he could fix the pain he knew his son would experience as soon as he knew what had happened. “Telden took her during the night, three nights ago. We’re going to Lothlórien to see what we can do to find her.”
Míriel clapped her hands over her mouth as a scream of outrage rose up within her and she struggled to keep it back. She never thought her brother was cruel enough to go to such lengths to harm her or anyone else. Even now, she didn’t want to believe it, it was too hard for her grasp the truth of her brother’s evil nature.
“And you wanted me to remain here?” Legolas asked angrily.
“Because I didn’t want you doing anything stupid and getting yourself or others in danger as well.” Thranduil told him.
“I can’t sit out of this, Father. I have to help. I must find her.” Legolas said in an even tone, his features much calmer than they had been a few seconds ago.
“I know and it would have been foolish of me to keep you here. Go gather your belongings, we leave at dawn.” he told his son.
Legolas nodded and turned to leave but the sound of his father’s voice stopped him and he turned around to face him once again.
“I know how you feel about her. I would have done the same if it had been your mother and I was in your place.”
All Legolas could do was nod his understanding before turning back around and heading to his room.
* * *
“My lord, is something wrong?” a familiar voice called out from the open doorway.

His eyes, red from crying yet full of rage, looked up to see his good friend Glorfindel standing in the doorway to his study.
“Is something wrong?” Glorfindel repeated as he stepped into the small study and walked towards Elrond. The unrolled scroll that laid in Elrond’s hand drew Glorfindel’s attention to it and at once he knew that something terrible had happened.

“He took my daughter.” Elrond choked and glanced back down at the parchment he held in his pale hands.
“What?” Glorfindel asked, not believing what he had heard.
“Telden took Silvren from Lothlórien.” Elrond said as more tears rolled down from his eyes and splashed onto the velvet robe upon his knees.
“Is there anything I can do, my lord?” asked Glorfindel, his stomach suddenly twisted in many knots.
“Prepare an escort; we must leave as soon as possible with as many elves we can take with us.” Elrond said and wiped the tears from his blue eyes.
“I shall do that.” Glorfindel bowed and quickly left the room in search of an escort.


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