Silvren’s Journey – Chapter 22

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Quickly, Legolas put out his arms and caught Silvren before she hit the ground. He picked her up and held her slumped body close to his warm chest as he carried her towards the palace. The sound of soft footsteps coming towards them caught Legolas’ attention. Looking up, he saw Arwen and Glorfindel running towards them.
“Where have you-Oh!” Arwen gasped and threw her hands over her mouth as a look of horror clouded her ivory complexion.
“Find a healer, quick!” Legolas commanded Glorfindel.
Glorfindel bowed slightly and quickly took off in search of a healer.
Arwen followed Legolas as he carried Silvren to her room. He laid her down on the bed and walked to the other side of the room. Watching as Arwen sat tentatively by her sister’s side, stroking Silvren’s pale cheek. “Oh, Silvren, please be all right.” he heard her say through tears.

Footsteps could be heard rushing down the hall, coming closer and closer. The wooden door to Silvren’s room swung open and Glorfindel came running in with the healer.
Legolas felt weak in the knees and sick to his stomach as he sat down in a wooden chair next to Glorfindel. He watched as the healer tended to the bite on her upper arm and the cut on her back. He felt guilty as he looked at her lying there on her stomach with a white sheet thrown over her small body. A linen bandage was wrapped around the mid-section of her back covering and keeping the knife wound from bleeding any more.
Arwen continued to sit by Silvren’s side, holding her small, limp hand in her bigger one. Silvren’s hand was pale and ice cold, showing no signs of life as Arwen clutched it tightly.
* * *
Legolas sat by Silvren’s side with her small hand within his. He had sat there throughout the night and the next day, not leaving her side for a minute. He felt horrible that his childhood friend had been bit by spiders while they were in the woods together and he totally blamed himself for it. If he had not of gotten them lost she would not have been bitten. “What happened?” he heard a weak voice ask.
Looking down, he saw Silvren’s eyes blinking in the candle light as she gazed about the room.
“You’re awake.” he said happily. “You were bitten in the arm. Don’t you remember ?
“Um, vaguely. My back its really sore. What, my knife-” she said as she pieced together what happened.
“You rolled onto your knife and it sliced open your back just above the kidney. You will be sore for a couple of weeks.”

At that point, Arwen came rushing into the room with Míriel behind her and ran over to the side of the bed. “Oh, thank the Valar you’re all right!” she exclaimed.
“So much for a fun and exciting trip. ” Silvren sighed.
“Oh, don’t be silly. That’s right, you haven’t heard about the Dwarves yet! Legolas can tell you about them while I get you some food and water.” Arwen said as she clapped her hands together then hurried out the door to get the food.
“So what about the Dwarves?” Silvren asked once Arwen had left and slowly sat up and leaned against the headboard.
“Well, we caught thirteen Dwarves and have locked them up. Each in their own cells. Very stubborn if you ask me, they wouldn’t tell us anything, really.”
“Very stubborn and ugly!” Míriel said as she pulled a chair up next to Silvren’s bed. “Celebdil said I should marry one!” she added in a disgusted tone.
“Eww!” Silvren exclaimed.
“Over my dead body!” Legolas replied.
“So is that what interrupted the feasting? ”
“Aye, three times.” he said, to which a long awkward silence followed.
“Dinner is served.” Arwen said in a cheery voice as she entered the room, carrying a dinner-tray on her hip. “Here you go. Some nice, warm chicken broth.”
Arwen set the tray down on the night-stand next to her bed and Silvren leaned over and peered at the steaming soup. “Yuck.” Silvren said as she leaned back in bed. “Suddenly I’m not that hungry.”
“Nonsense. ” exclaimed Arwen. “You need to eat and right now this is the best thing for you. Legolas, your father awaits you in the dinner hall.” she said turning to face him.

“But Sil-“he started but was cut off by Arwen. “I will stay here with her since I have already eaten.f9
“Thank you, Arwen.” he said as he stood up and let go of Silvren’s hand, then walked over to the door. “Good night, Silvren. ” he added and left before she could reply, gently shutting the door behind him. “Poor guy. He feels terrible about what happened.”
“About what?” Silvren asked, not really paying attention to her. “When you were attacked by the spiders, silly. ”
“He goes around blaming himself for the whole thing. He has sat by your side the entire time you’ve been asleep.”
“Funny, he never blames himself for anything else.” Míriel said.
“Ar, I’m really tired and would like some rest if you don’t mind.” Silvren said with a small yawn.
“All right. Get your rest.” Arwen said as she leaned over kissed Silvren on the forehead.
Silvren slid back down into her bed and closed her eyes, slowly drifting off into a sleep full of dreams.


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